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Safety jobs in UAE for freshers are available in this article, and it is solely directed to the companies hiring only freshers for this role, so if you are interested, go ahead and read through this article.

Safety jobs require a lot of skills and qualifications, and that is why most organizations or companies tend to hire people with higher experience.

However, if you are just starting this excellent career of yours, don’t be discouraged, for we have just the right one in the United Arab Emirates for you to apply for.

Job Description

There are several jobs across the safety teams found in manufacturing: safety coordinator, safety manager, industrial hygienist, safety director, and environmental health and safety officer.

The safety officer in a company or an organization is the person who is responsible for the safety of the people who work or visit there. Organizers consulted with police and safety officers to ensure tight security.

Safety officers maintain employee safety through the planning and implementation of safety measures. Occupational health and safety officers are also known as security officers.

Safety officers work in various settings like offices, construction sites, and government buildings. They work closely with the company’s staff to maintain processes and procedures to keep everyone safe.

Available Safety Officer Job In UAE For Fresher

As an international subsidiary of the SPIE group specializing in the energy sector, SPIE Oil & Gas Services has been seeking a fire safety officer in UAE, and freshers are welcome to apply.

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The Vacancy – Fire Safety Officer

This is an opportunity for you to Undertake fire fighting, safety, and related duties, participating as a member of the fire fighting team, in both actual situations and emergency drills and assisting in general fire-fighting training activities and the maintenance and testing of fire-fighting and safety equipment and appliances.

Your main duties will be to:

  • Operate as a crew member to fight fires or assist in rescue missions involving fire-fighting equipment in various areas, as instructed (this includes starting water pumps, handling water spraying hose, opening taps/valves, and operating fire extinguishers).
  • Train and drill regularly on fire prevention and fire fighting equipment, maintenance, and general rescue techniques.
  • Undertake daily maintenance and testing work on fire fighting safety and emergency equipment, appliances, tools, vehicles, and station premises (including cleaning, repairing, washing, drying, replenishing, and testing both mobile and fixed equipment such as hoses, valves, halo cylinders, vehicles, bells, hydrants, and motor parts).
  •  Load, unload, tighten, replenish, crape, paint, test, recharge, and maintain good operating condition portable foam or chemical fire extinguishers.
  • Participate in job watch activities which involve standing by and observing all activities carried out by company or contractors’ personnel according to a Permit to work. report any incorrect work practices to the station Officer or the Fire Master.
  • Undertake other stand-by duties such as at the landing and take off of helicopters and aeroplanes and loading and unloading supply boats.
  • Complete pre-printed forms for maintenance work, indicating work carried out and observations made.
  • Undertake other similar or related duties such as maintaining safety officers and locations in clean and safe conditions, carrying out security checks as requested, and cleaning the work site after fire fighting drills.
  • Conduct training on SCBA/escape sets for visitors/new employees and refresher courses for Zirku personnel.
  • Conduct basic fire fighting courses for Zakum personnel/newcomers and Zirku personnel.
  • Carry out PA System and fire alarm tests.
  • Carry out Fire Protection tests and inspections (Deluge, Water spray, Foam, CO2, Inergen, and Halon).
  • Maintain SCBA’s Escape sets. Perform checks as per manufacturers’ instructions and ensure records of service, testing and certification are maintained.
  • Act as a Station Officer during his absence and perform his duties.
  • Perform gas monitoring during hot work and carry out duties of fire watch as required.
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  • Ideally, you will have Completion of Secondary Technical Education / ATI (12 years) or equivalent with five years of experience in fire fighting, including relevant oil field fire fighting experience would be preferable.
  • Valid driving license, preferably for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • You will have a good level of computer literacy, be proficient in industry commissioning software and systems, and advanced skills in Microsoft Office.
  • You will need excellent communication and presentation skills in English, both written and verbal in English.

How To Apply

To apply, refer to the link below and once you are directed to the official website, create an account with them and proceed to fill out the application form.

Apply Now

Salary Of Safety Officers In UAE (Fresher)

The average salary of a safety officer in the UAE is AED 4,500 per month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The average additional cash compensation for a Safety Officer in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates Area is AED 1,000, ranging from AED 1 to AED 11,500.

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Conclusion On Safety Officer Jobs In UAE For Freshers 2023/2024

You can see the above lists of Safety Officer Jobs In UAE For Freshers, with the additional benefits of your learning and working in a strategic environment.

Now’s your chance, with this selection of Safety Officer Jobs In UAE For Freshers; you, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up to start your work.

The article above gives crucial information about the Safety Officer Jobs In UAE For Freshers 2023/2024  for fresh candidates to start applying.

After your search, applying, and finally getting recruited, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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