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McGill recognizes the challenges International students can face when studying away from home. The Scholarships and Student Aid Office is committed to ensuring that qualified students from any geographic region are financially supported in their goals to enter and complete academic programs at the University.

This post points to the various funding opportunities that will help support these goals. Many organizations and Institutions are very well known for awarding Scholarships to students, and those scholarships are usually based on criteria such as academic performance, athletic performance, etc.

In this post, i will address the critical aspects of the McGill University Scholarships by detailing the necessary information. I

t is always advised that interested candidates ensure they meet the necessary qualifications/requirements to avoid any form of disqualifications or disappointment.

For more information, proceed to the article to get acquainted.

About The McGill University

McGill University is the world’s top research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is considered as one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

McGill University is a public English-language university in Montreal that is internationally known for its work in chemistry, medicine, and biology.

McGill offers degrees and diplomas in over 300 fields of study, with the highest average entering grades of any Canadian university.

Most students are enrolled in the six largest faculties: Arts, Science, Medicine, Education, Engineering, and Management.

McGill is the most internationally diverse of any medical-doctoral research university in Canada, with international students comprising over 30% of its student population and hailing from more than 150 countries.

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Additionally, over 41% of students are born outside of Canada. McGill is ranked among the world’s top universities by major educational publications and has held the top position in the country for the past 17 years in the annual Maclean’s Canadian university rankings.

Details On McGill University Scholarship

The Scholarships and Student Aid Office administers need-based Financial Aid Programs for future and current undergraduates from Canada, the US, and abroad.

McGill University Scholarships 2022-2023 are fully funded scholarships for international students. This scholarship is offered to undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. studies.

This scholarship provides up to $8,500 for undergraduates and a modest amount of bursaries to masters and Ph.D. students.

Their programs offer loans and bursaries to students in need of supplemental financial assistance and to those who are experiencing financial hardship.

International students who would like to plan for their costs of attendance financially are encouraged to submit an updated in-course financial aid profile/application and make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counsellor in the Scholarships and Student Aid Office.

Entrance Scholarships

McGill’s Scholarships and Student Aid Office offers merit-based entrance scholarships to first-time university students entering a full-time undergraduate degree program.

Transfer, Mature, Diploma, Exchange, Special, Part-time and Visiting students are not eligible for entrance scholarships.

There are two types of centrally-administered entrance scholarships:

  • One-year Scholarships, valued at $3,000 (non-renewable)
  • Major Scholarships, valued between $3,000 and $12,000 (renewable annually up to 3 or 4 years provided criteria for renewal are met)

Entrance scholarships at McGill are extremely competitive. Due to the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not possible to provide minimum criteria in advance.

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Minimum academic performance for consideration for all entrance scholarships

The information below provides estimated scholarship minima by admit type for the upcoming fall term based on averages from historical data. The minima are for consideration only. Depending on available scholarship funds and the number of applicants, the minima may be lower or higher.

They include;

  • Quebec CEGEP – MINIMUM 36 overall cote de rendement au collégial (CRC)
  • Canadian High School (outside Quebec and Ontario) – MINIMUM 97% average on all academic grade 12 and grade 11 level courses and/or rank in the top 1% of class
  • Ontario High School – MINIMUM 97% overall average on all 3U, 3M, 4U, and 4M courses and/or rank in the top 1% of class
  • United States High School – MINIMUM A, 4.00 GPA, or equivalent unweighted average over the last two years of full-time studies, and a minimum score of 730 on each SAT or a minimum composite score of 33 in the ACT and/or rank in top 1% of the class.
    • Note: Due to the interruption in testing services due to the Covid-19 pandemic, applicants for September 2023 from US-based curriculum schools will not be obligated to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission and scholarship applications. Students who submit scores will be considered as part of their scholarship application. For those who do not, scholarship consideration will be based on grades, credit count, AP results, university-level courses, level of program challenges, and other factors deemed relevant by the scholarship office.
  • Overseas High School – MINIMUM A average (approximately 97.0% or equivalent) over the last two years of full-time study and/or rank in the top 1% of class
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Also, certain faculties at McGill offer their own faculty-specific entrance scholarships. These faculties include Music, Dental Medicine, Oral Health Sciences, Law, and Medicine.

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Conclusion On McGill University Scholarships 2022/2023

If you want to study at a Canadian University through the scholarships above, go for it and start preparing now!
Now’s your chance with this selection of McGill University Scholarships; you, therefore, have no limitation regarding being a student from applying for the McGill University Scholarships.
The application website gives crucial information related to the McGill University Scholarships 2022/2023 for candidates to start applying now.
After applying and getting admitted, you can subsequently enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and education to realize your future career.
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