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Looking for excellent talents to work on cruise ships and in luxury hotels worldwide. If you are a musician, please go through all the information which will be provided in this article then.

If you’re passionate about music, rewarding career opportunities are available. Everyone knows that music is a highly lucrative industry, especially when you get one in a hotel or cruise.


Now head below to get all the available musician jobs that you can consider, especially if you do not want to be done with the music industry.

Job Description

Hotel or Cruise ship musicians enjoy many perks, such as a regular paycheck, low expenses, and the opportunity to travel while playing music.


The primary “pro” of being a professional musician is enjoying your art and earning an income while following your passion and doing what you love.

You have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, travel, and have a variety of new experiences, often while courting an admiring fan base.


The highest level of professional musicians can earn a healthy salary, either as solo artists, session players or as part of a group or band. Other benefits include:

  • Perfecting your craft
  • Contributing to the artistic community
  • Making industry contacts that can help advance your career in other performance areas

Available Hotel Musician Jobs

If you are a musician that seeks to work in a hotel to continue this passion of yours, then go through the available and currently open positions to apply for now.

Lime Music Entertainment has so many musician jobs; allow Lime Entertainment the privilege of realizing your potential as a cruise ship entertainer to connect you to a world that will excite and stimulate you, both on and off the stage.

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They look forward to working with you, providing you with the performing opportunities you deserve, and to treating you with the respect and professionalism you equally deserve.

  • Showband Musician
  • Soloists
  • Groups
  • Dancers & Singers

They include;

1. Soloist

As cruise ship musicians, soloists are individual entertainers who perform either vocal or instrumental music or a combination of the two.

Some soloists perform in the same lounge each night, while others play in various venues around the ship. Soloists must have an extensive repertoire of songs and, as the job title suggests, must be comfortable and confident in entertaining a crowd without the help of a backing band.

The vacancies include;

  • Piano Bar 

Piano bar entertainers put on a show each night, entertaining guests by taking requests and performing everyone’s favorite sing-alongs until the early morning.

You are genuinely there to entertain; banter and crowd rapport are just as important as the songs you sing. If your act combines Billy Joel and Elton John, contemporary pop, rap, country, Broadway, and Freddie Mercury, drag your mouse over to the apply button immediately.

  • Guitar Soloist

Guitar soloists bring the best of Dylan, Neil Young, and the Beatles and then add their twist on classic rock, the ’80s, R&B, country, and pop tunes.

The ability to turn any venue into a sing-along pub is an essential part of the job. Loopers, harmonizers, harmonicas, and other gadgets are all welcome, but no backing tracks are allowed.

If mash-ups, impromptu conga lines, and The Proclaimers sound like your cup of tea, go ahead and send on over your reel.

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2. Singers

Belting out your strongest note, showcasing your finest falsetto, and everything in between will come into play while performing on a ship. And don’t forget to find your spot!

Male Singers:

  • Must be comfortable performing pop and rock and able to harmonize
  • Tenors and bari-tenors with solid falsetto extension.
  • Must be able to sing and sustain up to A4 comfortably; falsetto to F5
  • Strong, physically fit, masculine, and able to command the stage
  • Must be able to move well

Female Singers:

  • Must be comfortable performing pop and rock and able to harmonize
  • Controlled belt/mix to F5 and falsetto to C6
  • Must be physically fit, lean, and able to command the stage
  • Must be able to move well

3. Showband Musicians

The cruise ship Showband musician is, simply put, a badass. That’s because you’d be hard-pressed to find another performance-based job, on land or at sea, that demands such a diverse skill set.

Showband musicians must have the ability to sight-read and improvise well, and equally important, the versatility to perform many different styles (rock, pop, jazz, funk, Latin) and to assimilate a large amount of music in a short amount of time.

It is, essentially, the ocean’s equivalent of the studio musician. Showbands are generally used to play Vegas-style production shows, accompany headlining entertainers, and perform rock and jazz sets for guests; the wide variety of music, as well as the opportunity to play with many other talented musicians, makes this job both challenging and highly rewarding.

some vacancies include;

  • Guitarists
  • Bassists
  • Keyboardists
  • Saxophonists
  • Vocalists
  • Drummers
  • Trumpeters
  • Trombonists
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Salary Of Hotel/Cruise Musicians

Average Musician or Singer Hourly Pay; Hourly Rate. $15 – $101 ; Bonus. $14 – $52k

The cruise musician’s salary can range from $2000 to $3300/month!

How To Apply

To apply, refer to the link below, go through all the available musician jobs you can get, and apply for one.

Apply Now

Conclusion Hotel Musician Jobs 2023/2024

You can see the above list of Hotel Musician Jobs 2023/2024, with the additional benefits of learning and working in a strategic environment.

Now’s your chance; with this selection of Hotel Musician Jobs 2023/2024, you have no limitation in taking them up to start your work.

The article above gives crucial information about the Hotel Musician Jobs 2023/2024  for you to start applying.

After your search, applying, and finally getting employed, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to gain a beautiful experience.

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