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In this article, all issues regarding the processes involved in working in the USA as a South African will be highlighted to keep you on the right track.

Explore all the Farm work in the USA, from South Africa, for this post will bring you a compilation of Farm Work In the USA From South Africa.

As we all know, a farming job is the World’s most important career, and despite this fact, to even carry out this practice in a country like the USA.

So if you are seeking a farm job and are not a permanent resident of the USA or do not have a permit visa or green card, you can get a farm job that sponsors your access to the USA to continue this passion.

Check if you are eligible for the listed farm work in the USA, and start planning your arrival from South Africa.

Farm Work In the USA From South Africa

We are looking for hardworking employees looking for a great opportunity in the USA to work on a seasonal H-2A Visa.

If you are currently in South Africa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our two offices to apply online or update your profile.

Please only use one office since it is linked to one system. Applying with both will cause your application to be deleted.

H-2A Farm Work In the USA From South Africa

Based on our established foundation of loyal Amusement park employers and our humble beginnings in 2002 did an enormous work concerning the farming sector.

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We quickly learned that young South African farmers, and applicants from South African industrial regions, had the right skills and attitude to add value to our growing list of American Amusement park employers.

Over time, because we have developed a strong presence in South Africa’s agricultural farming regions, we have access to large numbers of carefully selected and prepared English-speaking farm labor.

Utilizing our established network and experienced team, we have also grown to provide some of America’s top farming operations.

Carefully selected Farm labor, working on Combine harvesters, Tractors, Irrigation systems, etc., contributing their skills and experience has proven a breath of fresh air at American farms that struggle to find willing and able Americans to do the work.

Based on the H-2A visa and the farmer’s needs and requirements, we search, interview, pick and prepare the Cream of the crop out of our available labor pool, specifically for each U.S. employer on board in our program.

The H-2A visa – for temporary workers performing agricultural services – allows South Africans to enter the U.S. despite the current travel ban of late.

When you, the U.S. farming employer, have applied for your H-2A work visas, our job usually starts ideally 3 to 4 months before your date of need, enabling us to search, select and prepare the right crew for when your work visas arrive.

After this, we arrange visa appointments and book airline tickets so our group can depart and arrive in the U.S. at work shortly after that.

The Mission on Farm Work In the USA For South Africa And Africans

Farm Work USA will recruit applicants from South Africa and other African countries to address your labor needs.

With over 22,000 candidates on our database and an online reach of more than 89,000, we are constantly proactive and driven to maximize our performance in our candidate approach, resulting in fast connections and perfect placements for our partners.

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Farm In USA Seasonal Worker Provider

Farm4USA provides Seasonal employment (Summer & Winter) for South African farmers at farms throughout the USA.

In various agriculture fields – machinery, CDL drivers, etc. Farm in the USA is a proud Agent of USA Farm Labor Inc, the H2A placement agency in the USA.

The process of getting interviewed by a USA Farmer

Register on our platform

  1. Click here to fill in the application form.
  2. We will send you a Welcome Pack explaining the H2A program and process.
  3. We will register you with USA Farm Labor.
  4. You will receive an email containing your login information.

Fill in your Resume

  1. After receiving your login details from USA Farm Labor, login into the platform.
  2. Fill in your details, your relevant farming work experiences, references, and other
  3. information an American farmer would be interested in, and show your skills and experience.
  4. After your Resume is complete, click the “Notify Agent” to let us know your Resume is ready for review.

Farmer search for workers

  1. Once your Resume is ready, farmers can search for workers based on skills and experience.
  2. We also recommend workers based on our interaction with you.
  3. PS. We can’t guarantee work. It is the USA farmer that chooses who they want to hire.

Next Steps – if the farmer is interested.

  1. Interview – You will be notified that the farmer wants to interview you.
  2. If they select you, the traveling arrangements will start – VISA application, flights, etc.

The Application Website for Farm Work In the USA

These are the steps below:

  1. To apply, visit the website Farm Work In USA
  2. Type in your data
  3. Write your Email Address, telephone, e.t.c
  4. Type what you want and where you want on the website
  5. Apply Now.
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Lists Available for Farm Work In the USA

They are the farmworker below:

  1. Small farmer
  2. Farmworker
  3. Meat packer
  4. Seasonal worker
  5. Farm machinery operator
  6. Farm manager or agricultural supervisor
  7. Agribusiness
  8. Scientists.

Salary do South African farmers earn in the USA?

A typical farmworker in South Africa earns the U.S. equivalent of around five hundred dollars ($500) dollars per month.

The average total income of farmworkers is between $15,000 to $17,499 a year for individuals and $20,000 to $24,999 for a family.

Conclusion On-Farm Work In the USA From South Africa

The article above gives crucial information about the Farm Work In the USA From South Africa 2022/2023 for foreigners to start applying.

You can see the above lists of Farm Work/Job In the USA, which will guide you (South African) when choosing your job offer.

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