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Students Jobs In Barcelona is known for its lovely and admirable job flexibility that any student can take up because of the present to create leisure time for reading.

These jobs offered are basic potentials, and suitable employment for you (students) aspiring to work for it doesn’t hinder your studies.

Having a student job will give you work experience, exposure to life, potential independence, and a better idea of the type of career you desire.

Students Jobs In Barcelona Updates

Students Jobs in Barcelona, especially for English speakers or international students, can be beneficial as it comes with benefits and satisfaction.

Those willing students must be fully aware of all the working conditions. Students can only work up to (twenty) 20 hours per week.

They provide both training and experience, and you also get to meet and interact with outstanding team members in a conducive environment.

Below, you’ll find the ten trades and professions in which you can work in Barcelona as a student:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Intern
  3. Store Clerk
  4. Hostelry
  5. Tele-operator
  6. Employee in Trades
  7. Babysitter
  8. Courier or delivery person
  9. Tutor
  10. Specialized jobs

How to Apply For A Student Job in Barcelona

Those (candidates or applicants) who want to apply as a freelancer register here if your interest is to find work as soon as possible.

Check The Offers of the Public Employment Service For Student Jobs in Barcelona

State’s Public Employment System has 759 offices located throughout Barcelona, Spain. So you can also go to one of its physical headquarters and receive free advice.

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Also, the State’s Public Employment System is an autonomous body that communicates job offers through its Empléate portal.

Here are the following assessments to check out for students jobs in Barcelona:

1. Do networking

Networking has never been as effective as in this age; take advantage of the contacts you have made at the university, and talk to everyone.

Talk to your professors, colleagues, or superiors if you are doing an internship. Check all those profiles that can help you find a job in your area among your contacts.

Also, you can check with your employed friends; and ask them if they know of any job offers for you. They will be happy to help you find a student job in Barcelona.

2. Hand in your CV to the companies and shops of your interest

Another good idea is to prepare the best CV you can make and then deliver it to local businesses, shops, bars, or restaurants hiring employees.

Next, arm yourself with courage and visit the companies you would like to work for. There you can leave your CV waiting for a vacancy in your area. Many employers welcome these initiatives by young people.

3. Publish your profile on social networks

Take advantage of social networks for more than just sharing your best moments with your friends. For example, on Facebook, you can complete your profile with your studies, some certifications, or your past jobs.

In this social network, there are groups where many local shops and companies publish their offers. If you create an interesting enough profile, companies might start chasing you instead of the other way around.

4. Boards in your educational institution with student jobs in Barcelona

Your university or institute may have internship agreements or employment exchanges (for graduates). This will facilitate your entry into the labor market.

Go to the address of your educational center and ask about their job boards; these offer the opportunity to directly deliver your CV to large companies in the most varied sectors. Furthermore, academic centers usually hold job fairs.

Lists Of Available Students Jobs In Barcelona

These are the following lists of jobs below:

  1. English Language and Literature Teacher with Drama
  2. Controlling Internship Program
  3. Communications and Events Advisor
  4. Legal Apprentice
  5. Logistics Internship
  6. Human Resources Intern
  7. Teachers
  8. HR Apprentice, Projects & Analytics
  9. Consulting Internship
  10. Student Internship Program
  11. Reception
  12. Bar/Restaurant assistant
  13. Student Success Associate (Career Advisor) – Barcelona
  14. Customer Success Manager
  15. Student Recruitment (Sales)
  16. Part-Time Teacher – Barcelona
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Apply Now For Available Students Jobs In Barcelona

Students Jobs In Barcelona-Full-Time or Part-Time Internship

There is another option as well, most master’s programs are coupled with internships, or the university or business school will help students in procuring one.

This is an option for all students who wish to get experience related to their studies; there are both paid and unpaid student internships available across various industries.

It takes some research, but it is possible to find a student internship that will offer you both experience and compensation in Barcelona.

Part-time paid 600€/month English teaching internship in Barcelona province.

The academy collaborators are located in the province of Barcelona with three offices in the areas of Alt Penedes and Baix Llobregat (Olesa, Sant Esteve Sesrovires, and Sant Llorenç d’Hortons).

With over ten years of experience, they are dedicated to teaching English with total immersion in the languages to students of all ages and levels, both in small groups and one-to-one.

Their teaching method gives more importance to the aspects of speaking, listening, and communicating in English as a student.


Here are examples of responsibilities from real English teaching internship resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  1. Lead debates with advanced students on globalization, economics, and political history.
  2. Develop and implement lessons in mathematics and literacy to increase students’ ability to comprehend basic concepts.
  3. Used micro-teaching techniques in teacher training, aide workshop, kindergarten screening, and staff development.
  4. Participate in an after-school math tutoring program that provides students with additional help in mathematics.
  5. Cultivate excellent long-term relationships with students, parents, and faculty while maintaining ongoing communication and facilitating solutions to address concerns.
  6. Establish relationships with students and parents and ensure communication of progress and expectations through student support meetings and support plan development.
  7. Help develop a classroom curriculum that encourages intellectual curiosity, builds self-confidence, and incorporates all areas of a child’s development.
  8. Collaborate with a partner to plan meaningful activities and lessons based on objectives and IEP goals set for one preschool student.
  9. Enrich the learning experience for students through music and drama activities that reinforce the academic concepts being taught.
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Tasks: – Teaching students of all ages and levels, from infant to adult

Benefits: 600€/month plus 80€ towards travel costs if coming from Barcelona


  1. English as a native standard and Spanish intermediate level.
  2. Studies related to education
  3. High school degree or GED
  4. Bachelor’s Degree degrees
  5. Associate Degree degrees

Apply Now

Students Jobs In Barcelona’s Salary

The average salary for a Student is €1,040 per month in Barcelona, Spain Area; the average annual salary is €23,000, while the minimum monthly wage is around €1,000 per month or 20 euros an hour.

Conclusion On Students Jobs In Barcelona

You are searching for the ongoing Students Jobs In Barcelona? then i can assure you that you are on the right page as I have the basic supporting format for applicants going through the registration.

Barcelona offers you an excellent opportunity to study and gain the requisite knowledge for a successful career path while working.

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