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As an English speaker, are you aspiring to be a candidate or applicant for various job opportunities in Murcia, Spain?

You are in the right post, for I will deliver the breakdown of the most inspiring jobs in Murcia, Spain, as an English Speaker.

This country welcomes and encourages foreigners or citizens who understand the English Language’s essential elements and wish to work.

In Murcia, Spain, jobs offer an excellent means of stability; hence working in Murcia, Spain, as a candidate guarantees stability since the country is trying to innovate a more remarkable career in the future.

Go ahead, read through this post, and find a suitable job in Murcia, Spain, just for you as an English speaker, and please don’t hesitate to send your application form to be retained for the job.

Details On Jobs In Murcia, Spain For English Speakers

This article is aimed at helping English speakers trying to find work in Murcia, Spain; sometimes, moving to Spain and looking for a job can be at a disadvantage due to the language barrier.

English-speaking jobs in Murcia, Spain, require many tendencies and requirements to enable you to get the specific job.

Candidates should bring along authentic credentials or documents to avoid the call of common mistakes while registering.

Working In Murcia City

Murcia is known for its Huerta and its famous products (fruits and vegetables) exported all over Spain and Europe, its folklore (mainly based around its Huerta), its festivals, and several baroque churches.

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Working in Murcia, Spain, is very sensational for it enables you to see the good things of life and helps you experience the potential benefits.

While looking for work as an English Speaker, it would be best to concentrate on looking for English-speaking jobs in Murcia, Spain.

Jobs In Murcia, Spain, For English Speakers

Below are the details of the Game Presenter, which job for candidates who speak both English and Spanish.

Game Presenter – Spanish and English Speaking

As an English-speaking Game Presenter, you will spend most of your time in front of the camera leading games and interacting with our live players to provide an engaging and rewarding experience.

As one of the faces of the games, you will also be at the forefront of table promotions and internal & external media campaigns.

Salary: The estimated pay for a Game Presenter is €1,733 per month, while the estimated additional income is €1 per hour.

Extra payment: includes a cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit.

The role

  1. Ability to grow your presentation techniques & your ability to multitask.
  2. As a Game Presenter, you will take presenting to an entirely different level.
  3. You will engage in bubbly, robust, and interactive conversations with your players at the table,
  4. Taking the player experience to new heights, not just through your energy and personality
  5. Your ability to entertain
  6. You will help you grow your presentation techniques & your ability to multitask.


  1. An attractive salary
  2. Monthly performance bonuses
  3. Free night shift taxi service to & from the studio (Fridays and Saturdays)
  4. Subsidized gym membership
  5. Subsidized health insurance
  6. Individual development and career progression opportunities
  7. Up to 3 weeks of industry-leading training
  8. You will get to spend up to the first three weeks of your journey with us in our Evolution Academy, where we teach you game techniques and
  9. You need to know to be camera-ready & be able to provide an excellent service to our clients while maintaining the highest professional standards.
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They do not require any specific work experience or skills for this role, but you need to have the following ethics:

  • Good English
  • Strong work ethics
  • Be open to learning new things and
  • Ideally, have worked at least part-time for a year or two,
  • Preferably with service-related tasks.


  1. The desire to provide exceptional customer service
  2. To be a mature and hardworking individual who can work well as part of a team
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Positive, pro-active approach to work, with a flexible, can-do attitude
  5. A sense of responsibility and aspire to be the best at what you do
  6. The ability to work as part of a wider team and be adaptable to changing business needs
  7. To be an entertainer at heart
  8. Previous international experience with the right to work in the EU is a plus but not necessary.

Apply Now

Available Jobs In Murcia, Spain For English Speakers And Their Salaries

These are the following jobs below:

Names of available job Salaries
Native English – Pre-Sales Lead Generation €19,386 or more per year
Copywriter B2B Social Media €41658 per year
Executive Head Hunter (English Speaker) € 3,230 per month
Inside Sales Representative (English Native Speaker) €31007 per year
Key Account Manager (English & Spanish Speaker) € 3,360 per month
Customer Account Coordinator (English Speaker) € 29189 per year

Other Available Jobs In Murcia, Spain For English Speakers

Here are the following available you need to have as an English Speaker:

  1. English Teacher
  2. Summer counselor
  3. Consultor Junior
  4. English Copywriter (Remote within Spain)
  5. Administration Specialist, Murcia, Spain (English Speaker)
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Average Salary of Jobs In Murcia, Spain For English Speakers

Average Salary of Jobs In Murcia, Spain, English speakers can expect to make an hourly rate of 15 € (EUR), while the average salary for jobs in Murcia, Spain is 30.902 € (EUR) per year.

Conclusion On Jobs In Murcia, Spain For English Speaker

The article above gives crucial information about the Jobs In Spain For English Speakers for foreigners or candidates to start applying; finally getting recruited, you can enjoy an indescribable dimension to your life while working in Spain.

Jobs In Murcia, Spain For English Speakers 2023/2024 enjoins the additional benefits of your learning and working in a peaceful and conducive environment.

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