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Are you an individual or candidate interested in one of the superb office cleaning in Ottawa? If yes, then this article is for you.

I will write the available Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa; this will be very important for the candidates applying for the jobs.

The available Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa will surface in this article to enlarge your knowledge and help the candidates.

The candidates should bring authentic documents and requirements while applying for the Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa during the application process.

In the application process, you should follow every piece of information and instruction concerning the Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa.

The Shortlisted candidates or applicants for the Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa must be loyal and diligent in their work before, during, and after.

Job Description

In the office cleaning jobs description, the following requirement and application steps for jobs will be available for candidates or applicants for better understanding.

You should also know that a top-performing office cleaner should be physically fit and perform with minimal supervision.

In Ottawa, one of the following guidelines as a worker is your reliable intention to portray your quality ethics to the specific job (office cleaning).

Take note that to succeed in an Office cleaning job, you should be able to complete assigned tasks within the stipulated period; therefore, read along!

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Other Aspects An Office Cleaner Intend To Do

  1. Engage the consumer by creating brand awareness and enthusiasm
  2. Assist other duties as required in a team-oriented environment
  3. Set up and organize merchandise; prepare vendor products according to written instructions
  4. Coordinate, manage, and close down work area, including cleaning and sanitizing, washing and drying dishes, and proper storage of office equipment
  5. Adhere to all food safety handling and sanitation training and guidelines
  6. Participate and adhere to all safety policies and practices
  7. Perform other related duties as assigned or required.

Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa

As I said above, the available Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa will showcase you as the employee willing to be part of the fantastic job.

The Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa grants every interested candidate or applicant to reach their dream of becoming a member of the Industry. Below is one of the Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa; you can take being a candidate, and I will showcase the requirements, skills, and explanation, among others, about the Building Cleaner.

Building Cleaner-Ottawa

A Building Cleaner is responsible for all basic cleaning in and around the facility or office building; this can entail dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning smudges off windows and doors.

Building cleaners will take out your trash, clean the floors, sanitize the bathrooms and eating spaces, and do other types of light cleaning regularly.

Building Cleaner also ensures restrooms are cleaned, sanitized, and restocked, which is another vital responsibility of a cleaner.

While working, you may also invest in other services, including equipment and technology dusting and office window cleaning.

Furthermore, they carry out deep and detailed cleaning tasks, notify management of deficiencies or repairs, and stock and maintain supply rooms.

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Salary: the average wage is about $15.73–$18.06, or the average builder cleaners salary in Ottawa, Canada, is $31,617 per year or $16.21 per hour; entry-level positions start at $29,225 per year.


  1. To be a great night office cleaner, you must know how to work independently when necessary and collaborate with a team to ensure you all complete your tasks before the next shift arrives.
  2. Perform and document routine inspection and maintenance activities
  3. Carry out heavy cleansing tasks and special projects
  4. Make adjustments and minor repairs
  5. Stock and maintain supply rooms
  6. Cooperate with the rest of the staff
  7. Follow all health and safety regulations
  8. Replenishing amenities that are needed in rooms as required
  9. Ensuring that the public areas of a room are cleaned to a very high standard in compliance with operational policies and standards


  1. Proven working experience as a Cleaner
  2. Ability to handle heavy equipment and machinery
  3. Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies
  4. Familiarity with Material Safety Data Sheets
  5. High school degree (advantageous)
  6. Organizational and time management skills
  7. Cleaning: 1 year (Preferred)


  1. Relax and Enjoy
  2. Long Term Savings
  3. The Right Tools do a Better Job
  4. Saves You Time
  5. Clean Carpets Last Longer
  6. More profound Familiarity in Cleanliness.


  1. Time management skills
  2. Excellent written and verbal skills
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Dependable personality and flexible schedule skills
  5. Communication skills
  6. Multitasking and Diligence skills
  7. Excellent customer service skills
  8. Interpersonal skills
  9. The ability to follow health and safety standards
  10. Flexibility skills
  11. Skills on mental capacity equivalent

Available Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa

These are:

  1. Part-Time Evening Office Cleaner
  2. Office Cleaning part-time nights
  3. Office Night Cleaner
  4. Cleaning (part-time)
  5. Evening Office Cleaning
  6. Janitorial Part-Time Evening
  7. Part-Time Night Janitor
  8. Cleaner/Janitor
  9. Office cleaning team member
  10. Office Cleaning Tech
  11. General Office Cleaner.
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How To Apply For Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa

These are the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘button below
  2. You will see various available Office Cleaning Jobs
  3. Fill in the crucial details or information
  4. These crucial information are names, dates of birth, e.t.c.
  5. Then click to submit.

Apply Now

Average Salary For Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa

The average salary for Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa, Canada, per worker or employee is C$ 17.24 per hour or C$ 3000 biweekly.

Conclusion On Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa

The Office Cleaning Jobs In Ottawa portrays the act of delivering excellent job positions for eligible, vibrant, and interested candidates and workers.

That’s why this post has established the prominent detail or information concerning the available office cleaning jobs and the website to find, register, and find the job you choose.

After reading through it, you can easily decide on the specialty and achieve heights in the chosen profession in the future.

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