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There are several School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane available for everyone to get involved; whether or not you have the experience, there are flexibilities as well with School Cleaning Jobs generally.

Don’t bother about the following requirements, qualifications, and other job steps, for they will be available for candidates or applicants in this article.

Now consider the following School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane, and if you are interested in a position, don’t hesitate to apply.

Read along with this post and get factual information concerning the School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane and the application website.

Job Description

This post will provide the interested workers with factual information about Brisbane and the element concerning the following procedures for getting a School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane.

Hence, if you are curious about getting a School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane, read along with this article and find a suitable one.

I will ensure that whatever you desire about the significant School, especially in the cleaning job sector in Brisbane, will surface in this article.

School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane

The School Cleaning Jobs is only guaranteed work when needed, and there may or not be an expectation that there will be more work in the future.

Below I will showcase one of the elementary School Cleaning Jobs in Brisbane; you should read through the following information, so your entry into the chosen workplace will be easy.

School Cleaner-Brisbane, QLD, Australia

School cleaners are responsible for maintaining high standards of cleanliness throughout the School; cleaning the inside and outside of a school building is backbreaking work.

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Schools are constantly in turmoil and keep getting dirty no matter how often you clean them, so the cleaners perform cleaning duties in the facility to keep areas clean and orderly.

School cleaners also use interpersonal skills when interacting with students and school personnel and ensure the fulfilling of duties.

These school cleaning jobs often require meeting a list of additional requirements within one year of starting, including passing various background checks and getting appropriate vaccines.

Sometimes, school cleaners make repairs on small equipment and broken desks, chairs, door parts, windows, etc. Assists with exterior cleaning and maintenance duties.

The School cleaner will work as part of a team to perform various regular and one-off cleaning tasks and duties as directed by their supervisor or line manager.

School cleaners lift more than fifty pounds at a time, move furniture and equipment, climb ladders, and work with minimal supervision.

School cleaners perform their duties in different parts of the School; while their overall commitment is to ensure that schools are clean, their work is divided into categories.

Salary: The average School Cleaner’s salary in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, is AUD 30 – AUD 60 an hour.


  1. Emptying and cleaning bins
  2. Follow all health and safety regulations for the sake of the children
  3. Be responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of your designated area and for maintaining high and consistent standards
  4. Take the initiative to perform cleaning and tidying tasks that are not contained explicitly within the rota but require attention to maintain overall high standards.
  5. Report cleaning supplies requirements and stock levels to the line manager.
  6. Ensure Health & Safety, quality, and general procedure compliance
  7. Work as part of a team and support other members of the cleaning team to meet standards and school objectives
  8. Reporting all defects/hazards immediately to the caretaker or Supervisor.
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  1. Ability to work effectively and supportively as a member of the school team
  2. Ability to work in an organized and systematic manner
  3. Ability to act on own initiative, deal with any unexpected problems that arise
  4. A reasonable level of fitness
  5. Able to manage time effectively
  6. Ability to work both alone and in a team
  7. Skillfulness in Judgement
  8. Awareness of health and safety procedures
  9. Reading skills for following instructions
  10. Maths skills for measuring cleaning fluids
  11. Being physically capable
  12. Ability to handle heavy equipment and school machinery
  13. Efficiency and discretion
  14. Honesty and integrity Skills
  15.  Motivation and flexibility.
  16. Punctual, reliable, and trustworthy.


  1. Cleaning certain parts of the school site
  2. Vacuuming carpeted areas and washing floors
  3. Sweeping uncarpeted areas
  4. Liaise with Supervisor, Site Manager School Caretakers, and other members of staff as required to ensure the cleaning rota operates
  5. Spot cleaning of spillages
  6. Cleaning desks, seats, and skirting boards
  7. Cleaning toilet areas and replenishing toiletries
  8. Cleaning doors and windows
  9. Checking stock levels of cleaning materials
  10. To provide a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the School.


  1. Fewer Absences and Sick Days
  2. More Productive Teaching
  3. Bonus from salary
  4. Attention to detail, and take pride in your work
  5. Improved Parental Involvement
  6. A Better Environment for Learning


  1. High school degree
  2. Clears from police record
  3. No health issues involved
  4. Good composure
  5. Ideally, 2-3 years of cleaning experience
  6. Very decent in dressing.

Apply Now

Available School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane

These are the following available school cleaning jobs in Brisbane:

  1. School Cleaners Assistant
  2. Relief Cleaner
  3. Cleaner (School/Office)
  4. Regular & Specialist Cleaners
  5. Cleaner Assistant
  6. Attendant – Cleaner
  7. Car Cleaners
  8. Cleaner/Housekeeper
  9. Facilities Supervisor Cleaning
  10. Car Cleaners Assistant
  11. Cleaner – Afternoon/Evening
  12. Casual Cleaners
  13. Domestic Cleaner
  14. School Office Cleaner.
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School Cleaning Jobs Salary In Brisbane

School Cleaning Jobs’ average salary in Brisbane, QLD, Australia is AUD 20,000 to 60,000 per year or AUD 30 per hour – AUD 60 an hour.

Conclusion Details On School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane

The application website details the School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane for interested and eligible candidates or applicants.

The duties and responsibilities commonly assigned to School Cleaning Jobs In Brisbane, and will be able to make up their minds if they want to do the job or not.

Before deciding on a specialty, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is sufficiently paid.

After analyzing the statistics, you can easily decide on the specialty and achieve heights in the chosen profession in the future.

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