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Japan is an Asian country based in the eastern part of the Asian continent, with its capital in Tokoyo.

Japan is an exporting country and is known basically for tea production, flower arrangement, arts, and design and is currently one of the tops producing electronic producing countries. Their currency is the Yen.

Japan has a vast of its population of business owners and multinational electronic producing companies, so basically would be needing the help of a nanny to assist with their tight busy schedules. Nanny jobs in Japan is a very lucrative jobs and are in high demand.

Job Description

Just as the name signifies, a nanny is someone who is charged with the responsibility of taking care of children or elderly persons.

The daily routine of a nanny includes but is not limited to

  1. caregiving which entails bathing, feeding, and the welfare of the person they are responsible for.
  2. Drug administration to the said person they are in charge of when needed.
  3. clothing and maintenance of their appearance to ensure that they are always properly dressed for the occasion or time being.
  4. Keeping them company.
  5. Time management for the said person, they become the timekeeper for the person they are responsible for.
  6. Hygiene and safety precautions for the person they are in charge of.

Skill Set Required

I would like to mention a few skill sets that can enable you to get hired easily as a nanny,

  1. Effective communication skill: As a nanny, the ability to communicate effectively is very important.
  2. Great interpersonal skills: For a nanny, you need to have great interpersonal skills in relating to different people.
  3. Accurate time management skill: As a nanny, you need to be able to manage other people’s time, and be time conscious as most parts of the job are time-based.
  4. Tolerance: To succeed as a nanny you need a great deal of patience and tolerance to handle other people’s needs effectively.
  5. Calm disposition: You need to be calm and approachable to achieve a great part of the job
  6. Highly organized: you need a high level of composure and organization to excel in the job as a nanny.
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There are basic requirements for getting hired as a nanny in Japan, these includes,

  1. Passport papers: this is a basic requirement for any foreigner planning to land a job as a nanny in Japan. If you are yet to get your passport as a foreigner you have to get that sorted out as fast as possible before proceeding to the next stage.
  2. Visa Application: To enable you to get your desired nanny job in Japan, you will have to apply for your visa to enable the agency and appropriate authorities to sign your document and grant you your visa.
  3. Birth certificate: You need your original birth certificate before applying for the nanny job. But in any case, where you have misplaced your original copy of your birth certificate, you will need an affidavit from a registered legal institution declaring your real age and stating the occasion which led to the misplacement of your birth certificate.
  4. Educational qualification papers: You need your highest level of an education certificate to enable you to apply for the nanny job, the good news is that for the nanny job, you do not need higher education qualifications with your first school leaving certificate you can apply for the nanny job and most likely will be considered for the employment offer.
    This statement does not insinuate that the nanny job is basically meant for the unskilled or uneducated surprisingly in Japan it is totally different as there is high demand for highly educated nannies and is paid on their level of qualification and experience.
  5. Bank statement: As a foreigner, you do need not much amount of money in your account to enable you to land a job as a nanny in Japan.
  6. Age limit: The accepted age bracket falls within 18-65 years depending on the individual
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Disqualifiers For Getting Hired

  1. FELONY: If you have committed any felony or with a track record of felony you are most likely to be rejected as no one wants to employ someone that has such a record.
  2. EX Convict: If you have been jailed for any criminal or life-threatening or whatever case it might be, your chances of getting the job become almost impossible or very slim as the employers would like to hire someone they can easily trust their children with.

Salary of a Nanny in Japan

The salary expectation for a nanny in Japan is 224,000 JPY per month. Salaries range from 116,000 JPY (lowest) to 343,000 JPY (highest)., which also includes other benefits like housing allowance, feeding allowance, and health benefits.

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Summary Of Nanny Jobs In Japan

Getting a nanny job in a big city like Japan is a very lucrative job and is in high demand. The wider population of the Japanese are very busy business owners that will need assistance at different phases of their lives to help them in achieving their dreams.

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The good thing is that the requirements for being hired are not so strenuous and with the lowest level of formal education one can easily get hired. The skill set is also easily acquired and does not necessarily need any formal training to acquire them.

What are you waiting for or stopping you from applying today for the nanny job? Wondering where you can apply, kindly click on the link provided below wishing you the best with your application.

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