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Gain valuable training and experience by completing an internship with one of Australia’s leading organizations as an international student. They will all be highlighted here in this article, so make sure to get the right one suitable for you.

These internships will give international students the opportunity for career exploration and development and to learn new skills, and the fascinating aspect is that this particular one will be paid for you.

It offers you employment opportunities as you bring new ideas and energy into the workplace, your developed talent and potential into the field you find yourself in.

Eligibility Criteria For Internship

  • All Australia Internship Program applicants are expected to have an appropriate academic background related to the internship placement duties.
  • International students holding valid Australian student visas are also eligible for internships. New Zealand passport holders do not need to re-apply for a visa in order to intern in Australia.
  • You will not initiate the process to apply for your visa until your internship placement is fully confirmed but until then, please start preparing all the necessary documents.
  • Students who have completed at least one year of university work and have grade point averages above 2.5 will be eligible for most internships.
  • Applicants must be eligible to apply for the Temporary Activities Visa (subclass 408 – Invited Participant stream)
  • It is the Australian government policy that all internships in Australia must be for academic credit. Academic credit can be arranged through TEAN’s school of record.
  • Alternatively, applicants can submit proof that they are receiving credit through their home institution. The amount of required coursework will vary for each placement and the school that provides the academic credit.
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Make sure to contact the Intern Melbourne team in order to assist you if you have any queries to make the process easy and straightforward.

Available Internships For International Students

With these, you will have the opportunity to make meaningful local connections in your in-person internship while building a strong, global network of talented peers through the in-person and online elements of our program.

1. International Student Interns w/ Indonesian or Mandarin skills-work at CBD

International student interns with Indonesian or Mandarin language skills are invited to join an elite international college with a beautiful campus located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, which is very close to Flagstaff train station

The interns will learn the following Job tasks from experienced team members, supervising staff, and the management team at the college:

  • Administration, Front desk duties, Printing, Filing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc
  • Processing Payment Plans
  • Process student admissions through the student management system
  • Provide good customer service to students and staff
  • Follow-up on students who require academic support
  • Responding to and managing a range of student inquiries
  • Coordinating and scheduling classes
  • Preparing student and trainer paperwork for courses
  • Data entry of student enrolments, attendance, and student completion
  • Make sure that accurate testamurs and statements of attainment are issued on completion
Auditing student files for compliance Internship Selection Criteria:
  • Being hardworking, willing to learn, and having a good team spirit
  • Having good customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Having a good can-do attitude, and being willing to solve problems
  • Being able to adapt to changes and work under pressure

2. GHD Summer Internship 2023 – Digital Consulting – Australia & New Zealand

As an undergraduate in GHD, you will be provided with practical, on-the-job experience within a field aligned with your studies and where possible, to your aspirational career path.

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Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by one of the Talent Acquisition team members, hence, if your application is shortlisted, you will be contacted for a Video Interview, where you’ll get the chance to introduce yourself and make another positive impression on both the TA team and hiring managers.

Take note that, all the summer internship positions commence in late November / early December (depending on your exam timetable) and will run across the summer break in a full-time capacity until late February.

3. Technical Assistance Intern.

This internship is offering students the opportunity to apply for their training in the areas of international developments and grant management combined with both public and private sectors’ interests.

4. Experience Manager

The International Internships is searching for an experienced manager to facilitate internships and study intensives in Indonesia, primarily for students of Australian universities.

Most students that participate in our programs gain academic credit through a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) unit. They also provide career mentoring, professional skills development, cross-cultural communication, and language training.

To apply make use of this link [email protected] make sure that your completed application should include a cover letter of up to two pages addressing the selection criteria, along with your CV.

5. The intern group

The intern group has great opportunities for a global internship program for international students and the pay is also very attractive when merged with a company.

Apply Now

Period Internship For Immigrants

Australian Internships advises that you allow a minimum of three to six months to make the necessary arrangements for the internship and visa processing. Lead times for the programs vary and are as follows:

  • Professional Internship Program: 3-4 months lead time (2-3 months for WHV and working visa holders)
  • Hospitality Internship Program: 6-8 months lead time (4-5 months for WHV and working visa holders)
  • Stipend Internship Program: 3-4 months lead time (3 months for WHV and working visa holders)
  • Aged Care Internship Program: 3-4 months lead time (2-3 months for WHV and working visa holders)
  • Working Holiday Internship Program: 2-3 months lead time
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Conclusion On Internship In Melbourne For International Students

You can for yourself the above lists of internships for international students in Melbourne and I can assure you that it has an attractive salary and there are also additional benefits with you learning and working in a conducive environment also.

Now’s your chance, with this selection of Melbourne internships for international students, You, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up or migrating to Melbourne to continue your passion.

The article above gives crucial information related to the Internship In Melbourne For International Students 2023/2024  for candidates to start applying now.

After your search, applying, and finally getting admitted, you can henceforth enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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