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During every flight, flight controllers are directly responsible for thousands of lives and play a key role in keeping flights on schedule. Protecting the lives of passengers and crew is extremely important when conducting flight control.

Becoming a flight controller requires different qualifications, skills, knowledge, and experience amongst others and all that will be outlined in this article for interested candidates.

For a lot of people, becoming a controller is a dream job, but landing the role is not easy and must be done through specific channels, flight controllers are not just confined to the airport tower but can also work in a number of stations around and between major airports.

Flight controllers are well respected because of the risk and importance of their job receiving handsome pay as well, now proceed below to know the details concerning how to become a flight attendant.

Who Is A Flight Controller?

The Flight Controller oversees the safety of flight control operations by reviewing flight data and flight control systems. They resolve issues during real-time flight control operations. He/She leads the investigation into operational issues and recovers the flight networks.

The media in the United States frequently refers to them as air controllers, or flight controllers, most air traffic professionals use the term air traffic controllers, ATCOs, or controllers.

Flight Controllers check flight plans, give pilots clearance for takeoff or landing, and direct the movement of aircraft and other traffic on the runways and in other parts of the airport. Most work from control towers, observing the traffic they control.

The thing is that most flight controllers work either for the government or the military, so they have assessment criteria and training which you must pass at each point it arises, and since they are paying the bill indirectly, the taxpayer always pays, and they decide if you are good enough.

One of the significant ways the job is that a flight controller will become intimately familiar with every aspect fo their airspace, their airport or their enroute sectors

Skills Of A Flight Controller

Flight controllers are generally individuals who are well organized, are quick with numeric computations and mathematics, have assertive and firm decision-making skills, are able to maintain their composure under pressure and possess excellent short-term memory.

Typically, successful air traffic controllers have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and decision-making abilities and work well as members of a team.

Understanding the steps necessary to succeed in this role can contribute to your success while pursuing this career.

  • Concentration skills.
  • Knowledge of transport methods, costs and benefits.
  • The ability to use your judgement and make decisions.
  • The ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Complex problem-solving skills.
  • To be thorough and pay attention to detail.

Through numerous studies throughout the decades, it has been demonstrated that traffic controllers usually have a superior visual memory, and in addition, studies have shown that air traffic controllers generally have a degree of situational awareness that is significantly better than the population average.

In ‘games’ involving short-term memory, peer-induced stresses, and real-time risk analysis, air traffic control specialists scored better than the control group in every experiment[citation needed.

Qualifications To Be A Flight Controller

Controllers with at least one year of air traffic control experience in the U.S.military or the opportunities can apply without taking an exam.

Those without experience must be under the age of 31 and pass a pre-employment exam to be considered.

Excellent hearing and speaking skills are a requirement, and trainees undergo rigorous physical and psychological testing.

Almost universally, controllers are subjected to rigid medical and mental exams to ensure safety in the air traffic system.

In the United States, for example, all air traffic controllers are required to take and pass a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory before being hired by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Requirements Of A Flight Controller

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to pass a thorough background check and meet age, citizenship, and physical requirements.
  • A combination of more education or experience may be preferred.
  • Successful completion of training programs.
  • Additional certifications may be required.
  • Exceptional communication and decision-making skills.
  • Familiarity with technology, including radio and computer equipment.
  • Attention to detail and ability to maintain thorough and accurate records.

How To Become A Flight Controller

These are the following steps to becoming a flight controller and they include;

  1. Ensure to apply and enrol in an aviation agency such as FAA or U.S. military so as to begin your journey to become a flight controller
  2. Graduates of the FAA Academy start out as developmental controllers, relaying basic information on airports and flight conditions to pilots.
  3. The FAA helps controllers advance to different positions with on-the-job training, which normally also includes simulations and class study.
  4. Controllers who pass all steps of training receive the FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist Certificate and Control Tower Operator Certificate.
  5. It takes approximately two to four years for new controllers to receive full FAA certification, but experienced controllers can get certified more quickly.
  6. Once certified, controllers can request transfers to other locations or advance to the position of supervisor.

Salary Of Flight Controllers

Air traffic controllers consistently rank among the list of best-paying jobs. The average annual wage of a controller was ​$130,420​ in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The top-earning 10 per cent received at least ​$184,780​ per year. In addition to experience, location also affects income.


Is being an air traffic controller worth it?

Air traffic controllers qualify for a complete package of federal benefits, including annual leave, sick leave, and life and health insurance, according to the FAA. They also receive federal retirement benefits and can participate in the government’s Thrift Savings Plan.

Job satisfaction is high on the list of benefits to being a controller. It’s a respected profession and a very rewarding one.

How long does it take to be an air traffic controller?

Becoming an air traffic controller takes a year followed by periods of further qualification and observation or on-the-job training

It may take about 4 years & 5 months – 7 years & 5 months to become an air traffic controller. You must spend 3-4 years completing pre-employment qualifications.

Then, if you land a job right away, you need to spend 2-4 months in FAA training and then another 1.5-3 years in on-the-job training before the FAA certifies you.

Who is a good air traffic controller?

Being able to learn to be a good controller is the first thing. There are many skills one has to master. Phraseology, rules, procedures, airspace, and communications with aircraft and other controllers all must be mastered through classroom study and simulation prior to beginning OJT.

Are air traffic controllers in demand?

There is a very high demand for Controllers and it is expected to go up, with an expected 4,360 new jobs filled by 2029.

Conclusion On How To Become A Flight Controller 2023/2024

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