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The Irish Air Corps Recruitment Application Form 2023/2024 is ongoing for all eligible, shortlisted, and interested candidates.

The Irish Air Corps Recruitment Application Form commerce every year, not twice, along with its Application and Cadetship.


In this article, prominent and authentic information will surface for the foreigners to understand better and have some knowledge of the army.

Irish Air Corps Recruitment 2023/2024 recruits vibrant and competent individuals to enable them to profit for the army organization.

The candidates should bring concrete, authentic documents or credentials while applying for Recruitment 2023/2024.


For an individual to get into the army as a candidate is not an easy task as some necessary procedures will have to be present for smooth application.

The candidates must also provide all their basic credentials and requirements while applying for the Irish Recruitment 2023/2024.


The candidates involved in the application process should carefully follow every information about the Irish Air Corps Recruitment Application Form.

Irish Air Corps

The Irish Air Corps is the air branch defense body of the Irish Defense Forces or is the air competent of the Defense Forces of Ireland.

It came into existence in 1924 and has provided military support to the country’s Army and Naval Service, together with non-military air services.

The Irish Air Corps headquarters and airfield are at Casement Aerodrome, located at Baldonnel, Country Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

The Irish Army and Irish Naval Service maintain a reserve component and active service personnel, but the Irish Air Corps does otherwise.

The Air Service became the new Army Air Corps and remained part of the Irish Army until the 1990s with the establishment of the Defense in 1924.

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The Irish Air Corps is headed up by Brigadier General Rory O’Connor, General Officer Commanding, Air Corps (GOCAC).

Eligibility Criteria Concerning the Irish Air Corps Recruitment

In this article, we will surface some of the required eligibility relating to the Irish Corps recruitment form:

  1. Be eighteen (18) and under twenty-five (25) years of age on the date mentioned in the notice for the current composition and recruitment process.
  2. Candidates should be able to satisfy Interview Board and the Recruiting Offer that process the formal education for the Irish Defence Forces.
  3. No Formal Education Qualifications are required from the candidates; however, you must attain minimum educational qualification at the time of entry into the Air Corps.

Selection Process For the Recruitment Irish Air Corps Recruitment

Here are the Irish Air Corps processes:

Process One: Online Application

Process Two: Psychometric Testing: Every candidate with minimum eligibility criteria should undergo Psychometric Testing.

Process Three: Body Composition

Process Four: Fitness Testing: Every candidate must complete the Defence Force Induction Fitness Test. Process Five: Local Muscular Endurance

Process Six: Medical Examination: Shortlisted candidates should attend a medical examination undertaken at St Bricin’s Military Hospital, Dublin.

Process Seven: Security Clearance

Process Eight: Interview; the interview comprises the ability to work, career orientation, motivation, and teamwork.

Crucial Updates Concerning the Irish Air Corps

The Irish Air Corps, the air force element of the Irish Defence Forces, is widely perceived as listed for the General Service, and you can serve for the Irish Air Corps for five (5) years.

Irish Air Corps provides the most immense and sophisticated personnel and individuals to the Air Corps service in Ireland.

The Air Corps military insight into the basic phenomenon for cadets aspiring to be part of the Irish Air Corps.

Requirements For the Irish Air Corps Recruitment

These are the requirements:

Nationality (Citizens) The candidate or applicant is born and brought up in Irish or through visa requirements.
Minimum Age The candidates should not be less than eighteen-twenty-five (18-25).
Maximum Age The candidates should be more than forty-five (45) years of age.
Gender The candidates or applicants can be both male and female
Diploma  Qualification The candidates or applicants should have a high diploma or equivalent
Dependants  The candidates or applicants should not have more than two dependents.
Service Obligation The candidates or applicants should know that the service obligation
Fitness Status The candidates or applicants should be mental, physical, and emotionally stable or fit.
Health Status The candidates or applicants should be clear of medical illnesses.
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The Irish Air Corps Cadetship

An Air Corps Cadet enlists for a Cadetship to be trained very well to become a part of the Irish Defence Forces (IDF).

The commander in charge of the Cadet Training Course in the Military College and the Flight Training School in the Air Corps College expects the following cadet to pass the completion process successfully.

The Air Corps Cadet is commissioned into the officer Ranks of the Air Corps as a Second Lieutenant or the general Lieutenant.

The Irish Cadet Induction Process

These are the induction below:

  1. The cadets will undergo a psychological, psychometric, and psychomotor interview
  2. The cadets will undergo a medical examination
  3. For the interview sector, the cadets should complete and sign a Garda Vetting Application Form amended by Section eight (8) of the Data Protection Act, 1988.
  4. The candidates will undergo fitness testing.
  5. The induction process enables the cadets the potential to become Irish Air Corps.

The Irish Cadetship Training

The cadet training in Irish is to develop and help build good character or behaviour to produce leadership skills and a sense of duty and responsible in the system.

Air Corps Cadets spend at least seven (7) months training with an Army Cadet Class, learning new military skills and physical agility.

Undoubtedly, there is a presence of benefits conducted in an environment of strict discipline and reproductivity.

Requirements For the Irish Cadetship

The Irish Defence Forces are looking for potential cadets; these are the requirements below:

Age  Between the age of eighteen (18) and twenty-six (26), age
Education Minimum Grade H5 in 3 Higher Level papers and 3 Grade O6/H6
Other Requirements Meet the minimum standard of medical and physical fitness
Citizenship A citizen of the state or legal entitlement to live and work in the State.

Benefits of the Program

These are the benefits listed

  1. Licenses: Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  2. Progression: Opportunity to fly both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft operationally
  3. Pay: Cadets are paid from the day they join the Defences Forces
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Qualifications For the Irish Cadetship

These are the qualification below:

  1. To possess a clear, concise, and practical communication skills
  2. The ability to prioritize, plan and organize
  3. The ability to motivate others during difficult times
  4. To plan out a strategical formation during military problem
  5. The possession of physical knowledge required to pilot military aircraft issues
  6. The ability to balance work in a high-pressure environment.

Application for the Cadetship Career Recruitment

The Irish Cadetship Career recruitment is available for interested individuals; you can search on the Deforce Force Cadets to know about the Cadetship Career Recruitment.

These are the procedures for the Irish Air Corps.

  • Visit the website: Apply now.
  • The following requirements on the application should be authentic.

St Declan’s College has a website that explains better for understanding and learning about the Irish Air Corps.

Salary Structure of Irish Air Corps Cadets

Here is the salary structure of the Irish Air Corps Cadets. The Cadet’s payments start at just €18,829, which will be rewarded in time with the figures showing averages for enlisted personnel of Private three Star €37,529, Corporal €41,076, Sergeant €44,622, Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant (BQMS) €53,616 and many others.

Salary Structure in Irish Air Corps

These are the following salary structure for Irish Defence Forces:
Naval Service Reserve Rank Pay (€)
Recruit 334.04
Ordinary Seaman 410.13
Able 427.37
Leading 512.07
Petty 561.93
Senior Petty Officer 650.39
Chief Petty Officer 662.53
Senior Chief Petty Officer 720.47
Ensign 721.66
Sub-Lieutenant 721.66
Lieutenant Commander 939.29
Lieutenant (NS) 739.29
Commander 1245.68
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