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Jobs In New York gives way for you as a South African to enable your recruitment to your specific job offer or get employed for various positions in the fellow jobs listed on the page.

The Jobs In New York usually fasten your job experience level and help you get better Jobs and Careers after that.

Candidates or applicants must also bring all their basic qualifications and requirements to avoid applying mistakes during the application process.

If you are involved in the application process, you should follow every piece of information and instruction concerning Jobs In New York For South African Citizens.

You can read through this post and find a suitable job for you (South Africans), and please don’t hesitate to send your application form to be qualified for the retained job.

Once you migrate to New York as a South African or a Foreigner, you can become a United States citizen or a New Yorker after being granted the permission status and meeting the requirements.

Looking for Jobs In New York and having no experience in the job sector? you should view this article as you will get concrete job updates on all the latest vacancies for South Africans.

As I said before, Read intensively below the following procedures concerning the visa eligibility for getting employed in one of the New York Companies.

New York City

New York is a constituent state in the Northeastern United States and has thirteen 13 original colonies and states; it is popularly known as New York State to distinguish it from its largest city.

The city has a total area of 54,556 square miles (141,300 km), and it is the 27th largest state geographically, with a total of 20.2 million residents.

New York City (NYC) is the most populous city in the United States, and around half of the state’s population lives in the New York Metropolitan area.

New York was the last capital of the United States under the Articles of Confederation and the first capital under the Constitution of the United States.

New York has diverse geography; the southeastern part of the state, the area is known as Downstate, is in the Atlantic coastal plain.

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The constituent state includes Long Island, several smaller associated islands, New York City, and the lower (Hudson River Valley).

Visa Details for South Africans Moving To New York, USA

Moving to New York City is a desirable option for many people searching for work for a better privilege and a new beginning.

Still, the legal process might seem intimidating or formidable. There are saying that award-winning attorney Karen-Lee Pollak, popularly known as Pollak PLLC, will be in South Africa providing private immigration section and proper consultations needed for the group seminar.

Many factors, such as the purpose of intended travel, will determine what type of visa is required under U.S. immigration law.

You also need to establish and meet all the requirements to receive the category visa you are applying for the jobs in New York.

This post will detail some standard visa options issued to South Africans for immigration through business, employment, family, or investment.

L-1 Visa Business (Intracompany Work Visa)

The L-1 Visa is granted to people who have solidified outside of New York as a manager, executive, or in a position most likely in specialized knowledge.

It draws the seeking attitude of wanting to go to New York or abroad to work for earns meet in a related company in the same capacity.

Spouse and underage children of an L-1 beneficiary may be granted L-2 visa status, and the L-2 visa beneficiary may become a student there in the country and work there.

H-1B Visa: Employment (Specialty Occupation)

The H-1B Visa is basically for foreign workers who will hold specialty occupations that require the potentiality of a bachelor’s degree or higher diploma equivalent as a minimum for entry into the occupation ground.

In New York, United States, USCIS does not recognize a three-year bachelor’s degree; however, it is a possible chance as USCIS does recognize a South African master’s degree;

There are three requirements for obtaining the H1-B visa:

  1. First, the employee must have a job offer from the country’s entity.
  2. Second, the employer must demonstrate a need for someone in a specialty occupation that typically requires a degree.
  3. Third, the foreign national must have the necessary degree or equivalent in a subject closely related to the position.

E2-Temporary Investment Visa and E-1 Treaty Trader Visa

The E-visas provide reciprocal benefits to nationals of the country and foreign countries who invest or conduct trade between the two countries.

Foreign nationals can get a visa by conducting trade with an (E-1 visa) or by overseeing U.S. investment (E-2 visa).

The E-visa category can be used by various companies, whether owned by individuals or large multinational corporations.

The E-visa can be used by the company’s principals or by its employees:

  1. A treaty must exist between the United States and the foreign country; for example, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and other big countries.
  2. Every employee or principal seeking E-visa status must be a citizen of the foreign country where the company is based.
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EB-5 visa: Investment (Investment Green Card)

Financial commitment is qualified to create additional employment in the United States (U.S) is required and needs extensive documents or credentials.

