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Looking for an opportunity to work a Job In Sydney as a weekend employee? Then this post is for you to show the application website and available jobs mentioned in this post.

Weekend jobs are sure to demonstrate the potential entity thereof, and there are several individuals in need of these jobs on weekends.

Here is an opportunity or privilege for you (applicants) to start registering for the excellent offer in Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney.

It would be best if you, at this moment, processed the obligatory efforts to stabilize every sequence to analyze these jobs, which is sometimes a delicate presence and needs special attention.

So if you are an individual or working only on weekdays and wish to take up the jobs to make money on weekends, as I said before, proceed to read through this post.

You should ensure you read every nook and cranny to gain better knowledge and encourage your fellow individual to partake in these beautiful jobs (weekend jobs).

Job Description

Selected candidates must bring their authentic credentials or documents for the Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney.

Most weekend jobs are part-time, including retail, food service, child care, fitness, customer service, teaching, tutoring, and medical care.

Whether you only need a part-time job or you need to supplement your full-time income, there are countless weekend jobs available nearly everywhere.

Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney are available in many fields, like hospitality, animal care specialist, childcare, retail, gyms and health clubs, golf courses, food service, and delivery services.

The following guidelines and steps about Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney will be available for candidates or applicants on this page.

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Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney

Finding a weekend job in Western Sydney can get much more accessible if you acquire the following qualifications, requirements, and skills.

The job below will be explained in detail for individuals and candidates willing to work in the Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney.

Animal Attendant-Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney

Animal Care Attendants or Animal Attendants are responsible for the day-to-day care of medical boarding and the stay-pets duties and report any critical findings and unusual observations to the veterinarians.

Animal attendants monitor the health conditions of the animals, manage their food intake and medications, and maintain the adequacy of animal stock inventories.

As an Animal Attendant, you must remain professional and courteous to clients and co-workers while handling multiple tasks simultaneously with many interruptions.

Such Attendants must be able to empathize with clients and remain compassionate and well-mannered, even if a client becomes emotional or discourteous.

Most times, Animal Care Attendants or Animal attendants must have sufficient physical strength, mobility, and stamina to lift and move heavy pets and objects and the talent and confidence to handle and administer medications.

They carry out their duties by bathing pets who may be scared or aggressive and the ability to monitor pets for signs of distress or disease.

Salary: The average hourly pay for an Animal Attendant in Western Sydney is about AUD 20.17, while AUD 50k to AUD 60k per year.


  1. Report illness, disease, injury, or unusual activity to technicians/veterinarians.
  2. Receive animals to be admitted for shelter care and are responsible for their proper identification and recording of their respective locations.
  3. Restrain pets humanely and safely during exams, treatments, and procedures.
  4. Recognize symptoms associated with pet illnesses
  5. Maintain properly secured and sanitary housing facilities for patients.
  6. Provide fresh food and clean water for patients within the guidelines of the treatment plan set by the veterinarian.
  7. Assist doctors, technicians, treatment assistants, and other personnel with the administration of medications or with restraint.
  8. Release animals to their owners as directed by customer service or the shelter manager.
  9. Enrich animal handling skills through hands-on experience with the natural world and working with vanishing wildlife.
  10. Make sure cages and animals are appropriately numbered and identified.
  11. Cleans and sanitizes all cages, runs, and related areas.
  12. Wash and sterilize water and food bowls.
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  1. Minimum high school degree or equivalent required.
  2. Ability to read and write legibly in English to communicate clearly in person and over the telephone.
  3. Secondary language skills are desired.
  4. Stable both physically and mentally.
  5. Basic computer literacy, including typing, is required
  6. Experience with general office equipment and software such as Microsoft Windows, Word, and Excel.
  7. Interested in animals and their welfare.
  8. Knowledge of basic animal behavior.


  1. Sick leave
  2. Paid vacation
  3. Leave and Life Insurance
  4. Health insurance
  5. Decrease levels of cortisol.


  1. Be familiar with animal body language
  2. Be familiar with animal breeds and coat colors
  3. Good communication skills and enjoy working with people
  4. Able to work well in a team
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Safely and humanely handle cats in/out of carriers and cages.
  7. Restrain pets humanely and safely during exams, treatments, and procedures.
  8. Recognize symptoms associated with pet illnesses.
  9. Empathy skills on animals Patience and sensitivity. Patience is key
  10. Knowledge and training around proper animal handling
  11. Observant and methodical skills
  12. Safeguarding skills.

Apply Now

Available Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney

These are:

  1. Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer
  2. Home Care Workers
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. Clinical Care Manager
  5. Weekend Pharmacy Assistant
  6. Quality Control Officer
  7. Personal Care Worker – Western Sydney
  8. Excavator Operator
  9. Employment Consultant/Coach
  10. Sales Assistant
  11. Weekend Receptionist
  12. Medical Receptionist
  13. Front End Cashier
  14. Team Member.
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Average Salary Of Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney

The Average Salary Of Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney, NSW, is AUD 50 – AUD 70 an hour or AUD 48,000 per year.

Conclusion On Details Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney

You can see the above post of Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney, with the additional benefits of your skill acquisition and your way of portraying yourself.

Deciding on your job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

While choosing a better reference with the selection of Weekend Jobs In Western Sydney, NSW, you have no obstacle in taking them up to continue your passion.

After your search, applying and getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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