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If you are in search of jobs abroad with visa sponsorships,  then this post will be a great guide for you.

Go through this post with all enthusiasm and excitement for all the currently open jobs abroad that sponsor visas will all be highlighted in this post.

It is not about getting a job abroad with visa sponsorship but is mandatory that before applying for a particular job it is necessary that you fit into the role the hiring company seeks.

Job Description

Visa sponsorship jobs abroad are jobs that support job seekers upon acceptance of a job to foot their visa and relocation expenses.

It means that the company employing you will cater for your coming over to the specific country and company, to start the job.

The hiring visa sponsor company will submit your papers to the immigration authorities to grant you a work permit allowing you to work in the country legally.

However, depending on the visa sponsorship you get, the duration differs. Its validity can last for as long as 10 years or as short as 2 years.

However, while still working there, you’ll have the right to renew your visa validity. More so, for some people, while working, you can apply for a green card.

The green card makes you a permanent resident. It is also important to know how the visa sponsorships work according to the specific country you are applying for.

Available Jobs In Abroad With Visa Sponsorships

These are the available jobs abroad with visa sponsorships alongside the hiring companies for you to start preparing your applications ready now!

They include;

1. RN Visa Sponsorship – Registered Nurse

Alta Hospitals System, LLC is proud to provide Employment Visa Sponsorships for certain health care professionals.

As part of the Visa Sponsorship Program, they hereby provide this notice of the filing or yet-to-be-filed Applications for Alien Labor Certification for various positions for Registered Nurses (Schedule A positions).

Position Duties:

  • Provide nursing care for patients in acute care hospitals
  • Assist physicians & others in the medical team in treatments & procedures
  • Maintain patient records
  • Administer narcotics
  • Assess, coordinate, document, & implement nursing care plans for patients.
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Rate of Pay: $40.24 per hour. The employer will pay or exceed the prevailing wage as determined by the U.S. Department of Labor and/or the union bargained for a minimum wage agreement.

Location: Southern California Hospitals – Los Angeles County

Permanent Visa sponsorship for qualified and experienced RN applicants.

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2. Bolt Visa Sponsorships

If you wish to secure a job in Romania, Poland, and Estonia then you are sure of a relocation package that includes the following;

  • Transport to the country of employment.
  • Temporary accommodation (1 month).
  • Covering the first month’s rent and broker fee for your permanent residence.
  • Covering the government fees for necessary documents (visa, residence permit, etc.)
  • An additional budget for the shipping of personal belongings.
  • We can also help if you intend to relocate with pets.

There are over nine hundred and eighty-five (985) vacancies for everyone to apply for and make sure that you meet all the requirements for the job before submitting your application form.

There are finance, sales, writer, manager, and engineering job vacancies and so much more for you to explore, and to do that go to the link provided below.

  • Will Bolt sponsor your permit Yes! they will sponsor your permit.
  • Do you need to find an embassy for your visa on your own? No, the relocation team will organize all of the necessary documents based on your preferences.
  • Will Bolt also take care of your family’s relocation? Yes, your family is fully included in the relocation process.
  • What about nursery, kindergarten, and schooling opportunities? They will guide you through the schooling application process. There are many different possibilities to choose from and they’ll help you find the most suitable option.

Apply Now

3. Auto1

Director of Engineering – Remarketing Your role

  • Coach and guide a large developer org (40-80 people) to deliver quality, innovative software solutions in a vibrant environment
  • Hire world-class talent, lead by example, and build those around you to push boundaries and excel
  • Work with product and design counterparts to provide our customers with the best technological experience
  • Create a vision and have a crucial impact on the core segment of our architecture, in close collaboration with our CTO
  • Promote and develop our engineering culture and create an environment for others to thrive in
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Your skills

  •  5+ years of hands-on as an engineer, preferably with Frontend, Java, Go, etc with 3+ years leading multiple teams
  • You can deliver impact and mentor others to reach their full potential
  • You have a history of designing and developing applications, supported by testimonials in engineering leadership
  • You are data-driven, with the ability to build and drive effective communication with stakeholders to find hidden truths
  • You have strong leadership skills: lead by example and understand your team

Take Note: Relocation support to Germany includes visa assistance, apartment search, and help with costs

There is an educational budget for your personal growth and is considered a remote job for you can work from home up to 5 days a week

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The following jobs have visa sponsorship to Germany

  • Working Student IT Support
  • IT System Administrator – Hemau
  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer and so much

Go to to search through all available roles

4. HomeToGo

HomeToGO has several available jobs in different locations for foreigners with visa sponsorships and all of them will be highlighted below.

HomeToGo is the marketplace with the world’s largest selection of vacation rentals, from vacation homes, cabins, beach houses, apartments, condos, houseboats, castles, farm stays, and everything in between.

There are several forty (42) positions in the HomeToGo that has visa sponsorships and I can be you that they are authentic for it is an international company that has the full resources to sponsor you from whichever country you are coming from.

There is an attractive benefits package, including competitive compensation, flexible remote work policy, visa sponsorship, and relocation support.

Additional benefits include language courses, full IT support and equipment, internal workshops and training, company and team events, a modern and centrally-located office, additional holidays, and Travel Industry Card.

Those with visa sponsorships include;

1. Business Development Category With Visa Sponsorship

  • Business development and partnership manager
  • Data clerk sales operations
  • Partnership Manager/Account Manager
  • Technical account manager
  • B2B Marketing Manager

2. Data Category With Visa Sponsorship

  • Senior Analytical Engineer – Core Data
  • Senior Analytical Engineer – Marketing
  • Analytical Engineer – Marketing

3. Finance Category With Visa Sponsorship

  • Senior Finance operations manager
  • Head of Payment
  • Finance Working Student
  • Senior venture strategy and planning manager
  • Associate/senior associate – Special project finance

4. Legal Category With Visa Sponsorship

  • Legal Operation Manager
  • Legal Counsel
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5. Marketing Category With Visa Sponsorship

  • Corporate PR Manager DACH
  • Junior Paid Marketing Manager SEM
  • Performance Marketing Manager SaaS
  • Senior Content Analyst
  • Senior Content Manager
  • SEO Manager – [English-Speaking Markets]

There are still other vacancies such as legal opportunities, product and sales opportunities, operation jobs, and talent pool job opportunities, all with visa sponsorships to apply, use the link below

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5. Teaching Jobs With Visa Sponsorships In The USA

There are so many teaching jobs with visa sponsorships in the USA for interested candidates to start applying.

In the USA they seek a Montessori Junior Teacher, Norwegian Language Summer Camp Teacher, Head ESL Teacher (w/ Z-visa sponsorship), Montessori Lead Elementary Teacher and so much more.

If you are an international teacher looking for greater opportunities to migrate and work in the U.SA you should apply.

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Conclusion On Jobs In Abroad With Visa Sponsorship

The application website gives crucial information related to the Jobs In Abroad With Visa Sponsorship 2023/2024 for candidates to start applying now.

This post has been critically compiled to bring all the authentic and ongoing positions that have visa sponsorships so as to keep you on the right track

After applying and you finally get a job abroad with visa sponsorship, you can subsequently enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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