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Education is vital for all, but not all can afford it; schools are expensive, especially a college education is very costly to acquire. This is the case in most countries around the world.

For this reason, schools around the world, including the Government like Australian Government, award scholarships to people to aid their financial situations and also, in doing this, help the country’s literacy level.

Scholarships in Australia are available for interested students seeking financial aid programs(Scholarships)  in Australia to further their education. Scholarships mainly help to provide financial support for students to help pay for a college/ postgraduate degree.

Scholarships go further than being financial aid for many students. They reward deserving students with the ability to afford higher education. These funds enable students to obtain the education they may not have access to otherwise.

The recently interested candidates applying for the RTP scholarship are advised to ensure they meet all the requirements stated by the scholarship to be considered eligible.

RTP Scholarship Description

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship scheme is primarily financed by the Australian Government and provides schooling fees to top-quality international postgraduate students willing to enroll in a research degree at Australian universities.

This scheme replaces the International Postgraduate Research Scheme. The RTP Fee Offset and Stipend Scholarship is very competitive and is awarded to approximately 30 students yearly. In addition to the RTP Fee Scholarship, the University of Sydney awards an RTP Stipend Scholarship to all International RTP Fee Scholarship recipients.

This provides a stipend/living allowance. Applications are evaluated on academic excellence and research potential. Those under contemplation for an RTP Fee Scholarship will automatically be considered for a University of Sydney International Scholarship, which also covers tuition fees and provides a grant.

Neither of these awards requires a separate application. RTP Scholarships are available for a research doctorate for a minimum of 3 years, up to a maximum of 4 years, at the discretion of the HEP. 

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Under temporary arrangements enacted in 2020 to reduce the impacts of COVID-19, this maximum period was extended to 4 years and six months (full-time students) at the discretion of HEPs. It is important to note that this scholarship is mainly awarded to postgraduates.

RTP Scholarship

Types of scholarships:

RTP Fees Offset Scholarships: offered to domestic students with an unconditional offer to undertake a higher degree by research course at the University of Sydney. This scholarship is supported by the Australian Government and provides tuition fees.

RTP Stipend Scholarships: awarded to students of exceptional research potential to undertake a higher degree by research at an Australian university. These Australian government scholarships are provided to assist with general living costs.

University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards (UPA): similar to the RTP Scholarships in terms of tenure and benefits. Eligible RTP applicants are automatically considered for these awards.


Eligible degrees:

  • Masters(Research)


  • Male
  • Female

Eligible Field Of Study

  • Property & Built Environment
  • Business & Management
  • Creative Arts
  • Teaching & Education
  • Engineering & Mathematics
  • Medical & Health Sciences
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Law, Legal Studies & Justice
  • Sciences
  • Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Other Eligibility

  • Be a commencing or enrolled international postgraduate research student
  • Have an outstanding record of academic achievement and research potential
  • Have an unconditional offer of admission or be currently enrolled in a master’s by research or Ph.D. at the University of Sydney.

RTP Stipend Rates

Year Full-time base RTP stipend rate ($) Full-time max RTP stipend rate ($)

Year Full-time base RTP stipend rate ($) Full-time max RTP stipend rate ($)
2023 29,863 46,653
2023 28,854 45,076
2021 28,597 44,674

 Application process

HEPs are responsible for the application and selection processes for the RTP ScholarshipThe list of eligible HEPs is available in Table A and B of HESA. s. The list of eligible HEPs is available in Table A and B of HESA. Prospective candidates need to contact their chosen HEP’s postgraduate research office directly to discuss how to app

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Apply per critical deadlines.

RTP stipend scholarships are awarded in February and November. Therefore, you must submit all required documentation for your admission application and Research Experience evidence (if applicable) to be considered in the relevant award timeline.

RTP scholarships are based on academic merit and are highly competitive. You will generally need an outstanding academic record, and any research publications will also be highly regarded. Please note that you may be notified of your RTP scholarship outcome at a different time to receive your study offer.

Current students can apply here.

Commencing, students should select the check box to be considered for research scholarships when completing the admission application for their postgraduate research degree. A separate application is not required. Refer to the documents for applicants for details of selection criteria, process, and additional documentation needed if applicable.

Benefits of RTP Scholarship

There are three main benefits of the RPT Scholarship:

  • Tuition fees are covered
  • OSHC is covered
  • You receive a stipend of roughly $30K

The scholarship is usually for three years in the first instance but can be extended if there are good reasons. The department will probably also have some funding to cover your research co, which might cover chemicals, instrumental analysis, field costs, etc.

While the terms of the scholarships are liberal, $30K is not a luxury living in Australia, considering it is a country with a high standard of living. It’s perilously close to the poverty line, especially in the capital cities. You are required to work four days per week on your Ph.D. and are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week [this has recently been relaxed for specific industries].

If struggling on $30K, it can be most times very tempting to work nights-shifts at a 7–11 by doing pizza deliveries, or clean hotel rooms, because [providing your employer isn’t engaged in wage theft], the hourly rates can be dazzling compared to anything from back home. But if you work 16 hours on the weekend doing food drops, you will be asleep at your university desk on Monday morning.

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Many have fallen into this trap, only to fall behind in work needed for the supposition. So it is important to remember that the main goal is to complete the doctorate in the minimum time possible. And you are free to do any work of your choice, like delivering pizzas after you complete the degree.

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Conclusion On RTP scholarship 2023/2024

If you want to study at Khalifa University through the scholarships above, go for it and start preparing now! Now’s your chance with this selection of RTP scholarships; you, therefore, have no limitation regarding being an international or native student from applying for the RTP scholarship.
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