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Doing an internship in Japan as an English speaker is an excellent opportunity for you to be out of your home country to get more experience and even spice up your resume.

You will not only acquire new skills and knowledge that you would never be able to learn in your home country, but you will also make extremely valuable connections for your future.

Now proceed below to get all the latest and ongoing internships in Japan that English speakers can apply for and gain more experience.


There are many reasons for someone to intern in Japan. One of the most common reasons is that Japanese culture can be very fascinating and exciting to people who don’t live there, so many candidates choose to intern in Japan so they can learn about the culture and experience a different lifestyle.

There are English teaching internships that allow native English speakers to work with undergraduate students in Japan to improve their careers or any field of interest.

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Once you decide which type of internships you want to apply for, it can be beneficial to organize your application materials. This typically includes a CV and visa.

Available Internship In Japan For English Speakers

There are different internships in Japan for English speakers, and Marriott International offers programs for university students and graduates to kickstart their dream careers which as internship opportunities, and the program is known as the Voyage program.

Marriott International welcomes recent university graduates to experience the career development adventure of a lifetime and a world of leadership opportunities.

Their global leadership development program, Voyage, propels participants on a mentored, learning-inspired journey to prepare them for a successful career.

Voyage is an 18 months full-time program, upon graduation, Voyagers are ready to step into a Marriott supervisory or entry-level management role right away because the program has provided a foundation for future leadership.

The internship includes;

1. Japan – Voyage Program – Sales & Marketing

2. Japan – Voyage Program – Rooms

3. Japan – Voyage Program – Food & Beverage

4. Japan – Voyage Program – Finance

5. Japan – Voyage Program – Human Resources

Benefits Of The Program

The experience you’ll gain are numerous such as;

  • Cultivate customer relationships
  • Be a champion for innovation within the organization
  • Get exposure to managing projects & people
  • Improve processes & pitch new initiatives through your Voyage project
  • Take on special projects that will draw upon all your training
  • Participate in management meetings and collaborate with Voyage participants worldwide
  • Solve challenges, as well as offer ideas and innovative solutions
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  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent higher-level education required (Associates degree acceptable for Culinary)
  • Superior critical-thinking & interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to foster relationships & work collaboratively
  • Self-manage & be a self-starter
  • Real desire for personal & professional growth
  • Work authorization in the country you apply

To become a Voyage participant, you must have graduated from a university or hotel school within the past year. Those currently enrolled in a college/university with expected graduation date within 12 months of the date of application may also be considered.

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Salary Of Interns In Japan

The average hourly salary for an Internship is usually between 1,000 and 2,000 yen.

Conclusion On Internships In Japan For English Speakers 2023/2024

You can find the above lists of Internship In Japan For English Speakers. I can assure you that some of these jobs have an attractive salary, and there are also additional benefits with you learning and working in a conducive environment.

Now’s your chance, with this selection of Internship In Japan For English Speakers, You, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up in Japan to continue your passion.

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The article above gives crucial information related to the Internships In Japan For English Speakers 2023/2024  for high school students to start applying now.

After your search, applying, and finally getting recruited, you can henceforth enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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