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Homelessness is one of the biggest and devasting issues that nearly all countries face for it poses as a threat to the lives and properties of every individual even though you may be an adult.

Hundreds of homeless adults die each year from diseases, untreated medical conditions, lack of nutrition, starvation, and exposure to extreme cold or hot weather.

There are various homeless shelters which has been out in place by government, organizations and other bodies to help curb the menace of homelessness amongst the adults.

Now proceed as you dive into this article, getting updated about homeless shelters that you can apply and be catered for, all services they provide and what they entail about.

What Are Homeless Shelters?

A homeless adult is an individual without permanent housing who may live on the streets; stay in a shelter, mission, single-room occupancy facility, abandoned building or vehicle; or in any other unstable or non-permanent situation.

The lack of affordable housing is a national crisis for everyone: college students, the working poor, lower- and middle-class individuals experiencing unexpected catastrophes, and people on fixed incomes.

All are swelling the ranks of the homeless Shifts in the economy, both nationally and locally, can create challenges for people to earn an adequate income, pay for food and for housing.

Arise has worked for decades to help remove these barriers, playing a vital role in helping out homeless people, which will also be discussed in this article.

Lists Of Top Homeless Shelters

  1. Corp Shelter
  2. Hearts of Hope Shelter
  3. RCCG The Shelter
  4. The Destitute Home
  5. Home For Homeless Foundation
  6. Acacia Network: Emergency Housing
  7. Somerville Homeless Coalition Adult Shelter.
  8. Turning Point Single Adult
  9. New York City Homeless Shelters
  10. Family in Transition – Adult Emergency
  11. Marsha’s House
  12. Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter
  13. HRA Men’s Shelter
  14. Pillars Adult & Family Shelter
  15. Trinity Place Shelter
  16. Ujima Village Overnight Shelter
  17. Pillars Adult Shelter
  18. HOPE Shelters
  19. Adult Shelter Connect
  20. HELP Women’s Shelter
  21. Catholic Charities 801 East Men’s Shelter
  22. Bailey’s Shelter & Supportive Housing
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Available Homeless Shelters Near Me For Adults

1. Contra Costa Health Service

The Contra Costa Health Service provide an Emergency Shelters for Adults.

The emergency shelter program for adults provides shelter and case management services to assist residents in ending their homelessness and attaining their highest level of self-sufficiency.

There are two emergency shelter sites; one in Concord the other in Richmond. Both facilities operate 24 hours a day and have the capacity to serve over 160 men and women.

They also offer a specialized program for individuals 18-21 years of age. If involved in case management, residents may stay up to 120 days.

Concord Shelter Brookside Shelter Services include:

  • Meals
  • Laundry facilities
  • Mail
  • Telephones
  • Case management (resources, advocacy, and guidance)
  • Referrals

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2. Single Adult Men and Women Agency: OPEN DOOR SHELTER, THE

This agency participates in a Unified Intake process and does not accept individual requests for shelter.

Callers in need of shelter must call 2-1-1 for a referral. Emergency shelter for single adult men and women. Intake takes place after 211 appointment referral.

Shelter hours for single residents are M-Sun: 4:30pm-8:30am. Shelter is partially wheelchair accessible (client must be able to maneuver bed/shower/bathroom facilities independently).

Shelter accepts adults who are being detoxed. Shelter accepts pregnant women and they can stay after the baby is born. Also operates a breakfast, lunch and dinner hot meal program called the Manna House on the premises.

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3. The Salvation Army

At The Salvation Army, their doors are open every day – and night – of the year.

Through their emergency housing facilities, homeless shelters, transitional living centres, group homes, and family shelters, they provide over 10 million nights of lodging annually.

In addition to supplying shelter from the elements, beds, food, and basic hygiene resources to those in need, they help combat long-term homelessness in America by serving homeless adults, veterans, and children with holistic physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

  • Homeless Shelters

For those with no place to go or in need of emergency shelter, local Salvation Army homeless shelters provide a warm, safe place for men, women, and – whenever possible – families to stay.

In cities where they do not operate homeless shelters, they offer financial assistance to cover emergency overnight housing costs or refer those facing housing and food insecurity to partner programs with emergency shelter services.

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Even during a pandemic, their homeless shelters evolved and innovated to serve their neighbours in need despite the ongoing challenges.

  • Transitional Housing.

Salvation Army transitional housing programs offer hope to the temporarily displaced, chronically homeless population and many young adults who have aged out of the foster care system.

For those experiencing a recent eviction, domestic breakup, addiction issue, or any other housing crisis, their temporary shelters provide homeless individuals with food and lodging while equipping them with the resources and support needed to regain stability.

Often their facilities will partner with other local agencies to serve a particular community’s needs. For instance, the Salvation Army White Mountain Outpost has teamed up with the White Mountain Coalition Against Homelessness to open and run a brand-new transitional housing program in Lakeside, Arizona.

  • Permanent Supportive Housing

The Salvation Army’s long-term housing services range from supportive facilities for the elderly and affordable housing programs for low-income seniors to apartment assistance for vulnerable young adults and dedicated living complexes for homeless adults and families.

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4. CAMBA Adult Shelter

In 2021, CAMBA placed 229 homeless single adults into permanent housing.

CAMBA’s Single Adult Shelters offers meals, 24/7 security, and on-site comprehensive services including case management, housing assistance, creative arts therapy, and medical and psychiatric services.

Residents have access to a trauma informed workforce that develops an individualized service plan to meet their immediate needs and partners with the residents to find the most appropriate permanent housing setting as quickly as possible.

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5. San Diego Housing Commission

The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) and City of San Diego (City) Homelessness Programs provide temporary shelter, supportive services, and permanent housing to some of the City’s most vulnerable residents.

SDHC administers shelter, transitional housing, supportive services, and rapid rehousing (RRH) programs on behalf of the City through several Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).

SDHC also administers RRH and Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) programs through several U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) grants.

SDHC operates several direct service programs for individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the City. The programs address the immediate shelter needs of San Diegans experiencing homelessness.

The shelters provide safe, low-barrier, temporary housing, as well as stabilization and supportive services to prepare individuals and families experiencing homelessness for the most appropriate housing solutions.

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How To Find Shelters

In cases like this, local shelters are your best bet. Shelters are designed to provide accommodation for people with nowhere to go. In some cities, the shelters can be packed. Most shelters also have curfew

 The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Find Shelter tool provides information about housing, shelter, health care, and clothing resources in communities across the country. Click on one of the categories, enter your location, and click Search to get started.

Conclusion On Homeless Shelters Near Me For Adults 2023/2024

Now, if you want to get Homeless Shelters Near Me For Adults or are captivated by the above programs, then ensure to apply for one so as to relieve yourself and your kid(s) of so much stress.

Now’s your chance with this U.S. Homeless Shelters Near Me For Adults selection.

Therefore, you have no limits regarding being a family from applying for Homeless Shelters Near Me For Adults .

The application website gives crucial information related to Homeless Shelters Near Me For Adults 2023/2024 for candidates to start applying now.

After applying and getting approved, you can subsequently enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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