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GaijinPot Jobs are great to help foreigners who wish to migrate and work in Japan, for there are various opportunities or vacancies you can apply for and secure your immigration process.

There are various notable and encouraging impacts of the GaijinPot recruiting website, which many foreigners have attested to, and more light will be thrown on this as you read further.

GaijinPot offers several jobs you can get every fantom, so whatever field you find yourself in or specialization you wish to take up, know that GaijinPot has covered you.

What Is a GaijinPot Job

GaijinPot is vast for job postings, real estate listings, Japanese school and university placement support, lifestyle information, news, travel guides, and an online shop.

Gaijin is a Japanese word for foreigners and non-Japanese citizens in Japan, specifically non-East Asian foreigners such as white and black people. That was where this recruitment website originated its name.

GaijinPot is a recruitment website for foreigners who are not Japanese but wish to work and migrate to Japan. GaijinPot helps to connect foreign job seekers with companies in need of them.

Various jobs are displayed on their platform, which several recruiters and companies have posted who are in search of foreigners to fill the advertised vacancies.

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Primary Classification Of Jobs On GaijinPot

GaijinPot offers several types of employment: part-time, full-time, remote, and more.

  • Part-time Jobs – If you wish to secure a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job where you will work in shifts (often rotational) or just little hours on the weekdays, then you can quickly get various job listings for Part-time jobs in GaijinPot as a foreigner.
  • Full-time Jobs – Getting a full-time job as an employee of a company is also available in GaijinPot; you have to work on a full-time basis considering the hours designated by the company.
  • Remote Jobs – GaijinPot has several remote jobs that foreigners can apply for. This type of job is for people who want to carry out their work other than in a central office operated by the employer.
  • No Nihongo Jobs – These are jobs in Gaijinpot that accept any level of Japanese; hence if you are a foreigner with just a little or high level of the Japanese language, you can source for vacancies in this section.

Available Jobs In GaijinPot

Whether you are an Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, or Thai speaker, you can get a full range of jobs that you can apply for in GaijinPot.

All the Jobs which are primarily available in GaijinPot will be outlined below based on Industry, then alongside opened positions.

They include;

1. General Affairs, Accounting, HR, Legal Jobs

  • Human Resources, General Affairs
  • Business Planning, Project Planning
  • Executive Assistant, Secretarial, Receptionist
  • Accounting, Book Keeping, Payroll
  • Legal / Pa-ra-legal, Legal Assistant
  • Export / Import, International Related Business
  • Other General Affairs, Accounting, HR, Legal
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2. Sales, Planning Jobs

  • B2B Sales (Business)
  • B2C Sales (Consumer)
  • Sales Management, Sales Planning
  • Telemarketing, Call Center Sales
  • In-house Sales, Counter Sales
  • Recruiter / Executive Search, Dispatch Coordinator
  • Sales Engineers, Technical Sales, System Sales
  • Medical Representative / Medical Sales
  • Other Sales, Planning

3. Marketing, Advertising, PR Jobs

  • General Marketing
  • Media Planning, Media Buying
  • E-Commerce / Online Marketer (SEO, SEM, SMO)
  • Market Research, Market Analysis
  • PR, Investor Relations
  • Other Marketing, Advertising, PR

4. Creative, Media Jobs

  • Producer, Director, Planner
  • Web / Mobile Site Management, Content Development
  • Editor, Journalist, Copy Writer, Technical Writer
  • Designer, Illustrator
  • Model, Actor, Musician, Dancer
  • Print Related (DTP)
  • Photographer
  • Other Creative Media

5. IT, Internet, Telecommunication Jobs

  • Application Development
  • Network / Server Development / Management
  • Database Design / Development
  • Communication Infrastructure / Development
  • Control / Embedded Software Development
  • Project Manager, Project Leader
  • IT Consultant
  • Software Engineer, Programmer
  • IT Support / Helpdesk / Field Engineer
  • Other IT, Internet, Telecommunication

6. Engineering, Construction Jobs

  • Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Semi-conductor)
  • Technology Related (Medical, Bio, Chemical)
  • Research Development
  • Product Management
  • Architecture, Building Management
  • Civil Engineering, Construction
  • Other Engineering, Construction

7. Education, Training Jobs

  • Child Education, Pre-school Teacher
  • Corporate Training
  • Licensed, Certified Teacher, Professor
  • Teacher, Instructor (ELT, Conversational English)
  • Other Education / Teaching, Training

8. Localization, Translation, Interpreting Jobs

  • Translation / Localization
  • Interpretation
  • Proof Reading
  • Other Localization, Translation, Interpreting

9. Supply Chain, Logistics, Transport Jobs

  • Administration, Operations, Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Relocation Services
  • Transport, Warehouse
  • Other Logistics, Transport, Supply Chain

10. Service-Related Jobs

  • Merchandiser, Buyer
  • Supervisor, Store Manager, Store Development
  • Other Service Related

11. Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Jobs

  • Waiter / Waitress, Bartender, Hall Staff
  • Chef, Cook, Kitchen Staff
  • Concierge, Restaurant Manager, Sommelier
  • Entertainer
  • Event Planning/Management (MICE Industry), Wedding Coordinator
  • Hotel / Resort Management
  • Tour Operator, Tour Guide
  • Travel Agent
  • Hired Driver / Chauffeur
  • Other Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism
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12. Scientific, Medical, Health Jobs

  • R&D / Clinical R&D
  • Public Welfare, Nursing, CareGiver
  • Medical Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist
  • Fitness, Health Related
  • Other Scientific, Medical, Health

13. Specialist (Consultant, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate)

  • Consultant
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Researcher
  • Land Acquisition, Real Estate Developer, Property Management
  • Real Estate Agent, Property Management
  • Other Specialists (Consultant Finance, Insurance, Real Estate)

How To Apply For Jobs On GaijinPot

  1. Firstly register with GaijinPot by clicking on the ‘Register’ link beside ‘Login’ on the main menu.
  2. Complete the registration form – a verification email will be sent to your email inbox; click the verification link to complete your registration.
  3. Find your job in Japan using GaijinPot Jobs’s resources to create your resume, search for jobs and apply directly to employers.

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Conclusion On GaijinPot Jobs 2023/2024

You can see from the above GaijinPot Jobs 2023/2024 that this recruitment website is the best option for foreigners securing any job 

Now’s your chance, with this selection of GaijinPot Jobs 2023/2024; you, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up to start your work.

The article above gives crucial information about the GaijinPot Jobs in 2023/2024  for you to start applying for.

After your search, applying, and getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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