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Are you seeking a Restaurant job in Warsaw Poland? Then you are in luck, as this post has been specifically compiled to bring you the latest Restaurant jobs you can apply for in Warsaw Poland.

This post will showcase the available compilation of Restaurant Jobs In Warsaw Poland with their application website for citizens and foreigners to start applying now to be employed.

Restaurant jobs can be both challenging and rewarding and it’s for everyone, and deciding to enter the industry is a decision you must make carefully.

A Restaurant job gives you the flexibility to work both full and part-time and you can work full-time if you choose to pursue a Restaurant career, or part-time if working in a Restaurant is a short-term job.

Restaurant jobs can provide an atmosphere for coming together, sharing experiences, bonding, and advancing in your career and a way to make extra cash.

There are various and numerous Restaurants jobs opportunities that you can ever expect and even explore in Poland; hence read further!

Job Description

This article will showcase some manual details for you interested in working in a Restaurant; I will discuss some crucial information concerning the following procedures for getting a Restaurant Jobs In Poland.

In Poland, one of the following guidelines to take as a worker is your reliable intention to portray your quality ethics to the specific company.

Some restaurant positions span different types of food service establishments, but there are also some very specific and specialized restaurant jobs.

It is compulsory to follow every one of the following requirements instructions and procedures as a restaurant attendant or worker in Warsaw, Poland.

Restaurant Job Offers in Warsaw Poland

I would be grateful if you went through this post enthusiastically and encouraged more individuals to partake in the Job when you are interested in Restaurant jobs.

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Restaurant jobs are very lucrative and less tiresome for individuals, and it creates time for those who intend to do other things rather than the present one.

Find your preference of choice in the Restaurant jobs section and start your application immediately to get your favourite positions in Warsaw, Poland.

Restaurant Associate-Poland

They deal in preparing restaurant tables with special attention to sanitation and order, attending to customers upon entrance to the restaurant.

Restaurant associates present menus, serve and help customers select food/beverages and place orders with kitchen staff.

A good Restaurant Server remains calm and efficient during busy shifts and works well in a team and collaborates with other restaurant servers and kitchen/bar staff.

To be successful as a restaurant server you must have patience with difficult customers and ensure that patrons have an enjoyable experience.

Salary: the average Restaurant Associate’s gross salary in Warsaw, Poland is 43 442 PLN or an equivalent hourly rate of 21 PLN.


  1. Successfully upkeeping merchant needs, venue tasks and partner relationships with the Wolt platform and ensuring an optimal process at all times
  2. Making sure all merchant requests are processed promptly
  3. Memorizing the menu and recommending appetizers, meals and drinks from restaurant wine stock
  4. Delivering a memorable dining experience by resolving all customer issues promptly
  5. pleasant
  6. Setting tables and rearranging the dining area to accommodate larger groups and preparing the restaurant for special events
  7. Building relationships with our restaurant partners by training them on using our systems and keeping them up to speed on any updates
  8. Ensuring our portfolio of restaurants reaches the highest Wolt service standards by conducting frequent quality and satisfaction checks
  9. Developing our restaurant partners and their business by using our collected user data
  10. Helping our restaurant team in any other urgent cases and sharing best practices amongst our restaurant team.
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  1. Excellent interpersonal skills – you will be working with a lot of different people
  2. Experience in customer support, administration
  3. Structured, detailed and service-oriented
  4. Background check on the candidate.
  5. Having the ability to multitask in high-volume situations
  6. Being able to prioritize accordingly and meet targets
  7. Self-starter and a passion for food
  8. Fluent in Polish and English.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

As an Assistant restaurant manager by appointing, inducted, and mentored new staff members, and scheduling shifts and assigned tables to waitstaff.

They also deal in resolving customers’ questions and grievances professionally, conducting payroll activities in an accurate, timely manner.

Resturant associate also ensures that the restaurant adheres to pertinent health and safety regulations, purchasing new ingredients, kitchen utensils, and equipment as stock is damaged or depleted.

Salary: the estimated total pay for a Restaurant Manager is PLN 30,628 per year in the Warsaw, Poland Area area, with an average salary of PLN 13,556 per year.


  1. Calculate future needs in kitchenware and equipment and place orders, as needed
  2. Manage and store vendors’ contracts and invoices and prepare shift schedules
  3. Coordinate communication between front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff
  4. Supervise kitchen and wait staff and assist, as needed
  5. Keep detailed records of daily, weekly and monthly costs and revenues
  6. Arrange for new employees’ proper onboarding (scheduling training and ordering uniforms)
  7. Monitor compliance with safety and hygiene regulations
  8. Gather guests’ feedback and recommend improvements to our menus

Requirement and skills

  1. High school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  2. Previous supervisory experience, preferably within a restaurant.
  3. Prior experience using payroll software.
  4. Intermediate accounting and arithmetic skills.
  5. Strong leadership skills with an affinity for capacity development.
  6. Excellent conflict resolution abilities.
  7. Innovative, trustworthy, and impartial.
  8. Ability to work evenings, weekends, and holidays.


These are:

What companies are hiring for Restaurant jobs in Poland?

The top companies hiring now for Restaurant jobs are KFC, Radisson Collection Hotel – Warsaw – Human Resources, Mercer, and Coloplast.

Other includes Finelf, Bolt Technology, Volkswagen Group Polska, Marsh, Louis Vuitton Malletier, and Marriott International, Inc.

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Does Poland have good job opportunities?

The job market in Poland is fantastic and there are so many opportunities for work and life here; the Polish economy is booming and there are plenty of jobs to be had.

How much does a waitress make in Warsaw, Poland?

The average pay for a Waiter/Waitress Dining is PLN 41,491 a year and PLN 20 an hour in Poland.

Salary For Restaurant Jobs in Warsaw Poland

The average pay for a Restaurant employee or worker is PLN 172,805 a year and PLN 83 an hour in Warsaw, Poland.

Conclusion Details On Restaurant Jobs in Warsaw Poland

The application website gives crucial information or details about Restaurant Jobs in Warsaw Poland for interested candidates or applicants.

Before deciding on a speciality, you need to carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is sufficiently paid.

After analyzing the statistics, you can easily decide on the choice of the speciality and achieve heights in the chosen profession in the future.

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