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Jobs in Costa Rica for foreigners are ongoing for foreigners to start their processing; one common question about relocating to coast Rica is “can foreigners work In Costa Rica”? This is due to the challenges foreigners face in seeking employment in Costa Rica.

In this article, we will be portraying and discussing some crucial things relating to the job and opportunities in Costa Rica.

Jobs Description

Costa Rica is a country situated in CENTRAL AMERICA, which has its capital in SAN JOSE, a rainforest Central American country with coastlines marking the Caribbean and the pacific. It’s known for its exotic beaches, volcanoes, and diversity with the official language of Spanish.

 We are aware of how difficult it is to get suitable and profitable work as a foreigner due to the underemployment rate, especially for immigrants that are in the country and don’t have a perm residence permit; nevertheless, there are thousands of people working in Costa Rica, whether it a full-time job or a part-time job people are working and indeed with the formal requirements and determination there will be something for you…


Residency requirements to work in Costa Rica…

If you intend to work as an employee in costa Rica, you will need a work visa. 

The first step in obtaining a work visa in Costa Rica is getting a residence permit; Please note: there are several types of residence permits, but not all allow a foreigner to work.

Generally, to obtain a permanent residence, you must have held temporary residence for at least 3years before applying; however, it should be clear that since a temporary residence permit will not allow you to work legally and get a good job, and you do not have the time or money to pursue residency or citizenship you can look towards other options such as working in the low area of the economy, you can work remotely and still get a good paycheck also you can apply for various sponsorships programs for a unique skill which is aimed at helping people settling in into the Costa Rican society and getting a good job.


If you want to get a job in costa Rica you should be aware that it is pretty tricky; the law in costa Rica heavily favors employing residents over temporary immigrants, cause firstly, it takes three years or more plus a substantial amount of money to gain permanent residency status to work legally in Costa Rica and foreigners need to work extra hard and extra smart in other to get a place in the society…

Secondly, the language barrier seems a significant issue; you’ll have to get acquainted with the local language, Spanish, to navigate certain areas of their job market.

Thirdly due to the inflow of immigrants and the bias of employing permanent residents only, there seems to be an unhealthy competition for good jobs, the records of underemployment and unemployment rate in costa Rica hangs around 40 percent, and this adds pressure to the labor market, after establishing immigration status, learning Spanish, obtaining work permits, retraining to the local standards and lowering wages foreign job seekers still have to fight for a spot with qualified local in an already competitive job market.

Lastly, the wages in costs Rica are low; due to the state of the economy, immigrants establish their status, learn the language, get the required documents that prove that they have the necessary unique skills, and obtain a work permit; they end up getting disappointed when they find out that Costa Rica workers earning are average compared to other countries.

Specialized and skilled workers earn more than unskilled workers, so being a Graduate and having a university bachelor’s boost your chances of getting a sustainable income and a suitable job….


The most popular fieldwork that immigrants can take advantage of is: 

  • Tourism which is one of the Biggs industries in costa Rica
  • Social and voluntary work 
  • Teaching English 
  • Working for offshore companies pays very well.
  • It consultants 
  • Web designers 
  • Medical personnel 
  • Social workers
  • Copywriting/slash editing 
  • Translation 


The required documents you have to submit with your Costa Rica visa applications are:

  • An application letter addressed to the Costa Rica consulate includes :
  • The purpose of your travel,
  • Your personal information, which provides for (age, name, date of birth, residence),
  • Nationality 
  • Passport number
  • Intended date of arrival and date of departure 
  • Where you will reside in Costa Rica
  • Contact information 


  • Passport photographs of yourself 
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination if you are coming from countries like Africa or South America 
  • Proof of funds.


  • Apply online for your visa
  • Apply for the work permit formality on the website 
  • Click the notification that pops out, and a platform will surface for you to fill in your details 
  • While you are done with your immigration applications, fill in the other requirements.

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In summary, remember that getting a foreigner more paid and taking away a job from the residence may bring hate from time to time, so we wish you good luck in your endeavors and hope you’ll have a pleasant stay in costa Rica.

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