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Are you looking for a student job to help you have enough quality time for your studies and personal and professional activities?

Then casual jobs are the best employment for you, for one of those part-time jobs is less stressful and not always difficult since for a fleeting moment.

This post came into existence for students searching for Casual jobs in Melbourne; go through this article if you wish to get all the complete details regarding Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students.

These casual jobs are basic potentials, and suitable employment for you (students) aspiring to work for it doesn’t hinder your studies.

Read along and get all the Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students, which offers excellent pay and lovely details to collaborate well with your studies schedules.

Details On Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students Updates

Pursuing casual jobs in Melbourne is an excellent way for students to find a professional mentorship and grow their professional careers.

If you are interested in casual jobs, I would appreciate it if you went through this post with much enthusiasm and encouraged more individuals to partake in the Job.

Furthermore, casual can help students explore career paths even before they finish; here can be very helpful when a student is trying to choose a major.

They provide both training and experience, and you also get to meet and interact with outstanding team members and fellow students in a conducive environment.

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Necessary For Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students

While working, you derive or produce practical techniques, business acknowledgments, experience, and potential references favorable.

Casual Jobs In Melbourne ensures a greater dimension of skills in the area for students aspiring to get a solid understanding.

These students are considered lovely and admirable jobs that any student can take up because of the flexibility and presence to create leisure time for reading.

These jobs are likely to offer status of some independence and satisfaction and a job career that provides both training and experience.

Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students

Below are the following Job or available jobs to check out for students jobs in Melbourne; these available jobs help students.

Check out your reference of choice opportunity in the casual job section and start your application immediately!!

Cafeteria Assistants – Melbourne VIC

Cafeteria Assistants work in organizations such as schools and are in charge of serving meals to children and adults.

Cafeteria Assistants adhere to food hygiene standards, serve food items, collect payments, maintain serving areas clean and organized, monitor food temperature, and discard leftovers.

Salary: AUD 30.50 per hour in Melbourne VIC


  1. Assisting in all areas of the front of house customer service, including but not limited to:
  2. Serving customers
  3. Essential food preparation and kitchen hand cleaning duties as required and designated by the site manager
  4. Prepare Expresso-based coffee beverages
  5. Assist in stock control
  6. Researching new wholesale food suppliers and negotiating prices.
  7. Calculating future needs in kitchenware and equipment and placing orders as needed.
  8. Managing and storing vendors’ contracts and invoices.
  9. Overseeing restaurant staff performance, ensuring quality dining
  10. Is knowledgeable in the daily operation of the register
  11. Preparing dishes to specification by the chef
  12. Cash register – will train
  13. Stock products on shelves and in refrigerators
  14. Track what merchandise is needed
  15. Monitor the activities of students in the cafeteria
  16. Counsel and intervene with students to ensure acceptable behavior
  17. Report observations and incidents relating to students to appropriate school personnel
  18. Respond to emergencies to address immediate safety concerns.
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  1. Take cash
  2. Taking care of serving counters
  3. Cleans yogurt machine
  4. Cleans coffee station
  5. Cleans condiment station and restocks
  6. Cleans dining commons after each meal period, including wiping tables, chairs, beverage service areas, and condiment storage areas.
  7. Assists with any food preparation as directed by chef/manager
  8. Determines food purchase charges per customer according to the price list established and items purchased
  9. Balance deposits against bank deposit records
  10. One year of experience in industrial food service for large groups, including cooking methods, and portion control, is preferred, with three to six months of on-the-job training.
  11. Must be able to perform simple mathematical calculations and follow verbal and written instructions for equipment, recipe production, or formulations.
  12. Some experience in food service
  13. Experience working in a fast, high, volume retail catering environment attending to day-to-day operations.
  14. Barista experience and ability to prepare a range of expresso coffee and other beverages.


While working, the Job offers benefits to enhance your work life, help you grow, and celebrate your achievements. Employment benefits include:

  1. Novated leasing and salary packaging
  2. Purchased leave
  3. Employee discounts on health insurance, car rental, newspaper subscriptions, and more
  4. Library access, digital and online resources
  5. Privilege to get expanded on your work basis.
  6. Discounts services including floristry, beauty, Fountains, restaurants, Vet Clinics, etc.
  7. Health Insurance
  8. Discounts on Institute short courses for staff and their immediate family
  9. Staff development program
  10. Reward and Recognition Programs.

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Available Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students

These are the following jobs you need as a student:

  1. Students & Part-Time Workers
  2. Casual Student Support Advisor
  3. Voice/Dance/DramaTeachers assistant
  4. Casual Student Advisor
  5. Prospective Student Officer Assistant
  6. Barista / Food And Beverage Attendant – Part-Time
  7. Student Ambassadors
  8. GUCCI Casual Client Advisor
  9. Wait staff
  10. Domestic Cleaner & Bond Cleaner
  11. Casual Customer Experience Assistants
  12. Casual Reception Officer
  13. Cleaner / Laundry Hand
  14. Casual Chefs Melbourne
  15. Catering Assistants
  16. Casual Tutor.
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Salary For Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students 2023/2024

The average salary per worker or employee earns in a month as a Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students 2023/2024 is about 1,600 or even more, while per hour is AUD 29 – 54.00.

Conclusion On Casual Jobs In Melbourne For Students 2023/2024

Melbourne offers you an excellent opportunity to study and gain the requisite knowledge for a successful career path while working as a casual worker or employee.

The student’s casual Job I have detailed in this article will be of great helps to you for it delivers both the Casual Job In Melbourne For Students and the available jobs thereof.

Know that this Job and the available one in this post are concrete and authentic, for you will not be misled by any information that will occur.

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