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There has been a high demand for Virtual Assitant Jobs across Canada nationally and provincially. One can be employed whether or not one has experienced. Virtual Assistant jobs are available in Canada(Ontario). Ontario is the largest of all the states in Canada, boasting a population of over 14 million people and also home to most of the wealthiest people in Canada; it is convincing that they are in high demand for virtual assistant/ administrative assistant jobs in Ontario.

Suppose you are searching for a vacancy for a Virtual Assistant in Ontario; this post will help educate you on the concepts of Virtual Assistants and their responsibilities, requirements, average salary, and how to apply to them.


Job Description

A virtual assistant is an individual who provides administrative services to clients while working from a remote location. A virtual assistant job is comfortable, but it is quite an energy-draining job; a virtual one has the luxury of working from any site (remotely). Virtual assistants are often independent, self-employed contractors; you also work with a virtual assistant agency.

A virtual assistant is a remote job; one must have a committed/devoted home office to work as a virtual assistant. Of course, in an office are the materials, tools, machines, and things used to implement one’s duty as a virtual assistant, devices like A computer with a high internet connection, printer, copiers/scanner, and fax. And also, one will likely need a dedicated landline(or two). This type of administrative job is very efficient because this type of method saves the employer and employee money.


Not all Virtual Assistant jobs are the same, apart from a virtual assistant’s regular/primary role. Most virtual assistants provide support to their Boss/Employer or clients in the form of answering emails, transliterating documents, preparing statements and letters, organizing files, coordinating schedules, making travel arrangements, and generally taking charge of the administrative task to help a client focus another part/aspect of their jobs or personal lives.

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Virtual assistance is a rapidly growing job in Canada(Ontario), and it is a growing career field because of its benefits to employees and employers. Employes could save time and money by outsourcing the task to virtual assistants instead of hiring full-time employees or performing the work themselves.


Ultimately, it is expected of a virtual assistant to be able to able to handle administrative projects for clients/employers and deliver high-quality work under minimum supervision.

A virtual assistant job doesn’t require one to have any experience before securing a career as a virtual assistant. However, a virtual assistant without experience will only allow one to be eligible for an entry-level position if one with expertise in admistartaive(virtual) assistance opens one to higher opportunities. In summary, it isn’t necessary to have experience before one can secure a position/job vacancy as a virtual assistant.

Required Qualification

The following are the essential qualification required of a Virtual Assistant:

  • A high school qualification or equivalent diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, political science, or a related is usually needed.
  • Experience in a related administrative occupation.
  • Tech Skills


Although the responsibilities might vary daily, the following are a virtual assistant’s essential/primary responsibilities. Keep in mind that there may be some employers that request for more/less than the ones listed below, but the ones listed below are the most common among employers.

  • I am responding to emails and phone calls.
  • Scheduling meetings.
  • Book travel and accommodations.
  • I am managing a contact list.
  • I am preparing customer spreadsheets and keep online records.
  • Organizing managers’ calendars.
  • We are performing research.
  • We are creating presentations as assigned.
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The following ate the basic skills of a virtual assistant:

  • Communication Skills
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • IT skills
  • Attention to Details
  • Good Decision Making
  • Social Media Management

Communication Skills: A Virtual assistant must have good communication skills; good communication skills are vital for things like emails, reports, presentations, and phone calls are all ways in which businesses converse with clients.

Project Management: This skill is necessary for developing and implementing some specific strategies, providing support on company projects, and writing emails and other marketing content.

Time Management: Time management is essential for all types of Administrative jobs, including virtual assistant jobs.

IT skills: As a Virtual Assistant, one’s duties are being implemented using a computer, and to be able to use a computer, one must understand the software and all.

Attention to Details: Virtual assistants must be able to multitask, meaning they have to pay attention to details.

Good Decision Making: As a virtual assistant, one must decide on the employer’s behalf; it is vital to make a good decision because any decision will affect the employer.

Social Media Management: Social media is essential to any company’s marketing strategy. So, as a result of this, it is responsible for a VA to possess excellent social media management skills.

Customer Service: If an assistant deals with clients or customers, they must possess outstanding customer skills. This means they will need to remain calm In every situation, work under pressure, and communicate effectively via phone.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Ontario Salary

The average salary of a  virtual assistant in Ontario is CA$40,516 per year. Though this isn’t up to the average citizen in Can Ontario, virtual assistants’ top tiers can earn up to CA$110,000.

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How To Apply For Virtual Assistant Jobs Ontario

The list below states the steps to apply for Virtual Assistant Jobs Ontario:

  • When directed to the official website, search for a job at the application link below.
  • You can use the search box, divided into various categories, to filter the job of your interest.
  • Review the job advertisement and role description.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements before proceeding
  • Select the ‘Apply Online button.
  • Complete and submit your application.
  • Check that you’ve received an email confirming your application.

“Apply Now”

Conclusion On The Virtual Assistant Jobs Ontario

In conclusion, with the update above on Virtual Assistant Jobs Ontario, one is aware of the categories, salaries, requirements, and how to apply for Virtual Assistant Jobs Ontario.

Click on the “Apply Now” button to secure a chance to work any job of your choice as a Virtual Assistant Jobs Ontario.

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