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In this article, we will be discussing the details of the Chocolate Factory Jobs In Singapore and the Factory provides job opportunities for individuals.

If anyone is looking for a job offer, the Chocolate Factory Jobs in Singapore is one of the best to work and experience the benefits.

Chocolate Factory Jobs In Singapore grants the opportunity of commercializing different chocolate factory jobs for fellow individuals.

The workers should diligently follow every step and procedure shown on the company’s platform for quick entry to the chocolate factory.

Job Description

The chocolate factory in Singapore is one of the best chocolate factories globally; this particular factory is mainly for chocolate manufacturing and processing.

Chocolate Factory is embedded with crucial advantages that solicited the favorable affairs of the new individuals or workers.

The Chocolate Factory possesses the Machine Operators in charge of monitoring the sophisticated machines for the chocolate manufacturing.

Requirements for the Chocolate Factory Jobs in Singapore

The  Singapore job application is ongoing for the eligible candidate to begin before the due date; in this article, we will provide the requirements for Singapore chocolate Job:

Firstly, we will state the requirements needed from candidates:

Minimum Age The candidate should be not less than eighteen (18) years
Maximum Age  The candidates should not be more than forty-five years of age
Educational Requirement School Level-High School Level
Health Status  The candidates must be mental and physically stable and have health stability.
Criminal Status  The candidates should have a clear record of criminal activities.
Work Experience Two-four years of work experience is preferable for candidates.
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The Machinery Operators on Chocolate Factory in Singapore

The chocolate factory in Singapore pursues the progress of producing enticing brands of chocolate to help alleviate the chocolate industry.

For a successful establishment of the machinery, the machinery operators should follow every form that concerns the machine tools.

Machine operators’ essential work ensures the call of immerse impacts on heavy machinery and vulnerable ones.

The factory operators possess strong knowledge and accountability of how the machinery works or operates in the factory.

Once the platform strictly complies with how it operates and regulates, there is the possibility of safety assurance in the factory.

The Responsibilities for Machine Operators in Singapore

These are responsibilities they possess:

  1. The Machine operators provide help to manufacturing processes
  2. The Machine operators assist in the act of maintaining the machinery equipment
  3. The Machine operators ensure the manifestation of the installation of machinery
  4. The Machine operators diligently and strictly follow every instruction or basis on the machinery’s platform.
  5. The Machine operators provide a solution that can affect the machinery sector positively.

The Benefits For Machine operators of the Chocolate Factory in Singapore

The Machine operators require potential benefits from the chocolate factory in Singapore:

  1. Life Insurance Coverage
  2. Yearly payment
  3. Annual vacation.
  4. Retirement of plan
  5. Health insurance
  6. Disability insurance

The Skills For Machine operators of the Chocolate Factory in Singapore

These are the skills they have for their quality:

  1. To communicate well with their colleagues
  2. Possess knowledge of solving problematic formation
  3. Knowledge in dealing with maths and arithmetics
  4. Skills in handling machinery tools
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The Famous Chocolate in Singapore

The fossa is one of the famous or the famous chocolate in Singapore, unique in taste, appearance, and smell; the Fossa Singapore box chocolate is also one of the best chocolate globally.

It is a local company on the Island and experiencing a sales profit for the people in Singapore; planning to develop more in the nearest future.

Lists of Best Chocolate Shops in Singapore

Below are the best Chocolate shops in Singapore:

  1. Royce
  2. Fossa Chocolate
  3. Anjali Chocolate
  4. Lorrey and Bernard Chocolate
  5. Chocoelf Chocolate
  6. Godiva
  7. Baileys Truffles
  8. Chocolatier
  9. Guinness Liquor Chocolate
  10. Janice Wong Chocolate.

Chocolate Factory Jobs In Singapore 2023

These are the Chocolate factories below:

Name of Factory Job Salary Dollars ($) Location
Sales Executive in Chocolate shop 1,800-2,800 per month Singapore
Chocolate Production 2,000-2,600 per month Singapore
Confectionary Baker 3,000-4,000 per month Singapore
Bakery Trainee 900-2,000 per month Singapore
Retails Sales Chocolatier 2,300 per month Singapore
Counter Crew 1,680 per month Singapore
Chocolate Production 24,000-31,200 per year Singapore
Baker 1,600-2,000 per month Singapore
Chocolate Maker 1,800-2,300 per month Singapore
Assistant Baker 1,700-2,500 per month Central Singapore
Retail Sales (Famous Chocolate) 2,000-2,200 per month Central Singapore
Coffee Barista/Server 2,000-2,800 per month Singapore
Chef Instructor 3,000-4,000 per month Bukit Merah
General Manager 5,000-7,000 per month Singapore

Factory Chocolate Job Vacancies in Singapore 2023

Here are the available job vacancies in Singapore Chocolate Factory 2023:

Pastry Assistant

Name of Job Pastry Assistant
Location Singapore
Salary   1.5k-2k per month

Kitchen Assistant

Name of Job Kitchen Assistant
Location Singapore
Salary   1.5k-2k per month

Senior Retail/Sales Assistant

Name of Job Senior Retail/Sales Assistant
Location Jurong East
Salary  2k-2.2k per month

Assistant Production Chef

Name of Job Assistant Production Chef
Location Singapore
Salary  2.8k-3k per month

Pastry Chef

Name of Job Pastry Chef
Location East
Salary  2.6k-2.8k per month

Senior Pastry Chef

Name of Job Senior Pastry Chef
Location Singapore
Salary  2.2k-2.8k per month
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Pastry Cook/Baker

Name of Job Pastry Cook/Baker
Location Outram
Salary  2k-3k per month

Costa Coffee Ambassador

Name of Job Costa Coffee Ambassador
Location Singapore
Salary  2.5k-3.5k per month

Cafe Assistant

Name of Job Cafe Assistant
Location Bedok
Salary  1.8k-2.3k per month

Franchise Management (Resturant)

Name of Job Franchise Management (Resturant)
Location East
Salary  2.6k-3k per month

Factory Processing Workers

Name of Job Food Processing Workers
Location North
Salary  1.2k-1.3k per month

Store Manager (Chocolate Shop)

Name of Job Store Manager
Location Singapore
Salary  1.2k-1.3k per month

Chocolate Instructor

Name of Job Chocolate Instructor
Location Singapore
Salary  3k-4k per month

How to Apply for Singapore Jobs

Here are the following steps to apply for the Singapore Jobs:

  1. To apply, this is the application link for the Singapore Chocolate Factory Jobs; 
  2. Fill in the correct details.
  3. Use recent photographs & latest CV/ resume
  4. Write correct Email ID
  5. Click to submit.
  6. Apply Now
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