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There are specific requirements that U.S. Citizens must have and qualify for before migrating to start their Job. Now proceed below to get all the latest jobs in Costa Rica,  only for U.S. Citizens, and several other pieces of information to guide you in successfully securing a job in Costa Rica.

Job Description

There are jobs in Costa Rica for Americans, i.e., U.S. Citizens, to apply for from different industries in the country. Many local companies hire English-speaking salespeople and Americans to fill job posts to reach their foreign target market. Even locally, these Costa Rican companies target expatriates, tourists, students, and other temporary or short-term residents in the country.


The answer, of course, is Yes; however, to legally work in Costa Rica, you must either be a citizen of the country or have legal permanent residence. Generally, to obtain permanent residence, you must have held temporary residence for at least three years before applying.

If you want to know how to find a job in Costa Rica, you should be aware that it is difficult.
Costa Rican law favors employing residents over temporary ex-pats, and foreigners may only take up employment once they have permanent residency. But do not let this stop you from pursuing your Costa Rican dream.


Tourism. Tourism is the most significant and ever-expanding economy in Costa Rica. The most popular fields of work that ex-pats can take advantage of include:
  • Teaching English.
  • Environmental Conservation and Voluntary Work.
  • Working For An Offshore Company From Costa Rica (or Telecommuting in Costa Rica)

Job Offers For U.S. Citizens In Costa Rica


U.S.-Based Real Estate Company – Inside Sales Representative

This is not a real estate agent position. Therefore you do not need a real estate license. This position includes both cold callings (where you’ll be expected to generate new leads) and calling warm follow-up leads that our openers have already set up.
You’ll build rapport with homeowners looking to sell their property, confirm property information, overcome objections, and negotiate a win-win offer. Inside sales, you will be taking appointments 100% over the phone and communicating via email, text, and sometimes video calls.
This is a full-time position (at least 40 hours per week) with the potential for additional hours – the most successful people in this role have been willing and ready to take calls during off hours, at night, and on the weekends to sign deals.


  1. Minimum three (3) years experience in Sales (inside sales – sales over the phone – is preferred – we’re looking for high performers with a proven track record of success)
  2. Native or near-native level of English, both in speaking, reading, and writing with no accent or barely a trace of an accent, as you will be speaking with U.S.-based clientele and need to be familiar with cultural norms, ways of communicating, etc. (prior experience working for a U.S.-based company or living in the U.S. is a significant plus)
  3. Quiet dedicated work space free from noises and distractions
  4. Open and flexible schedule
  5. Fast, reliable internet connection (minimum 40 MBPS download and 10 MBPS upload), as calls are conducted through a softphone (that we will provide) on your computer.


Salary: ₡80,000.00 – ₡4,000,000.00 per month.

Costa Rica Embassy – Mechanic (Security System)

The incumbent conducts surveys, inspections, routine and preventive maintenance, hardware repairs and replacement, and emergency repairs of Forced Entry (F.E.) and Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR) products )doors, windows, glazing units, louvers, and vault doors) among others.
The incumbent will be required to study and make recommendations for ways to improve the effectiveness of the Physical Security Systems at U.S. Diplomatic missions in the Engineering Services Office Costa Rica Area of Responsibility, including but not limited to U.S. Embassy Costa Rica and constituent posts.
The Engineering Service Office of the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the Mechanic (Security System) position. Work schedule: Full-Time (40 h/week).


  • At least three (3) years of hands-on experience in significant repairs and installation of electrical/electronics, pneumatic, hydraulic, and heavy-duty mechanical equipment, reading and interpreting Architectural and Engineering Design drawings are required.
  • Must hold the United States driving License
  • Completion of high school and two (2) years of apprenticeship or an advanced equivalent local level of occupational training as a technician, electrician, or mechanic is required.


Salaries range from 428,000 CRC (lowest) to 1,400,000 CRC.

Brand Ambassador – REMOTE WORK

A brand ambassador is a person who represents and advertises a company, supports its offers, and acts as the embodiment of the company’s corporate identity through words and actions.
Brand ambassadors are experts in talking about the brand online and offline.
We are looking for a Brand Ambassador to join our Talent team and promote the company by conducting various events and presenting speeches to global audiences. This is an excellent opportunity to be one of the critical members of our team and position yourself for unique career growth opportunities.


  1. Experience with configuring and using high-quality broadcasting hardware equipment.
  2. At least five years of experience in I.T. sales.
  3. At least five years of sales-related public speaking experience.
  4. Advanced English level.


  • Be responsible for conducting events and delivering high-quality speeches to audiences across the globe.
  • Familiarize yourself with the relevant details of each event, including marketing and scheduling.
  • Use existing and novel informative tools to disseminate event-related information.
  • Present speeches about the company and its goals.
  • Encourage attendance at events by using appropriate sales techniques.
  • Track your progress and report to your line manager, as requested.
  • Answer audience questions and interact with members of the public.


  • 100% remote work.
  • Hardware setup for you to work from home.
  • We paid parental leave, vacation & holidays.
  • Diverse and multicultural work environment.
  • An innovative environment with the structure and resources of a leading multinational.
  • Excellent compensation — well above the market average.
  • Here you can grow at the speed of your learning curve.
Salaries range from 42,000 CRC to 180,000 CRC.



Salary Of U.S. Citizens In Costa Rica

A middle-class salary in Costa Rica averages USD 750. In smaller cities, a monthly income is roughly $450 (above the country’s minimum wage).  

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