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Interested in studying at the University of Auckland, but not sure of the actual chance of getting admitted into the Institution.

And most of the time, students’ chances of getting admitted rely on the school’s acceptance rate. Schools like Harvard, Oxford, and other prestigious schools are well known for having a meager acceptance rate, which means; that not everybody can be admitted into the schools.

To be considered for admission to these schools, one must earn top grades in high school. And in this article, the University of Auckland is a prestigious school, the number one best school in New Zealand. And considering this, the acceptance rate can be low or high. Proceed into the article to learn more about the University Of Auckland Acceptance Rate.


Formally opened in 1883, The University of Auckland is regarded as the top-tier University of New Zealand in terms of employability of graduates. Zealand Truthfully, though the University of Auckland is ranked among th best schools both in New Zealand and in the world, it is easy to get into/admitted into the school. During the depression of the early 1930s, there was an increased interest in academic research. A group of students started a literary journal, Phoenix, which later became the focus of the first literary movement in the history of New.

But it is based on the condition that if one can afford it, And don’t expect scholarships. Many consultancies have partnered with Auckland; they can help you get in quickly. So, you don’t need very high grades or extracurriculars. All you need is to satisfy their minimum requirements and the ability to pay total tuition fees. If you are an Indian, all you need is a good score in IELTS and a minimum percentage. That’s it! It’s a cakewalk to be you are considering the acceptance rate of the University of Auckland, which is about 45%. It implies that 4 out of 10 students who send applications for enrollment are selected.

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The University Of Auckland Acceptance Rate

As it is well known, Auckland University is a high and prestigious school in New Zealand, and as viewed by the Rankings, I’m sure you can also testify to that. The University Of Auckland generally has a High acceptance rate (Higher than 40 percent) because it is more selective and has high standards or has tens of thousands of students applying for relatively few spots, meaning (theoretically) they’re accepting only the top students.

The acceptance rate for other prestigious universities is relative compared to the University Of Auckland Acceptance Rate. Still, sometimes it is challenging to get into the school because it isn’t financially stable. I can ascertain that if you fully meet their requirements and also get the required GPA, nothing is holding you back.

The University Of Auckland does not discriminate based on nationality, religion, sect, or any special needs students may have. As an institution of higher learning, they welcome a plurality of backgrounds and perspectives, meaning they accept any nationality to come and study in this prestigious University.

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University Of Auckland Ranking

More than 120 years old, The University of Auckland is one of the best universities in New Zealand for the employability of graduates. Prominent ranking providers have placed it among the top 200 universities worldwide. QS World university rankings that emphasize the academic reputation of the institute ranked placed it among the top 100 universities globally. Over the years, the University has made tremendous improvements in its global rankings.

Last year, THE placed it at 179th in its best global university ranking, whereas it was at 147th in 2021. Similarly, US News & World Report placed at 142nd rank in 2018 and 125th in 2021. However, Shanghai’s (ARWU) World University Rankings that stress research output and quality of faculty have dropped their ranking from 151-200 in 2016 to 201-300 in 2020. The University has achieved a remarkable distinction of being at the top position in New Zealand and 71st in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings for 2019.

Ranked By 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Universities Rankings 201-300 201-300 201-300 201-300 N/A
QS – World University Ranking 82 85 83 81 85
THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking 192 201-250 179 147 137
US News & World Report – Global Universities 142 134 134 125 118

Conclusion On University Of Auckland Acceptance Rate 2023/2024

If you want to enter Auckland University, you can go through the University Of Auckland Acceptance Rate and ensure you do not get deterred, but plan on gaining admission by working on your grades so that you will be irresistible from not being accepted.
Now’s your chance with this selection of the University Of Auckland; you, therefore, have no limitation from opting for Auckland University.
The details above give crucial information related to the University Of Auckland Acceptance Rate 2023/2024 for students.
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