It does not require you to manage the day-to-day affairs of a business; you may invest in an existing or a new company, or more than one person may likely want to support.

Three ways to invest and be qualified for an EB-5 visa:

  1. Invest $1,000,000 and hire ten employees anywhere in the country and state
  2. Invest $500,000 in a Regional Centre-the money is returned to the investor after five years with nominal interest.
  3. Invest $500,000 and hire ten employees in an area where the unemployment rate exceeds the national average by 150% or the rural population is less than 20,000.

Requirements For Jobs In New York For South African Citizens

These are the requirements below:

Citizenship It would help if you were outside New York or the United States; you can apply for a visa.
Visa Requirements You must have an original visa, national passport, and work permit.
Health Status You should be clear of medical illnesses.
Gender You can be both male and female
Fitness Status You should be clear of mentally and physically fit
Criminal Status You should have a clear record of criminal activities
Minimum Age You should not be less than eighteen (18) years of age.
Maximum Age You should be more than forty-five (45) years of age.
Sense of Communication You should be very fluent in English Speaking.
Composure of Character You should be very good at Character
Fund Status It would help if you were no debt to the Australian government, and you must prove that you have enough money.

Salary for a Jobs In New York

The average salary for a New York job is a good salary, over fifty-four thousand ($54,000); that’s because the median income in New York is $54,000.

If you earn more than that, you’re evening more than 50% of the people living in New York; the average salary in New York is $64,741, and the good hourly wage in New York is $25.96 per hour.

Hiring Jobs In New York For South African Citizens

Here are some of the available jobs below:

Names of Hiring Job/ Salary Registration/ Application Website
Educational Teacher 2022-2023 ($43,737 and $56,552) New York, NY Apply Now
Upper Elementary School Special Education Teacher (2022-2023 SY) New York, NY (100,040) Apply Now
Elementary School Special Education Teacher (2022-2023 SY) New York, NY (Full Time, 100,040) Apply Now
Editorial Assistant New York, NY (33,000-43,000) per year Apply Now  
Marketing Occupational Assistant New York, NY (44,000-62,000) per year Apply Now
Marketing Assistant New York, NY (44,000-57,000) per year Apply Now
Contract Archivist New York, NY (49,000-65,000) per year Apply Now
HR Business Partner New York, NY (130,000-160,000) per year Apply Now
Publishing Operation Assistant New York, NY (40,000-52,000) per year Apply Now
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Jobs In New York (NY) For South African Citizens

These are lists of Jobs In New York For South African Citizens:

  1. Lower Elementary School Special Education Teacher (2022-2023 SY) $100,540
  2. Physical Education Teacher 2022-2023: $43,737 and $56,552
  3. Contract Permissions Assistant: $43.4k-$55k per year
  4. UN Women Project Coordination:  $46.6k-$59k per year
  5. Director Palladium Impact Capital: $28k-$35k per year
  6. Construction Supervisor: $52.9k-$66.9k per year
  7. Associate Director Palladium Impact Capital: $36.4k-$46.2k per year
  8. Tower Technician: $38.4k-$48.6k per year
  9. Senior Consultant: $123k-$156 per year
  10. Data and System Associate: $29.7k-$37.5k per year
  11. Administrative Coordinator: $65k-$70k per year
  12. Associate Product Manager: $59.6k-$75.4 per year

How to Apply for the New York Jobs

These are the steps below:

  1. Apply for a visa first
  2. Detail every information on the website
  3. No false information on the website
  4. Then Submit.

Application link for other jobs search in New York

Conclusion On Jobs In New York For South African Citizens

The application website gives crucial information about Jobs In New York, and the South Africans can get a better understanding.

This post has surfaced the requirements, applications, and other related steps as fellow South Africans will enjoy the benefits of being a worker or employee in New York.

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