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Jobs In Madrid for Foreigners are all authentic and available in this post, with all the processes needed as a foreigner to work in Madrid alongside their application links.

Many foreigners aim and target to work in Madrid, and for that sole reason, this article has been compiled to put you through your quest to secure a job in Madrid being a foreigner.

You must go through this post and comprehend every piece of information dished out, for they are all authentic and free from misinformation.

Jobs In Madrid give you more extensive experience by joining an excellent team, working in a beautiful environment, and performing your services while increasing your hospitality manners.

The Madrid job market readily welcomes foreigners to seek jobs and employment in different parts of the country; however, competition for positions is scarce.

Read along to apply and get all the latest jobs in Madrid that welcome foreign applicants or candidates this 2023/2024 season.

How to get a job in Madrid

Here are some few steps below:

1. Figure out your visa status

Working in Madrid is an exciting and enviable position to be in. If you’re an EU citizen, you can live and work without restriction in Madrid and the rest of Spain.

If you’re not an EU citizen, you’ll need to get one of the following permits:

  1. The Type A permit allows for temporary or seasonal work. It’s valid for up to 9 months.
  2. The Type B Initial permit is for long-term employment. It’s valid for one year and can be renewed, leading to the next Type of permit.
  3. The Type B Renewed permit is a Type B Initial permit renewed for the second year of work in Madrid (amounting to two years total).
  4. The Type C permit benefits Type B Renewed workers who stay longer than two years. It must be renewed every five years, and it lets workers remain in the country for as long as they like.

2. Research local industry job sectors

Excited to play a role in Madrid’s economy? Nearly 85% of jobs in Madrid are created in the service sector. There are many opportunities in construction, industry, skilled trades, and Finance.

3. Search jobs for English speaking foreigners

Despite what you may think, your chances of landing a job in Spain aren’t that slim. However, there are some barriers.

Most importantly, be aware that getting hired continuously increases if you speak Spanish. The English as a Second Language field (ESL, EFL, TESOL) offers many jobs to teachers ready to take their energies abroad.

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4. Get help with your job hunt

There are several good online English-language resources to help you land a job in Madrid; Spain’s work culture is dominated by networking and word-of-mouth decisions.

Be aware that your best ticket to finding work in Madrid comes with a combination of patience and personal connections.

5. Build up a network

Networking is the hidden route to jobs in Madrid and Spain generally. The best way to network in Madrid as an ex-pat is to apply for temporary work.

A short-term work placement in hospitality and tourism can at least put you in contact with a pool of Spanish networkers.

6. Spend time writing your CV

One of the particularities with writing a CV geared towards Madrid is including a picture of yourself. In Spain, an image on a CV is commonplace.

But don’t bother if you don’t have a professional headshot. Having no image will serve you better than a vacation snap or a casual selfie.

7. Spend time preparing for your job interview

Spanish interviews put a lot of emphasis on applicants’ psychological and psychometric testing. Your personality can count as much as your job experience.

Your motivation as an employee is fundamental during interviews. If you’ve left work suddenly in the past, it’s alright, to be frank with your interviewer about your rationale; interviewers in Madrid appreciate directness.

8. Make the move

However, by email, phone, or word of mouth, it happened: you’re hired, G; gaining a job and an offer in Madrid is the essential step towards a new life in Spain. Your employer will submit an application on your behalf for a work permit.

Basic Requirements for Jobs In Madrid For Foreigners

Below are the basic requirements for Jobs In Madrid For Foreigners:

Citizens  Foreigners must be a resident of Madrid
Visa Requirements Foreigners must have an original visa, national passport, and work permit.
Health Status Foreigners should be clear of medical illnesses.
Gender Foreigners can be both male and female
Fitness Status Foreigners should be clear of mentally and physically fit
Criminal Status Foreigners should have a clear record of criminal activities
Minimum Age Foreigners should not be less than eighteen (18) years of age.
Maximum Age Foreigners should be more than thirty-five -forty (35-40) years of age.
Other Requirement Foreigners must be willing to provide financial needs of the family.

Jobs In Madrid For Foreigners

These are the following below:

1. Learning & Development Intern

We want your internship in our department to be as exciting as you want it to be, so let’s discover together int you would like to achieve in your training.

In the first week, some ideas we already have in mind on what you can support us:

Salary: a few hundred euros or more per month.


  1. Design learning resources, catalogs, and engagement collaterals
  2. Curate learning content and contribute to monthly offer planning
  3. Actively contribute to different L&D initiatives with the Learning and Development team members to meet business objectives.
  4. Coordinate and plan Radisson Academy’s training offerings
  5. Manage and administrate the Radisson Academy Online platform to offer all team members a seamless learning experience
  6. Create presentations for internal and external purposes
  7. Conduct market research, competitive benchmarking, and analysis of market trends in new ways of approaching learning
  8. Conduct external partner analysis and make recommendations on critical providers like a language training programs, external content library
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  1. Has to be enrolled in a school program to be eligible for the internship
  2. EU Citizen
  3. Is fluent in English, both verbal and written, and has good communication skills
  4. Has to experience in the hospitality industry (operational internship)
  5. Is a Microsoft Office expert user (Excel and PPT)
  6. Has excellent organizational skills
  7. Has strong project management abilities: capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously, under tight time constraints, and within budget parameters
  8. Is flexible, and proactive with a Yes, I Can attitude

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2. Sales Project Manager

As a sales project manager, your responsibilities are defining the requirements for qualified sales leads, initiating and nurturing customer relationships, drafting sales proposals, including price quotes, and helping sales agents close sales to meet short-term and long-term goals.

