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Khalifa University is an excellent and outstanding university with several plans to support its students. If you wish to know whether or not they pay their students, read along.

Khalifa University is an independent, non-profit, coeducational institution with its Board of Trustees accountable to the Government of Abu Dhabi for its charter.

Does The University Of Khalifa Pay Students

Yes, all students will receive a monthly stipend. These stipends are often offered to students as a fixed sum rather than hourly wages or salaries.

These salaries, known as the stipend, are a fixed amount of money someone receives to offset living costs while serving in a particular role. Stipends are typically offered to students, interns, or apprentices.

This type of compensation is sometimes called an allowance and is usually provided based on your scholarship type; however, there is a self-pay stipend for those who could not get a scholarship!

The Salaries(Stipend) include;

1. Full Scholarship

Full scholarships cover the following:

  • 100% of tuition fees are provided to UAE national students.
  • Housing fees cover double occupancy for students residing more than 80km from campus.
  • Daily and weekend transport fees for those eligible students not receiving a stipend.
  • Monthly stipends are also provided to eligible UAE national student
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New Students (for the first semester only)

Status  Scholarship Stipend Per Month
UAE nationals who are listed in the top 10 school graduates list issued by the Ministry of Education 100% of tuition fees AED 8,000
All other UAE nationals 100% of tuition fees AED 4,000


Continuing Students (for the second semester until graduation)
Status Scholarship Stipend Per Month
Nationals with CGPA >=3.8 100% of tuition fees AED 8,000
Nationals with CGPA 3.2 – 3.79 100% of tuition fees AED 6,000
Nationals with CGPA 2.6 – 3.19 100% of tuition fees AED 4,000
Nationals with CGPA 2.0 – 2.59 100% of tuition fees AED 2,000
Nationals with CGPA Below 2.0 100% of tuition fees N/A

2.  Self-pay Scholarships:

Khalifa University offers additional financial support to students without established academic careers of excellence as a means to encourage and incentivize hard work and effort.
The self-pay scholarship is designed to help students who strive for recognition of their academic vigor after not initially qualifying for a scholarship.
Students admitted to KU but did not maintain academic excellence and a high GPA before joining can make the most of this scholarship to prove themselves and receive financial reimbursements.
Stipend Received
  • International students with a First-year CGPA >= 3.8 will get a scholarship that covers 20% of tuition fees at the College of
  • Engineering and 30% of tuition fees in the College of Science.
  • The scholarship will not cover the tuition fees for international students with a first-year CGPA < 3.8.
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Salary Of Ph.D. Graduate Students

The average salary for a Ph.D. Graduate students are AED 11,500 per month in the United Arab Emirates, which is 36% lower than the average Khalifa University salary of AED 18,000 per month for this job.

Conclusion On Khalifa University Student Salary 2023/2024

Now, if you want to enter Khalifa University, you can go through the Khalifa scholarships and ensure that you do not get deterred by a monthly stipend.
Now’s your chance with this selection of Khalifa University Student Salary; you, therefore, have no limitation from applying for Khalifa University.
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