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Are you looking for an opportunity to work Part-time in Dubai only on weekends? Then go through this article and apply for any vacancies mentioned in this post.

Weekend Part-time is an extraordinary job, and that exists in Dubai; there are several families in need of Part-time, even on weekends.

These weekend jobs are primarily suitable for part-time: receptionist management, cleaning, waiter, customer service representative, or even driving services.

There seem to be similarities between part-time and Weekend jobs, but the truth is there is some slight difference, which is evident from the word “weekend jobs.”

This post will help detail the concepts of weekend jobs, examples of part-time weekend jobs available in Dubai, their required qualifications and skills, average salary, and how to apply for the jobs.

Job Description

Finding Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai is a good move if you can neutralize some of your living and tuition costs as a student and eligible individual.

The above description means jobs done during the Weekend, while the part-time job can be done any day of the week.

While Dubai offers relatively lower study and living costs than many other countries, part-time jobs in Dubai ensure better living standards.

Weekends Part-Time jobs in Dubai provide both training and experience, and you also get to meet and interact with outstanding team members in a conducive environment.

How To Find Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai

These are:

  1. Register on job portals.
  2. Search at online job fairs.
  3. Look through classifieds.
  4. Recruitment agencies.
  5. Look through websites.
  6. Create an account on professional networking websites.
  7. Tips for landing a job.
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Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai

Weekend Part-time work or a part-time job is a flexible work arrangement which means working less than full-time hours.

A Weekend Part-timer must have the mind of gifted extinctions in the way of processes and guarantees their work is put through in a successful dimension.

Below is one of the following Weekend part-time jobs in Dubai and the Rideshare Driver, skills, requirements, and benefits.

Rideshare Driver-Dubai-Weekend Jobs

As a rideshare driver in Dubai, you will have the flexibility to set your schedule and choose the assignments you want.

Rideshare companies do not require that you work a minimum number of hours; because of this flexibility, you can hold another job while working as a rideshare driver.

They primarily deal with the adequate functions of commending the possible desired instruction of the customer, which are needed for such policy.

The job (Rideshare drivers) description and resume of an uber driver usually contain duties and responsibilities such as picking passengers up and transporting them to various destinations.

Rideshare drivers interact with customers daily, as employers love seeing customer service and other people’s skills on a resume.

Salary: the average wage is about AED 1,500 per month or AED 26.03 per hour –AED 75 an hour in Dubai.


  1. Ensure timely arrival at the customers’ destinations and inquire into different goals.
  2. Greet passengers when they embark on the vehicle.
  3. Comprehend the use of Uber software by extensively going through its functions and features.
  4. Confirm passengers’ identity by using their names to establish familiarity.
  5. Consider customers’ alternate route suggestions after confirming they are safe to use.
  6. Work with the Uber software to ensure the truncation of rides, at the end of each passage, according to the specifics of established protocols.
  7. Due to construction work, reroute passages to destinations in cases of high traffic or road diversions.
  8. Maintain COVID-19 safety requirements when transporting passengers.
  9. Pick up patrons and greet them when they enter your vehicle.
  10. Provide a safe place for your riders to be picked up and dropped off.
  11. Provide a safe driving experience for your riders and get them to their destinations.
  12. Ensure all patrons appropriately use the mobile application to close their ride share.
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These are the following skills you must possess as a driver:

  1. Excellent communication skills.
  2. Excellent mapping skills.
  3. Direction-taking skills.
  4. Multi-task skills.
  5. Ability to think on your feet.
  6. Ability to be empathetic towards customers.
  7. Customer service skills.
  8. Ability to determine the best driving routes of destination.


  1. Must be at lt of 18 years and above
  2. Valid Driver’s License
  3. High Degree or GED preferred.
  4. Some college education is preferred.
  5. Ability to follow safety signs and follow state-regulated laws on the road.
  6. Ability to take online courses to learn how to become a safe driver and deliver an incredible rideshare experience.


  1. Health & Well-being
  2. Time Off
  3. Commute & Transportation
  4. Community
  5. Learning opportunities
  6. Financial Planning
  7. Parental Leave.

Procedures To Apply For Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai

These are the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button below
  2. Search and explore the website
  3. On the website, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  4. You will see various available Weekend Part-time Jobs
  5. Fill in the crucial details or information
  6. Then click to submit.

Apply Now

Other Available Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai

Below are the lists of Weekend part-time jobs in Dubai you need to explore:

  1. Associate Specialist
  2. Sales Coordinator
  3. Retail Sales Representative
  4. Dubai Part-Time Students
  5. Part-Time Trainer
  6. Executive Assistant – Part Time
  7. Telesales – Part-time
  8. Administrative Assistant – Part Time.
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Salary For Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai

The worker earns the average salary or wage for a Weekend Part-job job In Dubai, about AED 25 – AED 70 an hour.

A worker or employee earns an average salary for a Weekend Part job in Dubai, about AED 2000 – AED 4000 per month.

Conclusion On Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai

The application website gives crucial information about the Weekend Part-time jobs In Dubai for interested candidates or applicants.

You should ensure that the application processing is smooth by providing essential qualities for job employment.

While deciding on your job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

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