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If you are just like me a year ago, who is just searching for jobs without knowing what a resume is at all, I always thought that i am only required to have an education certificate and also an application letter; those things are essential, but what a resume does is that it helps give you(the applicant) an edge over others applying for the job.

It is known to all what a resume is, i mean, not all. Still, those who have tried to apply for a job would witness, or those looking to apply for a job would testify that having a resume as an applicant is necessary for most jobs. At least 99% of the work now requires one to have a Resume.

Even college students are required to have a resume, even though some of their resumes wouldn’t be as packed with many skills as a full-fledged graduate or an experienced worker, considering that they are still in school, so that alone denies them having tangible/any work experiences.

This post is mainly for those (College Students without Experience) like me some years ago who knew nothing about a resume and its importance.

This post will specifically help educate you by detailing the concept of a Resume, its importance, and how to create your resume with ease; i will also recommend some places where you can find resume templates to use as a guide in building your Resume.

What Is A (College Student) Resume?

What is a (college student) resume understood to be, and why is it essential?

A Resume is a document that presents a concise picture of the skills and qualifications of the applicant for the specific position, so length tends to be shorter into dedicated to the years of experience (generally a 1 to 2 pages document).

Why Should A College School Student Have A Resume?

A student having a resume sets the student apart from others. It will make the particular student stand out against other candidates or Students. Most high school students won’t need a resume for service-oriented jobs; a resume will impress a potential employer if they are. Still, if still looking to apply for an internship or more professional care.

Types of Resume For College School Students Without Work Experience

Of course, there are different types of resumes which range up to 8 different types of resumes formats. Therefore, the followings are the most common types of resumes. This post will list and explain five, including the suitable format for college student resumes: “The Combination Resume Formats.”

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Infographic resume.
  • Targeted resume.
  • Combination Resume
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Chronological Resume: A chronological resume lists work experiences and achievements starting from the current or most recent one and following up with previous jobs below. For the main reason, the chronological resume is the perfect choice for job-seekers with plenty of experience and achievements to list on the resume.

Sections to write a Chronological Resume structure

The following are the main sections of a Chronological resume:

  • Contact information.
  • Professional title and resume summary/objective.
  • Work experience and achievements.
  • Education section.
  • Your top soft/hard skills.
  • Include optional sections (languages, certificates, volunteer experience, etc.)

Functional Resume: A functional resume format is a type of resume that focuses more on the skills rather than the work experiences. One can use a  functional resume if you are a recent graduate with little work experience or if you are switching careers.

Sections to write a Functional Resume structure

The following are the main sections of a Functional resume:

  • List your contact information.
  • Write a detailed resume introduction.
  • Group your skills by type.
  • Write your employment history.
  • List your relevant educational background.
  • Highlight your professional accomplishments.

Infographic Resume: An Infographic resume is a type of resume that is based on visual representations of the skills and experience of the applicant, such as timelines, graphs, icons, or bar charts. Unlike a traditional resume style, which uses text, an infographic resume uses graphic design elements.

Sections to write an Infographic Resume structure

The following are the main sections of an Infographic resume: Include All the Relevant Sections.

  • Decide How You’ll Organize Information.
  • Choose Infographic Elements Wisely.
  • Use Hierarchy.
  • Start With a Great Template.

Targeted Resume: A targeted resume is a type of resume tailored to a specific job opening. A targeted resume is a standard resume with skills and work experience customized to fit a particular position. A targeted cover letter should go with each resume for maximum effect.

Sections to write a Targeted Resume structure

The following are the main sections of a Targeted resume:

  • Mentioning the company’s name.
  • Use the same job title as the job description.
  • Include 1–3 skills they want.
  • Add your most significant 2–3 accomplishments that prove you own those skills.
  • If they mention required years of experience, show you have them.

While all of these are suitable resume formats, the best one for a college student’s resume, as mentioned earlier, is the following;

Combination Resume Format: The combination resume format is the Combination of dress, preferably called a hybrid resume, combining two traditional resume formats. It is a mix of the reverse-chronological outline and the functional resume format. As in, it places equal emphasis both on your skills and work experience.

