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Part-time jobs are known for having a lot of flexibility, such as the option to work during the weekday, weekend, or night shifts.

This is why many students and parents choose to work part-time jobs to focus on other things like their studies or families.

It is advisable to read along diligently to get the application process and the latest available Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai that welcome different vibrant individuals.

Part-Time Waitress Jobs are competent and profitable in Dubai, especially if the work begins with an accessible platform and concrete processing.

I will provide interested workers with factual information about Dubai and the element concerning the following procedures for getting a Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai.

Getting the latest information regarding Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai on this post benefits you as it entails critical information.

As I said, read through this post, find suitable Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai for candidates like you, and don’t hesitate to send your application and see the different positions in the part-time job sector.

Job Description

Determining whether a part-time job depends on the company’s policy and practice of defining employees and the hours required to be considered full-time.

Part-time jobs typically require no more than 35 (thirty-five) hours per week and may be as few as 5-10 hours or more in the city.


Unlike full-time employees, part-time employees are not guaranteed the same number of hours or shifts each week and enjoy enormous benefits.

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Below is the following requirement and apply link for the available part-time jobs for candidates or applicants for better understanding.

Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai

I will make part-time waitress jobs available in Dubai on this page for you to explore and ensure you meet all the requirements before applying for the advertised position.


While working as a part-timer who is waitress employee will have to give you a unique chance to profit from some work experience, transition into adulthood, and earn extra money simultaneously.

That’s why this article; all the available and ongoing Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai for vibrant, interested, eligible candidates to understand better.


Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai can sometimes work their way into full-time work, depending on the structure of the restaurant, hotel, or resort.

Their duties include greeting diners, taking orders, communicating with kitchen members about charges, and carrying meals or beverages to the correct tables.

As a Part-Time Waitress, you are expected to finish your task or duties before the due dates and the specific period in the hotel.

All the available Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai duties, skills, and requirements will be portrayed here in this post, so make sure to find a suitable one that suits your interest and be quick to apply.

Salary: The average salary for a Part-Time Waitress is AED 1,700 monthly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


  1. Greeting customers and distributing menus
  2. Delivering food from the kitchen to the guests
  3. Ensuring the food order is made correctly by kitchen staff and looks presentable for guests.
  4. Following health code standards with regard to the handling of food
  5. Performing shift duties like delivering racks of cups to the service station, rolling silverware, pre-bussing tables, wiping tables and removing debris, and more
  6. Taking orders from customers to relay to the kitchen staff
  7. Making recommendations by being familiar with the menu and the specials
  8. Delivering meals and drinks as they’re prepared
  9. Checking back on customer satisfaction
  10. Keeping tables cleaned for the next guests.
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  1. Proven work experience as a Waiter or Waitress.
  2. Hands-on experience with cash register and ordering information systems (e.g., Revel POS or Toast POS).
  3. Be mentally and physically required.
  4. Attentiveness and patience for customers.
  5. Excellent presentation skills (required).


  1. Conflict Resolution Skills
  2. Multi-Tasking in a Fast-Paced Environment
  3. Teamwork Skills
  4. Verbal Communication skills
  5. Excellent Customer Service skills
  6. Resolve Conflict skills
  7. Good Memory skills
  8. High-Energy skills
  9. Quick Decision-Making skills.


  1. Health insurance.
  2. Waiters can work with people.
  3. You can earn decent tips.
  4. Good option as a second job.
  5. Waiters are usually fit.
  6. Incredibly profitable on holidays.

Procedures To Apply For Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai

These are the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Apply Now ‘ button below
  2. You will get to see variously available waitress jobs
  3. Fill in the crucial details while registering, e.g., names, e.t.c.
  4. Then click to submit
  5. No false information on the website.

Apply Now

Available Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai

These Are The Following Available Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai Below:

  1. Part-time waiter
  2. Female Waitresses ( Part-Time )
  3. VIP Waiter/Waitress
  4. Restaurant Waitress Jobs
  5. Weekend Part-time waitress

Average Salary Of Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai

In Dubai, the minimum average wage is currently AED 37.03 per hour for individuals wishing to work part-time in Dubai or AED 76,342 a year.

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A person working as a Waiter / Waitress in the United Arab Emirates typically earns around 5,770 AED per month. Salaries range from 2,830 AED (lowest) to 9,000 AED.

Conclusion On Detail Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai

You can see the above available Part-Time Waitress Jobs In Dubai post, with the additional benefits or experience of your skill acquisition.

Part-time jobs help businesses save costs, increase flexibility, and employ more talent; due to its residents, part-time jobs can earn money in Dubai.

While deciding on your job, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is profitable.

After your search, application, and getting recruited, you will enjoy a rich and exclusive extra dimension to your work life and gain a beautiful experience.

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