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Hello dear, are you excited just like every other person with the thought of Paris, the lovable city with the famous tower? Oh yes, I believe you are, now you are wondering how I get a hotel job in Paris? The country with one of the best hotels Worldwide.

Hotels like Hotel Plaza Athenee, Costees, and Mandarin Oriental to mention but a few. Let’s talk a little about the famous city Paris which is the capital of France, It is the most populous city in France with amazing tourist sites that attracts tourist to the city.

The famous Paris tower where everyone wants to stand behind and take a shoot.

Well, let us dive in straight to the business of today which is How to apply for Hotel jobs in Paris, before the application let us discuss some overview of hotel jobs.

Job Description

A hotel job is one of the best jobs with the best paying structure and one will enjoy doing it, you get a lot of benefits working in a hotel.

Apart from offering accommodations, there are many other services rendered in a top-notch hotel, the services range from resorts, spa services, buffet services events planning and hosting, and many other services so you can see that the job opportunities are limitless.

Departments In A Top-Notch Hotel In Paris

We have various departments one can easily land a lucrative job position in a hotel as fast as possible.

  1. GUEST SERVICE AND CUSTOMER CARE: This department involves all client-facing staff starting from the reservation officer, the potter, the receptionist, the front office manager etc.
  2. THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT: This involves the restaurant and the bar attendants.
  3. THE SECURITY DEPARTMENT: This involves both the in-house and outdoor security services, the bodyguards, the cops, and government security officials.
  4. THE KITCHEN STAFF: This involves the service of the cook, chef, kitchen assistant, and executive chef.
  5. THE POOL ATTENDANT: The scrub and pool washer, the lifeguard.
  6. THE FACILITY DEPARTMENT: This involves the maintenance officer, the technical engineer, the electrical engineer, and the facility manager.
  7. THE LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT: This involves the laundry man.
  8. THE MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT: This involves all management staff from the general manager to every other head of the department.
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There are basic skill sets one is expected to possess before considering applying for any hotel job, these skills sets are but are not limited to,

  1. COMMUNICATION SKILL: The ability to communicate effectively both oral and written communication is very key and important.
  2. INTERPERSONAL SKILL: To excel in your hotel job you need to have great interpersonal skills in relating to different people.
  3. COMPUTER PROFICIENCY: You need to have the basic knowledge of how to use the computer and navigate your way on the system.
  4. FAST LEARNER AND ACCURACY: To excel you need to be a fast learner and be accurate in your daily dealings to avoid some unnecessary mistakes.
  5. HONESTY: You have to be honest and sincere as you will be dealing with a different set of people from different parts of the world.
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Basic Requirements

Just like every other foreign job requirements, there are basic requirements for every foreigner in any country these includes

  1. PASSPORT PAPER: You need your passport paper before proceeding with any job application as a foreigner in any country.
  2. VISA APPLICATION: You need to apply for your visa before applying for any job as a foreigner.
  3. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: You need your original copy of your birth certificate before applying for the hotel job as a foreigner.
  4. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION PAPERS/DOCUMENTS: You need to have your educational papers like a statement of results, transcript, and certificate before applying for the hotel jobs.

Disqualifiers For Getting Hired For Hotel Jobs In Paris

Just like any other country, there are some factors that can make one’s application for hotel jobs in Paris as a foreigner unsuccessful, and these factors include but are not limited to

  • Felony: If you have any case of felony you might not be considered for the job offer.
  •  Ex-convict: If you have been convicted previously for any crime you might not be considered for the job offer, especially as a foreigner.
  • Drug addiction: If you a tested positive without a doctor’s prescription for any usage of hard drugs you are most likely not going to be considered for the employment offer.
  • Health issues: There are some diseases that might pose a danger to the health of the people and might make your application rejected.

Salary Expectations For Hotel Jobs In Paris

From research, it is believed that the basic salary for a hotel job in Paris as a Hotel Front Desk Clerk is €22,938 a year and €11 an hour.

The average salary range for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk is between €20,840 and €27,101. This sounds interesting, right?

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Apply  Now!!

Summary Of Hotel Jobs In Paris

From the details shared in this article, you would find out that hotel jobs in Paris are very lucrative and one can easily get hired even as a foreigner.

The basic skill required is not that much and even without a formal education one can acquire those skill sets. Another advantage is that there is a very high demand for hotel staff in Paris, as Paris seems to be of the cities with the highest rate of immigrants and tourist sites.

Getting a hotel job will be a very good decision one should consider making. If you have considered that kindly apply for the job opportunities immediately without hesitation.

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