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Whatever your reason for getting a part-time job in Kendall, this post will be a great guide to securing one of your choices.

Job Description

Part-time jobs are becoming more common, especially for millennials who want to earn extra cash or build their careers.

A part-time job is defined as requiring less than 30 hours per week. This type of employment is usually offered at lower pay rates than full-time positions.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your income, consider working part-time. Part-time jobs offer flexibility and allow you to balance your life. They also provide opportunities to explore new skills and gain valuable experience.

The main benefit of having a part-time job over a full-time position is the freedom it provides you in scheduling. Depending on the part-time jobs, you can choose how many hours you work or don’t work each day.

With a part-time job, you decide when you start and finish, and there’s no set schedule. It lets you pick up where you left off if you take a break from work for any reason. Also, most part-time jobs give you a steady paycheck without requiring overtime.

Part-time Job Offers In Kendall

PROCTOR (Part-Time)

(Morning Shift)

An officer (usually one of two) at certain universities is appointed annually and has mainly disciplinary functions. A proctor is someone who oversees student examinations. The primary job of the proctor is to monitor students to ensure they’re following testing room rules and not sharing s

Reporting directly to the Campus Director of Student Affairs, the proctor will assist with administering paper/pencil and computer-based quizzes, tests, and exams for students of West Coast University while maintaining professionalism.


  1. Ensures continuous compliance with established testing policies, laws, regulations, operating procedures, and University and accreditation standards.
  2. Regularly communicates with supervisor regarding test administration, facilities, and allegations of academic dishonesty.
  3. Test applicants/candidates and current students for all programs and campuses.


  1. Requires limited job knowledge of systems and procedures.
  2. Follows basic work routines and standards. Typically does not require advanced education and requires no prior experience.
  3. Experience with MS Office. Knowledge and use of computer workstations, peripheral equipment, and software applications.
  4. 3 Experience with introductory office/clerical recordkeeping/filing techniques/procedures.
  5. One year of essential test administration experience is preferred.


High School graduate or equivalent Associate’s Degree in Business Administration or related field. It is supplemented by coursework in Statistics, Testing, or related field.


The first person one typically interacts with whenever any individual enters any prestigious hotel is a guest service attendant. They are the one who gives that pleasant smile and welcomes the guests to the hotel.

Guest service responsibilities include executing a wide range of duties that eventually ensure better customer satisfaction and thus help maximize the hotel’s revenue. Qualified candidates will thrive in a hospitality environment and focus on providing superior service for our guests.


  1. Provides sincere and courteous service to all guests with items such as bag handling and club cleaning.
  2. Assists in educating players regarding the game.
  3. Directs start of play when necessary.
  4. Maintains accurate records of golfers renting clubs.
  5. Services the customer renting golf clubs and cleans rental clubs upon return.
  6. Assists with food and beverage activities.
  7. Incorporates safe work practices in job performance.
  8. Performs other duties as required.


  1. A guest service attendant should have strong communication skills and should have good listening skills as well.
  2. They should remain cool and calm under pressure and have excellent customer handling skills, as they must deal with a diverse range of people.
  3. They should have multitasking ability and an ability to comprehend and follow the given instructions.
  4. They should be cooperative and be able to provide valuable help to the visitors.
  5. Strong sales and marketing skills will prove to be an advantage.
  6. They should be physically fit as they must lift the guests’ luggage.


A library assistant is a skilled library and information paraprofessional trained to perform the day-to-day functions of a library and assists librarians in acquiring, preparing, and organizing information. They also assist library patrons in finding information.

The Library Assistant will participate in a project to identify, pull, and move library collections within the Library Storage Facility, locate and barcode materials in library stacks, creating item records as needed. Additionally, the Library Assistant may be assigned other collection management and database maintenance tasks such as withdrawing materials from the collection, movement of shelving, or other library equipment.

The Library Assistant will work under the supervision of the Building Facility Coordinator and will receive training in catalog search techniques and basic item record editing policies and procedures from full-time staff members.


  1. I am locating materials in the stacks and applying barcodes.
  2. Create item records in the online catalog, providing accurate data on each book by assigning a barcode, and identifying its location.
  3. Under library staff supervision, search the library’s collections from an inventory /pull list to identify specific volumes for transfer and withdrawal.
  4. Participate in ongoing special projects related to database maintenance and quality control activities.
  5. We may need to edit records to transfer older materials from library stacks to an off-site location.
  6. Withdrawing materials from the library collection and editing records in the library catalog and the OCLC database accordingly.
  7. Pull library materials and physically transfer and reshelve at new locations.
  8. Move empty library shelving components or other library equipment as needed.
  9. We are performing additional related duties as needed.


  1. High School graduate
  2. Basic data entry and word processing skills
  3. Aptitude for accuracy and detail
  4. Ability to carry out detailed procedures and work independently in a team environment
  5. Excellent organizational skills
  6. Good oral and written English language communication skills
  7. Ability to push/pull up to 50 lbs. of library materials/equipment in a cart/dolly; lift, stretch, bend to retrieve and shelve library materials

Salary For Part-time Jobs In Kendall

The average salary for a part-time job in Kendall is $22 per hour.

How To Apply For Part-time Jobs In Kendall.

The list below states the steps to apply for Part-time Jobs In Kendall:

  • When directed to the official website, search for a job at the application link below.
  • You can use the search box, divided into various categories, to filter the job of your interest.
  • Review the job advertisement and role description.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements before proceeding
  • Select the ‘Apply Online button.
  • Complete and submit your application.
  • Check that you’ve received an email confirming your application.


Conclusion On Part-time Jobs In Kendall.

In conclusion, on the different types of Part-time Jobs In Kendall and how to apply for the jobs, it is clear that jobs are available In Kendall, Florida.

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