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The PTCB Practice Exam is a very vital and helpful guide for interested and aspiring pharmacy technicians who wish to undergo the Certification examination, as explained earlier in the previous posts.

The PTCB exam tests your knowledge and skills related to typical pharm tech job duties and functions.


The PTCB practice Exam will be given in this article to help and guide you through your preparation, and it is advisable to use your program lessons.

The PTCB practice test and exam provided in this article are past questions that have been given, they are quite challenging, and it is expected that you try them out to help you for your real exam.

About The PTCB Practice Exam

Each practice exam form has 90 questions, which mimics the number of questions on the PTCE. A count of how many items were answered correctly and incorrectly will be provided.

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The practice exam is not scored the same way as the PTCE; therefore, your result on the practice exam will not be interpretable against an official score report on the PTCE.


Your performance on the Official PTCB Practice Exam guarantees your performance on the PTCE. After you purchase your practice exam, you must complete it within 90 days.

If you do not complete the exam within the 90-day window, it will expire, and you will not be refunded the practice exam cost.

Details On The PTCB Exam

During the exam, you are given two hours to answer each of the 90 questions (ten of which are unscored). Ten minutes are allotted for both a PTCE practice exam tutorial and a post-exam survey.

Most of the time, one hour and 50 minutes are given to respond to the pharmacy tech exam questions. The PTCB certification exam is a computer-based examination administered nationwide.

When you register for the PTCB exam, you will be asked to select a convenient location from a list of available Pearson VUE test centers.

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That is why taking pharmacy technician practice tests is recommended to familiarize yourself with this format before the testing day.

How To Practice For The PTCB Practice Exam

Adhere to the following instruction regarding how to practice for the PTCB exam, which includes;

  • The maximum time to complete the practice exam is 110 minutes, which mimics the maximum amount of time allotted to complete the PTCE.
  • After you purchase your practice exam, you must start it within 90 calendar days and complete it within 110 minutes.
  • After completing the exam, you will be allowed to review and change your answers until the 110 minutes expire.


Conclusion On The PTCB Practice Exam 2023/2024

In order to become a licensed pharmacy tech, you will need to pass the Pharmacy Technician Board answers PTCE. Since the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board administers the answers, it is usually referred to as the PTCB answers.

The PTCB Practice Exam is only available and should be taken by a candidate, and make use of all the tips and free questions to successfully practice and pass your PTCB Practice Exam this 2023/2024 session.

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The PTCB Practice Exam application link procedures will put you through to be fully aware of all the requirements and fees before registering for it; however, make use of the link and apply.

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