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In this article, McGill University scholarship has undergraduate scholarships for international that embodies both the criteria, benefits and other updates.

Many scholarships are available for international undergraduate students at McGill University; suppose you are interested in securing scholarships.


Indeed, McGill university scholarships are significant to international students because they allow students to help with their educational expenses.

Interested candidates applying for the University of McGill scholarships are advised to ensure they meet all the requirements stated by the scholarship to be considered eligible for undergraduate students.

The University of McGill, often leading the way with new ideas and discoveries, is one of the world’s top universities with the best scholarship for international undergraduate students; hence read along!


University of McGill

This university reflects McGill University’s status platform as Canada’s Harvard and Toronto University’s as the country’s Oxford.


McGill University, based in Montreal, McGill University ranks among Canada’s most prestigious universities, attracting thousands of international students from over 150 countries every.

The applications are open to apply for the McGill University Scholarships in Canada for the academic term Fall 2023, Winter 2023 and Summer 2023.

The Scholarships at McGill University are open to Canadians, the U.S., and all other international students and offer Fully Funded Scholarships in 2023-23.

Application Fee at McGill University

The application fee varies according to the program; the undergraduate application fee costs $117 for all programs except Medicine and Dentistry, which costs $165.

For graduate-McGill university studies, the application fee costs $120. Once payment has been made, it cannot be refunded.

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Benefits of Scholarship

Scholarships provide financial support for students to help pay for a college degree; these funds enable students to obtain the education they may not have access to otherwise.

There are two types of centrally-administered entrance scholarships: One-year Scholarships valued at $3,000 (non-renewable).

Major Scholarships, valued between $3,000 and $12,000 (renewable annually up to 3 or 4 years provided criteria for renewal are met).

Financial Benefits-McGill Scholarship

McGill Scholarships go beyond financial aid for many students; they reward deserving students with the ability to afford higher education.

McGill University Scholarships 2023 in Canada is a Full Free Scholarship for National and International Students (undergraduate).

McGill University offers a unique scholarship program called the McCall MacBain Scholar; this is an internationally funded scholarship in Canada for citizens of the United States and Canada.

  • Tuition and fees for the entire average period.
  • CAD 2,000 / Month stipend will be provided.
  • And relocation grants for relocation to Montreal.

It helps empower your academic and career goals by removing the financial barrier. Getting a scholarship takes away all your financial concerns.

Thus, McGill university undergraduate scholarships give you more time to study, gain knowledge and secure better grades as an undergraduate international student.

McGill University Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

Below are the following scholarships McGill University Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students:

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Centrally-administered Entrance Scholarships

This McGill University scholarship for international students is a merit-based entrance scholarship for future full-time undergraduates.

There are two types: A one-year scholarship and a Major scholarship; the One-year Entrance Scholarship is granted based on academic qualifications and is valued at $3,000.

The Major Entrance Scholarship is based on academic qualifications and leadership skills; the value varies from $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $12,000.

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The $12,000 value is only for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

2. McGill Financial Aid

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: entrance bursaries vary in value depending on the level of need, program and residency.

The exact amount is not stated as it depends on the applicant’s level of need, the course program and nationality.

Eligible applicants should be in a full-time undergraduate degree and show financial need; the scholarship can be renewed until the applicant finishes the degree.

You can visit the Scholarships and Student Aid website to learn more about McGill University scholarships for undergraduate international students.

Eligibility Criteria for McGill University Scholarships in Canada

These are the following eligibilities criteria for McGill university scholarships in Canada:

  • Students from all over the world can apply for the scholarship
  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent recognized by McGill University) in a subject closely related to the topic selected for graduate work.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the Master’s program at McGill requires completing a four-year degree in the relevant field at a recognized institution.
  • Completing a master’s degree in a relevant field at a recognized institution is required for admission to a doctorate.
  • The minimum overall grade point average (CGPA) in the last two years of full-time study is 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 or 3.2 out of a 4.0-grade point average (GPA).
  • However, some areas require a higher CGPA for admission. Consult your program requirements for details.
  • Your credentials will be equivalent to a McGill University degree. Please see the Degree Equality page for more information.
  • Proficiency in English: The primary language of instruction at McGill is English.
  • You can arrange to write dissertations, exams or essays in French, except in cases where English language knowledge is one of the course’s objectives.
  • Before enrolling, you may need to demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency in English. For more information, see the English language proficiency page.
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How To Apply

Please follow the following instructions to apply for McGill University Scholarships:

  • To apply for the award, aspirants must register in an undergraduate/Masters’s degree program at the university.
  • Students may apply for In-course Financial Aid anytime during the academic year as the need arises.
  • Fill in the necessary details that concern the McGill university scholarship application.
  • No false information on the website.

To learn more about McGill University Scholarships, please visit the official website below:

Official Website

Conclusion Details

Now’s your chance with this selection of McGill University Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students; you, therefore, have no limitation from applying for the scholarship.

The application website gives crucial information and updates about the McGill University Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students to start registration before the due date.

Therefore, if you want to study at McGill University as a student through the above scholarships, go for it and start preparing for this post to deliver essential details.

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