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Nanny or childcare provider Jobs in the UK 2023/2024 will be addressed here in this article with all the latest jobs for interested candidates.

Being a nanny is one of the loveliest jobs in the world if you like children but applying for a professional nanny position in the UK is itself a demanding job.


Hence read through this article to get all the information relating to the different aspects of nanny jobs and all the latest jobs.

Details On Nanny Jobs In the UK

Nannies have been revealed as the childcare provider most in-demand in the UK; hence you are fully open to wide opportunities.


Before registering for a nanny position, first think about how many hours you would like to work during the week.

These positions are applicable to nannies both in the UK and internationally. Depending on the hours you prefer, you can be:

  • A live-in nanny – is responsible for the complete care of a family’s children, for example, getting the children up, keeping them amused and active, and taking them to various places.
  • A live-out nanny – who provides childcare in a private home but, in this case, for set hours of the day.
  • A night nanny – is there to help parents out with their newborn baby. This nanny is usually required to work during the night and help establish good sleeping patterns both for the child and the new parents.
  • A temporary nanny – will assist a family for a few days, weeks, or months. Suppose parents need to attend an important event, or their permanent nanny is taking a vacation, whatever the reason be. In that case, temporary nannies will be there to provide the best childcare for the time required.
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Requirements To Be A Nanny In The UK

In the UK, there’s no legal requirement to have qualifications to become a nanny.

However, many families will be looking to hire nannies who do hold some qualifications to gain peace of mind that their children will be well taken care of.

some include;

  • A clean criminal record check (DBS)
  • To be Ofsted registered (preferably)
  • Childcare experience
  • Education – many parents want their nanny to be educated, with language teaching skills, IT literate, and have a lot of hobbies and interests.
  • To be kind, friendly, and patient.
  • To be professional and committed

Uk Regions Top Demanded Nanny Jobs

The ten regions in the UK which have the biggest surge in demand for nannies are as follows:

  • Edinburgh – 106%
  • Glasgow – 105%
  • Leeds – 101%
  • Bradford – 98%
  • Bristol – 89%
  • London – 88%
  • Manchester – 72%
  • Birmingham – 70%
  • Sheffield – 45%
  • Liverpool – 44%

Available Nanny Jobs In The UK

Check out all the available nanny jobs in the UK as families and recruiting agencies are surging.

They include;

1. Leaman Consulting – Nanny Jobs

Leaman Consulting was formed to offer a unique and confidential recruitment service to clients and candidates who prefer to work with an independent and highly experienced consultancy.

Leaman Consulting serves as a recruitment agency to connect families needing a nanny with candidates for the nanny roles.

They seek the following positions

  • Travelling maternity nanny From $65K GPA (International)
  • Part-time nanny/housekeeper £15-20 gross per hour (London)
  • Part-time nanny at Loughton From £30K per annum, DOE London, UK (Non-London)
  • Rota nanny in Gloucestershire From £55k GPA UK (Non-London)
  • Nanny/PA From £40k GPA London
  • Live-out nanny in Hertfordshire
  • Full-time nanny
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Apply Now

2. Nanny Job

The family of  Danielle is a family of 4 in Bexley Village; their two daughters are 4 & 6 of age and in a full-time school setting in Sidcup.

The family is looking for someone to help them three days a week. Mondays (Just household help), Wednesdays & Thursdays (Household, School Pick up & taking to their respective clubs).

Household help includes; cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, tidying, and sorting. Flexible on morning start time. Wednesday finish would be 4.30 pm, Thursdays 6 pm.


  • Will provide the services of a housekeeper
  • Will be available after school
  • Will do household duties
  • Clean the house

To apply, create an account through the link, after which you can directly send a message to them stating how to fit you are for the position.

Apply Now

3. Au Pair Nanny Jobs

Au pair is a recruitment agency, and I can assure you that this is one of the best sites to help nanny job seekers with different British families in the UK.

Different families seek nannies, and they are all advertised on the recruitment platform for interested candidates to apply.

All you have to do is to create an account on Au Pair if you do not have one, and then you get to directly send a message to the hiring family in need of a nanny.

Refer to the link below to apply and see all families in need of nannies.

Apply Now

4. Tinies Childcare

Tinies Childcare has the largest selection of nanny jobs in the UK as they offer a wide range of permanent and temporary positions from nannies to mothers’ help or housekeepers.

Whatever way you wish to manage your time: if you wish to work full-time or part-time or take care of children after school, apply now!

Refer to the link below and click on the nanny jobs that you’re interested in to view more details, and apply for different nanny positions, now make use of Tinies to help you find a nanny job

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Apply Now

5. Little Ones UK Ltd

As London’s number one nanny agency, they pride themselves on a deep understanding of integrating a nanny into a home.

Little Ones source a wide range of only the most professional, experienced, and reliable domestic staff.

They specialize in only After-school nannies who will be energetic, positive, and able to assist with a wide range of activities with children.

Hence if you require to work as a nanny but only after school, then you should apply with the little ones ltd to be connected with families.

Apply Now

Salary Of Nannies In the UK

The average salary for nannies in the UK is £33,784

Conclusion On Nanny Jobs In UK 2023/2024

The application website gives crucial information related to the Nanny Jobs In UK 2023/2024 for candidates to start applying now.

This post has been critically compiled to bring all the authentic and ongoing positions with all the available Nanny Jobs In the UK to keep you on the right track.

After applying and finally getting a Nanny Jobs In the UK, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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