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The New Zealand (NZ) Army is looking for vast person(s) who are committed, loyal and passionate in order to work with a team together to protect the country, safeguard the interests of New Zealand.

Therefore if you are interested in working in this agile and highly adaptive combat force and challenging environment i admonish you to go through this article and get updated with the latest recruitment going on currently.


Read the full detailed information about the application processes in the recruitment of the New Zealand Army and get guidelines on how to proceed with your application and so much more.

New Zealand (NZ) Army Details

The New Zealand Army is the land component of the New Zealand Defence Force which are solely responsible for the security of New Zealand


Their core task is to protect the sovereign territory of New Zealand including our Exclusive Economic Zone.

They advance the  nation’s interests through military operations at sea, on land and in the air.


Army officers train army soldiers, manage field exercises and lead soldiers in combat, peacekeeping missions and disaster relief.

Latest Available NZ Recruitment

Below are the roles that the New Zealand Army are currently recruiting for so make sure to apply early;


Recruit Territorial All Corps Basic Training 

  • -Reserve Armoured
  • -Reserve Combat Driver
  • -Reserve Combat Engineer
  • -Reserve Combat Medical Technician
  • -Reserve Artillery (Gunner)
  • -Reserve Infantry
  • -Reserve Supply Technician
22 Jul 2023 for all     12 Nov 2023 for all   21 Dec 2023 for all

Recruit Regular Force 405

  • -Ammunition Technician
  • -Armourer
  • -Automotive Technician
  • -Combat Driver
  • -Dental Assistant
  • -Electrical Fitter
  • -Electronics Technician
  • -Infantry (Combat Specialist)
  • -Maintenance Fitter
  • -Medic
  • -Movement Operator
  • -Supply Technician
04 Oct 2021 for all   06 Dec 2021 for all   08 Feb 2023 for all   20 May 2023 for all  

Recruit Regular Force 406

  • -Armoured (Combat Specialist)
  • -Communication Systems Operator
  • -Electronic Warfare Operator
  • -Gunner (Combat Specialist)
  • -Infantry (Combat Specialist)
  • -Information Systems Operator
  • -Intelligence Operator
  • -Operational Support & Information Specialist
  • -Systems Engineer
18 Oct 2021 for all   17 Jan 2023 for all   21 Feb 2023 for all   03 Jun 2023 for all  

Recruit Regular Force 406

  • -Armoured (Combat Specialist)
  • -Gunner (Combat Specialist)
  • -Infantry (Combat Specialist)
31 Jan 2023 for all   09 May 2023 for all   27 Jun 2023 for all   06 Oct 2023 for all

Recruit Regular Fore 407

  • -Ammunition Technician
  • -Carpenter
  • -Caterer
  • -Combat Driver
  • -Combat Engineer
  • -Communication Systems
  • -Operator
  • -Electrician
  • -Electronic Warfare Operator
  • -Emergency Responder
  • -Information Systems Operator
  • -Intelligence Operator
  • -Medic
  • -Military Police
  • -Movement Operator
  • -Operational Support & Information Specialist
  • -Plant Operator (Heavy Machinery Operator)
  • -Plumber
  • -Supply Technician
  • -Systems Engineer
14 Feb 2023 for all   23 May 2023 for all   11 Jul 2023 for all   20 Oct 2023 for all  
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Documents / Requirement Needed For The Application Process For The NZ Recruitment

  • Birth certificate consisting of your name, date & place of birth, address and contact details (including your next of kin)
  • You must be a New Zealand citizen, or a New Zealand residence class visa holder.
  • Completed CV with previous employment details including dates, employer, locations and duties
  • Record of learning showing school qualifications, including subjects, grades gained and year obtained, and NZQA number if you have one
  • Any tertiary or trade qualifications you have achieved with grades gained and year obtained
  • Your driver licence details (number, classes and any endorsements)
  • Dates and outcomes of any criminal convictions
  • Your current accurate height and weight
  • Your Doctor’s name and contact details i.e. telephone and address
  • Dates, details and outcomes of any past or current medical conditions, (eg operations, broken bones, asthma history, any medications)
  • Your vaccination/immunisation history (this can be obtained from your Doctor)
  • A list of your preferred trades and service(s)
  • If you have served previously, you will need to supply some previous service details e.g. your service number.
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Recruitment Process For The New Zealand Army Application

  1. After you have fully met the criteria you can go ahead and apply for the desired position by using this link –
  2. Once you’ve completed and submitted this form – congratulations – you’ve now formally applied! Your application will now be reviewed by a Candidate Engagement Facilitator.
  3. After this, you are required to sit online Defence Aptitude Tests and conduct fitness testing.
  4. Then you have to attend an interview
  5. If you are successful at the interview you will be placed on the pool selection of candidates
  6. Upon successful selection from the candidate pool, we will make you a formal job offer called an ‘Offer of Service’
  7. You have to go for medical testing and security clearance
  8. Attend an induction day for your fitness testing
  9. After all these successful processes you can join the intake now at Waiouru Military Training Area.
  10. Read more details on –
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NZ Army Training

New Army recruits do 16 weeks basic training at Waiouru Army Camp. After basic training, recruits do corps training to learn the basics of a specific army trade.

Summary On New Zealand (NZ) Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form

The portal of the New Zealand (NZ) Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form is simply for the enlightenment of the applicants relating to Recruitment 2023/2024.

The application website gives crucial information related to the New Zealand (NZ) Army Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form for candidates to start applying now.

After applying and you finally get recruited, you can henceforth become a Army officer or sailor in the New Zealand Army, making sure that your core task will be to outsmart crime through intelligent action.

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