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Sections to write a Combination Resume structure

The following are the main sections of a Combination resume:

  • List your contact information. Include the information at the top of the resume.
  • Add a resume summary.
  • Group your skills by category.
  • Detail your professional experience. This can be your achievement in your high school or rign college, and it can be internships to volunteering jobs/ experiences you’ve had (with bullet points).
  • Note your education history.

Or better still, you can use the structure below:

General Format

-Contact information

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

-Overview or objective statement
-General experience (volunteering/school-related tasks)
-Job-related skills

You notice how this format does not include a section for work experience. As mentioned previously, creating a complete resume without job experience is possible.

Tips For Building a Good Resume As a College Student Without Experience

Include a complete summary statement: This is commonly referred to as the “Overview” or “the objective statement.” And it plays a critical role in defining the rest of the resume. This statprovidesrovide insight into what you are aiming for as a budding professional, your skill set, and what you are bringing to the position you are applying for; please chooseChooscorrect the proper resume format: As a college student, when you are making a resume, you want to format it in a way that showcases you as a job candidate the best. And in this case, you have a lot of options, which include;

(1)the hybrid/combination resume format

(2) Chronological resume format 

(3) and the Functional resume format

But out of this three, the best for a college student is the “hybrid resume format.”

Focus on grammar punctuation: Most emp will note being forgiving when you have grammar or punctuation mistakes. 

List Relevant achievements and activities: Although you might not have work experience, that doesn’t mean you have nothing valuable to add to the workforce. You can have a few achievements that would be relevant to the job(s) you are applying for; then, you can add the achievements. 

Highlight your academic history: Another advantage is to state your academic history; this will also help you. If your GPA is a high one, you can add it, but if it isn’t, i wouldn’t advise you to add it.

Internships: If you were opportune to have had an internship in the past, be sure to add it to your resume.

Highlight your volunteer work: Volunteer experiences can be a great way to make your resume stand out, but again, this experience must be relevant to the job you are applying for.

College Student Resume Without Experience(Template)

Below is an example of how to write a resume without experience:

A.OlarQuwain Quwain

Marketing Consultant

+234-794-629-51 \

[email protected]


A diligent, motivated, and personable student pursuing a BA in Statistics at the University of California Berkeley (GPA 3.89). Theoretical solid background in consumer behavior, skilled at organizing events and copywriting. Eager to join XYZ Inc. as Marketing Consultant to help establish quick and long-lasting relationships with customers and assist in developing and implementing marketing materials.

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  • University of California Berkeley
  • Statistics
  • GPA: 3.89

Relevant coursework:

  • Calculus
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Science, Narrative, Image
  • Virtual Communities/Social Media

Extracurricular activities and achievements:

  • Dean’s List all semesters


  • Mic-royal High School, Los Angeles, CA
  • High School Diploma
  • GPA 3.90
  • Combined SAT score: 1450 (Math: 650, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 800)


  • Member of Basketball Team, Grade 10-12



— Freelancing & Volunteering Los Angeles, CA

  • Helped local community develop marketing materials to promote a series of garage sales events by designing posters and setting up a Facebook group.
  • Wrote promotional texts and 20+ professional product reviews for a local technology website.
  • He turned a friend into an Apple customer by effectively communicating the advantages of iOS over Android for his purposes.
  • Created a fan site for a musical band and built and managed a team of two regular news and content contributors. The website was mentioned in a
  • Loudwire article.
  • Organized and led games and activities for groups of 10+ school chilI completedpleted a training course on the principles of effective marking on Udemy.


  • Analytical skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Oral and written communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Presentation skills


  • English (Advanced)
  • Yoruba (Conversational)


  • Marketing 101—Udemy Certification

Hobbies and Interests

  • Coffee culture (Certified Barista)
  • Basketball


To learn more, click on the video to watch a more comprehensive explanation of how to build a college student resume with no work experience.    

Resume Template/ Sample

How To Build A Resume With No Experience As A College Student – College  Girl Smarts


Conclusion on Resume With No Work Experience College Students

In conclusion, with the update above on Resume With No Work Experience College Students, one is now aware of the types of Resumes and how to build a college student resume from scratch as a beginner/without knowledge.

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