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Are you looking for an opportunity to work as a Weekend Part-timer in Abu Dhabi only on weekends? Then go through this article and apply for any vacancies mentioned in this post.

Weekend Part-time is a great job, and that too in Abu Dhabi, there are several families in need of Weekend Part-timers, even on weekends.

Weekend Part-time jobs in Abu Dhabi can be accessible to all interested in taking care of customer services and policies.

Most individuals in Abu Dhabi take weekends as an opportunity to go out and attend to pressing issues that could not be done during weekdays.

So if you are working only on weekdays and wish to take part-timer jobs to make money on weekends, then proceed to read this post.

Job Description

The weekend jobs can be on Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday; since it is part-time work, it is scheduled on the hourly rate of payment.

On this page, the following guidelines and requirements about Weekend part-time jobs will be available for candidates or applicants on this post.

Selected candidates and applicants must bring their authentic credentials or documents for the Weekend Part-Time Jobs In Abu Dhabi.

While registering for the Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi application, candidates can bring in the correct credentials and requirements while applying.

What you need will surface some crucial information about the Weekend Part-Time Jobs In Abu Dhabi for the candidates to know more about the Part-Time Job.

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If you are among those who are free on weekends and are searching for a Part-time job, then be assured that all will be compiled for you with attractive pay.

Therefore, I assure you that the detailed information you need will portray your understanding and knowledge, and you will see the benefits.

Average Salary Of Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi

The Average Salary Of Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi is AED4,000 per month or AED2,000 per month – AED5,000 a month or AED 15.02 per hour.

Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi

Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi provide both training and experience, and you also get to meet and interact with outstanding team members in a conducive environment.

A Weekend Part-Time job ensures that the package arrives at the specified location required by its customer.

The part-time weekend period means the period from the commencement of the first service in the timetable to the completion of the last service on any Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday.

Part-time work or a part-time weekend job is a flexible work arrangement which means working less than full-time hours.

It usually means working fewer days per week, and employees are typically considered Weekend part-time if they commonly work fewer than 30 hours per week.

The job is made to explain in detail to individuals and candidates willing to work in the Weekend Part-time Jobs In the Abu Dhabi sector.

A Weekend Part-timer must have the mind of gifted extinctions in the way of processes and guarantees their work is put through in a successful dimension.

Part-time weekend jobs include positions extending from weekdays to the Weekend due to the company’s business hours.

The part-time Weekend includes retail sales associates, security guards, delivery truck drivers, and customer service representatives.

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  1. You effectively handle the daily tasks required to run your life.
  2. Coordinate the production of client-facing marketing materials.
  3. Manage project shop tracking as required.
  4. Assist in managing the lock desk email in between calls.
  5. Manage client territory, assuring excellent client/ caregiver relationships via phone and regular in-home visitations.
  6. Prepare monthly program invoicing ledgers.
  7. Manage day-to-day office operations, including billing, collections, computerized accounting, payroll, and contract negotiations.
  8. Compile and maintain records on client accounts.
  9. Screen client feedback and requests and liaise with relevant departments within the organization to provide solutions.
  10. The information from customers and entering into a database by you.


  1. Entry-level positions
  2. High School Degree
  3. Outstanding phone and email etiquette.
  4. Able to manage multiple accounts simultaneously
  5. Ensure not to have no criminal record.
  6. Must be at least 18 years old.


  1. Critical thinking and problem-solving.
  2. Teamwork and collaboration.
  3. Professionalism and strong work ethic.
  4. Oral and written communications skills.
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Organization skills.


  1. Understand a Product Inside and Out.
  2. Build Transferable Skills.
  3. Paid Vacation
  4. Expansion of the knowledge.
  5. Competitive pay and incentives.
  6. Paid holidays and paid time off (Full-time salary positions).
  7. Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance.
  8. Have a Network Within Your Organization.

Available Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi

These are:

  1. Sales Manager – Part-time
  2. Guest Service Agent – Part Time
  3. Trainer – Part Time
  4. Client Advisor Part Time
  5. Drama Teacher (Part-Time)
  6. Assistant Manager
  7. Sales Assistant
  8. Weekend Receptionist
  9. Casual Sales Asssitant
  10. Retail Assistant

How To Apply For Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi

These are the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘button below
  2. On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  3. You will see various available Jobs
  4. Fill in the crucial details or information
  5. Then click to submit.
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Apply Now

Conclusion On Details Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi

The application website gives crucial information about the Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi for interested candidates or applicants.

You can see the above post of Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi, with the additional benefits of your skill acquisition and your way of portraying yourself.

While choosing a better reference with the selection of Weekend Part-time Jobs In Abu Dhabi, you have no obstacle in taking them up to continue your passion.

After your search, applying, and getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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