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Here we will check out all the factory jobs in Barcelona, as they will be highlighted here in this article; by this, read further if you wish to work factory based in Barcelona.

Factory Jobs In Barcelona grants the opportunity or privilege of cultivating different factory jobs for candidates and foreigners.

In this article, all the available and ongoing factory jobs for candidates are being brought to you at your fingertips to start applying if they interest you.

Ensure to read all the information in this article, for it will be a sure guide to securing these factory jobs as a candidate in Barcelona.

Details On Factories Job In Barcelona Updates

The factories in Barcelona are great places to work, working fast alongside friendly colleagues and excellent staff to provide suitable training and help you be organized.

The factory job is fun and fulfilling; it is sometimes considered an informal workplace; you learn the importance of product quality.

Every career has its ups and downs; however, working on and completing orders daily increases awareness of customer needs and is the only stress factory workers portray.

Factory Jobs In Barcelona

These are the following jobs below:

1. Factory Manager

As Factory Manager, you will be the team lead in different applications, defining the new features and architecture with our product owner and supervising the overall development of other applications.

You will be accountable for being the technical support of the product owner and supervising the team and the relation with our third party.

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Salary: €64,515 a year and €31 an hour in Barcelona.


  1. Manage resources & provide capacity commitments to the product owner(s)
  2. Ensure efficient and fast response to the support team in case of an incident involving your products
  3. Ensure responsiveness of the development team when required
  4. Manage the costs of your team members (and recruitments)
  5. Have a vision of the architecture and what his developments incur in terms of the expenses of the platform
  6. Have the last word on the technical solution design
  7. Manage pro-actively the interactions with the other teams
  8. Confirm the requirements are precise so that the developed solution can effectively work.


  1. At least five years of experience in Full stack development (Angular 8+ and Node JS)
  2. Experience in Agile/SCRUM environments
  3. Experience in Back-end development
  4. Experienced in unit testing
  5. Ability to coordinate multiple technical streams of work to produce a complete solution
  6. Experience in leading a team
  7. Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Sciences or Engineering.
  8. Professional programming certification in a mainstream programming language is a plus.

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2. 3d Powders Factory Engineer

The 3D Powders Factory Engineering supports the WW Powders packaging factory to deliver products at specs with minimal factory disruptions and quality.

The central part of the activity will be managing a Manufacturing Partner factory from a technical standpoint responsibility.

Salary: €35,601 per year in the Barcelona


  1. Set up site facility & manage the process of powder packaging in the factory
  2. Validate process changes and releases
  3. Manage Acumen processes and validation in the factory
  4. Able to understand the design and performance requirements for the products
  5. Drive and deliver on costs, quality, and factory productivity metrics
  6. Support ramp up, transfer, and stabilization of manufacturing process.

Education and Experience Required:

  1. Bachelor/Master’s in mechanical engineering or related discipline
  2. Minimum 2-4 years experience in manufacturing operations
  3. Advanced understanding of material properties and hardware, software, and electro-mechanical component design
  4. Competent in reading mechanical drawings & specifications
  5. Advanced process engineering capabilities.
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3. Factory Controller

Factory Controller, your mission will be to provide reliable and relevant financial and operational information for decision making.

Collaborating with the Industrial Controller and reporting to the Operations Controlling Director; the factory controller is responsible for coordinating the factory budget and business planning activities aligned with corporate policies and practices.

Salary: 2,000 EUR per month


  1. Lead and coordinate the Plan processes (Budget, LE, Forecast) with local teams and ensure complete alignment with the Global calendar and guidelines.
  2. Operations tariffs review
  3. The ideal candidate holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Engineering, ideally with a specialization in Finance.
  4. They have 3/4 years’ audit and controlling experience in manufacturing.
  5. Good communication skills, personal organization, rigor, and attention to detail are necessary to endorse this mission.

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Plant Manager, Barcelona, Spain

The Plant Manager will be responsible for the daily management and operation of one of the plant’s factories in Barcelona, Spain.

We expect you to increase plant efficiency and manufacturing routines by facilitating continuous improvement and operational excellence.


  1. Being Plant Factory Manager, you will hold a key position with responsibility, authority, and the ability to make an impact n the company’s future.
  2. Plan, organize, direct, and run optimum day-to-day operations to exceed customers’ expectations.
  3. Increase production, assets capacity, and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs
  4. Responsible for production output, product quality, and on-time shipping
  5. Allocate resources effectively and thoroughly utilize assets to produce optimal results
  6. Implement strategies in alignment with strategic initiatives and provide a clear sense of direction and focus
  7. Commit to plant safety, quality, and environmental procedures


  1. Education at the university level is preferred, preferably emphasizing operations/manufacturing, Business, quality, and engineering.
  2. +7 years of relevant work experience in a similar position
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  4. Advanced level in Spanish.
  5. To be used to navigating within an international environment and have a fundamental understanding of global Business culture.
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Lists Of Available Factory Jobs In Barcelona

These are:

  1. Senior Product Manager – Fiction Factory
  2. Eng. Manufacturing
  3. Production factory operator
  4. Assistant Factory
  5. Manufacturing Operator
  6. Process Engineer.

Salary For The Factory Jobs In Barcelona

A person working in Factory and Manufacturing in Barcelona typically earns around 2,210 EUR per month. Salaries range from 960 EUR (lowest average) to 5,200 EUR (highest).

Conclusion On Factory Jobs In Barcelona

Your chance is here to get selected for Factory Jobs In Barcelona; therefore, you have no obstacles in taking them up to start your work.

The post produces concrete details about the Factory Jobs In Barcelona for candidates and foreigners wishing to be part of the fabulous job in Barcelona.

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