Salary: 3,440 EUR per month


  1. Co-create laboratory organization projects with the customer, including project development and leading the consulting selling process with the different levels of the hospital organization.
  2. Responsible for the coordination of the activities required to define and deliver the customer solution, including solution design, project planning, action plan definition, implementation follow-up, and project closing.
  3. Develop relationships with key stakeholders, both internally and externally.
  4. Strategy implementations, developing and adapting it based on each customer’s needs.
  5. Sales network support during the different phases of the customer lifecycles: projects, tenders, and offers.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, or healthcare-related field
  2. Advanced level of Spanish and English.
  3. General understanding of the Healthcare ecosystem.
  4. 50% willingness to travel


  1. Four years of professional experience in project management or consulting, likely in the Healthcare sector.
  2. Field experience working in a hospital laboratory or similar would be an advantage.
  3. Lean Healthcare and analytical tools knowledge.
  4. Experience in digital solutions in Healthcare will be valued.
  5. Ability to be agile in a rapidly changing, matrix organization and to be comfortable operating in an evolving, ambiguous environment

Preferred skills

  1. Strategic thinking.
  2. Project management.
  3. Decision making.
  4. Communication.
  5. Collaboration and team player.
  6. Leadership.

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3. Au Pair job in Madrid-Madrid, Spain

Au Pairs become part of the family, not just a hired hand, by caring for the children, cooking for them, cleaning up after them, helping them with homework, taking them to and from school, and other activities.

Salary- about 205-360 euros per month

Au Pair Job Requirements:

  1. Entertaining children and teaching them about your culture
  2. Preparing children’s meals and cleaning up after mealtime
  3. Packing lunches, helping with homework, and taking the kids to school
  4. Taking children to parks, playgrounds, and other activities
  5. Assist with light child-related household tasks like children’s laundry and keeping their rooms tidy.


  1. Positive attitude,
  2. love playing
  3. creative
  4. Patient and flexible.
  5. This is 30 hours per week.

Au Pair Job Qualification:

  1. Be between the ages of 18 and 26.
  2. Pass a physical exam with their doctor.
  3. Complete secondary school or equivalent.
  4. Have at least 200 hours of experience caring for children.
  5. Complete a criminal background check.
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4. Business Analyst

These are one of the jobs for eligible foreigners migrating to Madrid, Spain: Asae business analyst, the primary responsibilities will be:

  1. Drive Finance Transformation initiatives ensured their contributiFinance’sance’s ambition and strategy by executing business analyst best practices.
  2. Work on the management accounting stream aiming to rationalize and standardize the management accounting rules, processes, and systems worldwide.
  3. Identify priorities, define its proper strategy, and be on board in alignment with the stakeholders (Finance & Fresh).
  4. Define testing strategy, and accompany the user to get their validation for the migration.
  5. Be able to communicate critical topics and risks to the management to facilitate decisions.
  6. Establish and conduct meetings to communicate objectives, expectations, project roles, and status updates, track open issues and work with all groups and clients to resolve problems as required.
  7. Contribute to the change management produced by the change of systems or processes.


  1. Training and occupational experience
  2. 3-to 8 years of experienFinanceinance within the Banking sector as a Business Analyst, Consultant, and profitability / Credit risk / ALMT in the banking industry would be a plus).
  3. Experience as a business analyst in Finance systems/interfaces implementation/migration projects (business analysis, functional requirements, User Acceptance testing).
  4. Experience of working in an international environment is appreciated.

Essential specific requirements:

  1. Strong knowledge of banking activities and products.
  2. Knowledge of Project Management processes and workflow.
  3. IT skills: Excel advanced user, database consultation (SQL, Business Objects, COGNOS), PowerPoint.
  4. Language: fluent in English (both oral and written) and French would be a plus.
  5. Excellent communication (spoken and written) and capability to work and interact with people of different expertise and hierarchical level.
  6. Ability to adapt to change and client-oriented.

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Available Jobs In Madrid For Foreigners

These are:

  1. Regional Senior Manager
  2. Customer Service Executive
  3. Talent Acquisition Specialist
  4. Business Development Manager
  5. Clinical Research Associate
  6. Sales Project Manager
  7. Junior Sales Representative
  8. Pool Lifeguard
  9. Live-in English Tutor job
  10. Reservations Clerk (m/f)
  11. Client Solution Manager
  12. Senior Data Analyst
  13. Security Officer L1
  14. Chef Assistant.

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Jobs In Madrid For Foreigner’s Salary

In 2023, the national minimum wage in Madrid, Spain, remained fixed at €1,166.7 per month, 14,000 euros per year, taking 12 payments per year into account.

Accordingly, the national minimum wage/salary has been raised by 40.9 Euros per month from the previous year, 3.63%.

Conclusion Concerning the Jobs In Madrid For Foreigners 2023/2024

You, as the candidates, should ensure that the processing of the application will not activate a call of false information or credentials.

The Jobs In Madrid For Foreigners 2023/2024 enables potential candidates to gain insight into this exciting job organized by the company.

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