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Read this article extensively to get updated on all the Summer Jobs In Spain For English Speakers; also, be aware of all the requirements.

So if you are seeking a Summer Job in Spain and you are an English speaker, you can get a summer job that is available for you and continue this passion of yours.

All the available summer jobs for English speakers in Spain for candidates or applicants will be highlighted here in this post, so make sure to find a suitable one that suits your interest.

Therefore, surf through this post, find an accommodative summer job in Spain for English speakers for you and don’t hesitate to apply.

Brief Details On Summer Job In Spain

The prospect of a Summer Job in Spain is a dream come true for aspiring applicants out there; it is not only an opportunity to be part of becoming familiar with the culture and people intimately. ​

Spain is one of the most welcoming and accessible going countries you will ever work judiciously; the people are generally very laid back and willing to give outsiders the benefit of the doubt.

Most people find that this helps immensely when learning the language and picking up casual work; the idea of finding a summer job in Spain sounds terrific.

Many people love the idea of coming over to Spain just for the holiday season and living in Spain for the summer while working to pay their way.

Most will be students looking for summer work abroad to give them a combination of earning money over the summer before they go back to study in September while also feeling like they are on holiday.

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You may also be a traveler looking to stop over in Spain, and you want to get a summer job to pay for your traveling costs.

Spain has excellent summer resorts with loads of summer jobs dotted along the 5,000 kilometers of coastline; there are also many opportunities for outdoor pursuits and watersports during the summer in Spain.

Summer Jobs In Spain For English Speakers

Summer Jobs In Spain comes along with great experience and way to fun during the working process, and you can be a summer teacher, summer camp leisure, and many others.

Below I will deliver brief information concerning the summer job in Spain; please know that they are looking for enthusiastic, innovative, and hardworking people who want to grow in our organization in expansion.

To embrace every individual, they make sure there include English Speakers; there are several summer jobs for various personnel.

Why You Need A Summer Councelor

To acquire summer work, you need a Summer Councelor to direct and nurture every crucial step for the job; as I said before, I will deliver you the summer job in Spain, and it has to do with Summer Councelor.

Summer Councelor

Summer Councelor plans, leads, and implements camp programs for children. Provides high-quality educational and recreational opportunities and enjoyable experiences for camp participants.

They supervise and maintain campers and ensure their safety, development, growth, skill achievement, and general well-being.

Salary: between 800 and 1000€ per month, sometimes determined by the position you take


These are the following roles:

  1. Supervising daily recreational and social activities for groups of students.
  2. Explaining activities, playing games, and instructing workshops: sports, arts and crafts, theatre, music, dance, etc…
  3. Participants will rely on you to guide them through their activities, and you must have both the charisma to work with a group and the sensitivity to listen to the individual.
  4. Make sure the campers speak and hear as much English as possible.
  5. Summer Councelor deals with enforcing safety rules and regulations and ensuring the safety and well-being of the campers.
  6. This demanding role requires constant energy and enthusiasm.
  7. You will be a role model, teacher, mediator, comedian, and friend. You’ll be with the children 24 hours a day in these residential camps.
  8. Overseeing appropriate behavior s.
  9. Chaperoning on the bus trip from Madrid, Spain, to the venue and back.
  10. Volunteers pick-ups and drop-offs in Madrid, Spain.
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  1. Age: Counselors must be at least 21 years old (born in 2001 or before).
  2. Languages: Must be a native English speaker or have a bilingual level.
  3. EU citizens (or legal work permits in Spain).
  4. Certificate of Criminal Records allows you to work with minors (e.g., DBS/CRB check, Garda vetting…)
  5. The desirable previous camp experience, 1 to 2 proven years of working with children. Teaching experience is an advantage and might be required for some residential camps.
  6. Very Fluent In English Speaking.


  1. You get to be a role model
  2. You get to unplug
  3. Crafts to the max
  4. Boost your resume
  5. You truly make a difference
  6. Rock those chacos
  7. Life-long friendships
  8. Interview material
  9. Food
  10. Accommodation.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in becoming a summer councelor, get in contact with them by sending an email and telling them the following through the link provided below.

  1. A bit about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to be a summer councelor
  3. When you would like to join us, and for how long.
  4. A picture of yourself (passport)

Take note; Fluency in Spanish is not strictly required; however, applicants should be fluent in English and meet all the job requirements; please, send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Apply Now

Available Summer Jobs Vacancies In Spain For English Speakers

These are the following summer jobs below:

  1. TEFL Teaching English Jobs Available for the Summer in Spain
  2. Summer camp leisure, tourism, and child assistant
  3. Summer Job English
  4. Summer Camp Teachers & Monitors
  5. ESL Teachers Needed for a Residential Summer Camp Jobs
  6. English Summer Teacher
  7. English Summer Camp Monitors
  8. Operations Agent | Summer 2023
  9. Summer Camp Monitors
  10. Teacher Summer Camp
  11. Summer Camp Lifeguard
  12. Summer Program Utopicus
  13. Summer Camp Leader
  14. Summer Councelor Assistant.
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Apply Now For Summer Job Vacancies In Spain

Average Salary of Summer Jobs In Spain For English Speakers

The average Salary of Summer Jobs in Spain can expect to make €10 per hour, so if you work full-time, you will make €1,000-€2,000 per month.

Conclusion On Summer Summer Jobs In Spain For English Speakers 2023/2024

The article above gives crucial information about the Jobs In Spain For English Speakers for candidates wishing to be part of the experience.

After your search, application, and finally getting recruited, you can enjoy an indescribable dimension to your life while working in Spain as an English speaker.

You can see the above lists of Available Summer Jobs In Spain For English Speakers 2023/2024, with the additional benefits and working in a strategic environment.

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