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Ph.D. programs prepare candidates for careers in academia, research, government, or industry. Hence, if you wish to get a fully funded PhD. Program as an international student then goes through this post.

This post will provide you with a full range of options on fully funded universities that sponsor PhD. Programs for the 2023/2024 academic session, and make sure to apply to those that suit your desires.

Also, there are scholarships for this PhD program in different disciplines or courses for you to gain access to as a compilation is made for you here on this post, so I admonish you to navigate the post to get your best result.

PhD. Programs 2023

Ph.D., or Doctor of Philosophy, refers to the postgraduate degrees awarded to candidates after completing the university program.

There are a variety of disciplines in which candidates can earn a PhD and there are programs around the world that offer top-notch education facilitated by faculty that are experts in their field.

Fully Funded Ph.D. Programs Include;
  • Doctor Of Philosophy in Business Administration
  1. Ph.D. BA – Project Management
  2. Ph.D. BA – Industrial/organizational psychology
  3. Ph.D. BA – Homeland Security
  4. Ph.D. BA – Health Services
  5. Ph.D. BA – Financial management
  6. Ph.D. BA – Advanced Accounting
  7. Ph.D. BA – Organizational Leadership
  • Doctor Of Philosophy In Psychology
  1. Ph.D. PSY – Addictions
  2. Ph.D. PSY – Gerontology
  3. Ph.D. PSY – Trauma and disaster Relieve
  4. Ph.D. PSY – Counselling Psychology
  5. Ph.D. PSY – Industrial-organizational psychology
  • Ph.D. In Languages And Culture
  1. Language
  2. Literature & Linguistics
  3. Culture
  4. Communication
  5. Pedagogy
  6. Technology
  7. Translation
  8. Gender and Visual Studies
  • Ph.D. in Science
  1. Chemistry
  2. Environmental & Ecological Science
  3. Marine Science
  4. Mathematical & Computational Science
  5. Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology
  6. Neuroscience
  7. Physics

Fully Funded Universities For Ph.D. Programs (Europe & U.S.A Inclusive) For International Students 2023/2024

  • Swansea University Engineering Research Ph.D. Scholarship in, UK
  • RMIT Research Scholarship in Australia
  • University of Tokyo Atsumi International Scholarship in Japan
  • University of Cambridge International Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
  • Czech Republic Government Scholarship for Developing Countries
  • Full Ph.D. Scholarships at the University of Warwick for International Students
  • 100 MOUNAF Scholarships for African Students
  • University of Sydney International Postgraduate Scholarship in Australia
  • Government of Mexico African/International Students Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
  • Fully funded Hamburg University Ph.D. Scholarships for Nigerian Scholars, Germany
  • The University of Newcastle Fully Funded Postgraduate Scholarships – Australia
  • Facebook Emerging Scholars Program
  • Harvard University Academy Scholars Program
  • Alzheimer’s Research UK Ph.D. Scholarship
  • Knight Hennessy Scholars Program
  • Study in Mexico Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
  • Fully Funded Ph.D. International Scholarships at University of Macerata in Italy,
  • 600 Fully Funded Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship
  • International Ph.D. Scholarship for Students at Polish Academy of Sciences
  • University of Auckland Full Ph.D. Scholarships in New Zealand.
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Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships For International Students 2023

This is a list of Ph.D. Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students

1. Australia Awards Scholarships – Ph.D. Degrees

          -Study in: Australia

          -Deadline Application: 29 April 2023 (annual) and the course starts in 2023

2. FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship – Ph.D. Degree

          -Study in: any Country

          -Deadline: 30 June 2023 (Annual) and course starts 2023

3. JFUNU Scholarships for Ph.D. in Sustainability Science – Ph.D. Degree

          -Study in Japan

          -Deadline: 28 March 2023 (annual), and course starts September 2023.

4. Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships Programme at KU Leuven – Ph.D. Degree

          -Study in Belgium

          -Deadline: 15 Jan/29 Apr 2023 (annual), and the course starts October 2023

5. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships – Ph.D. Degree

          -Study in Germany

          -Deadline: 30 Nov 2021/31 May 2023 (Annual), and the course starts Winter/Summer 2023

6. University of Sydney International Scholarship – Ph.D. Degree

          -Study in Australia

          -Deadline: 30 Sept 2023, and the course starts in 2023

7. Singapore International Graduate Award – Ph.D. Degree

          -Study in Singapore

         -Deadline: 1 June 2023 (annual), and the Next course starts Jan 2023

8. Fulbright Foreign Student Program in the USA – Ph.D. Degrees

          -Study in the USA

          -Deadline: varies, Feb-Oct 2023, and the course starts AY 2023-2024

9. Türkiye Scholarships for International Students – Ph.D. Degree

          -Study in Turkey

          -Deadline: 20 Feb 2023 (annual), and the course starts in 2023.

10. K.U. Leuven University Ph.D. Scholarships for Developing Countries – Ph.D. Degree

          -Tuition fees, Health and Life insurance, partner and child allowances, monthly stipend, and travel are all covered in this scholarship.

11. University of Tokyo Masters and Ph.D. Scholarships – Ph.D. Degree

          -financially support Self-Supported International Students whose academic performance is outstanding and increase the number of students from abroad.

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12. University of Copenhagen 2023 Ph.D. Fellowship at the Department of Food and Resource Economics

          -is inviting applications for Ph.D. scholarships to start from 1 September 2023 or later.

13. Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) Ph.D. Scholarships for Developing Countries

          -holds a competition for awarding Ph.D. scholarships to citizens of developing countries.

          -In this scholarship, you are awarded a UCL Ph.D. scholarship that includes support for up to 36 months

14. Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships in the UK 

          -Everything is covered by this scholarship; all allowances and costs, including that of your partner and kids.

15. Hungary Government Scholarship – Ph.D.

          -Study in Hungary

          – cover tuition fees, stipend of HUF 43,700/month, accommodation contribution of HUF 40 000/month and medical insurance for up to HUF 65 000 a year/person

16. Stanford University Scholarships – Ph.D.

          -Study in USA

          -offering full tuition fees, traveling allowance, Living allowance, and academic expenses.

17. Gates Cambridge Scholarship – Ph.D.

          -Study In the UK

          -provides a £17,500 stipend per annum, health insurance, academic development funding up to £2,000, and family allowance up to £10,120.

18. Bangkok Government Scholarship – Ph.D.

          -Study In Thailand

          -Covers 100% of tuition fees and a monthly stipend and accommodation in 16.000 Baht.

19. Yale University Scholarships – Ph.D.

          -Study In the USA

          -Scholarships vary from a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 per year; the average Yale need-based scholarship is over $50,000.

20. Ph.D. Scholarship by Cyprus International University

          -Study In Cyprus

          -The scholarships are for deserving students with exceeding and outstanding academic achievement who wish to enroll in a degree program at the Institution.

Applying For Ph.D. Fully Funded Programs

Application and eligibility criteria for Ph.D. scholarships are as varied as the different organizations who offer them. So, your first step should always be to check the details before you apply. This Fully funded Ph.D. Program providers will generally want to see some or all of the following in your application:

  • A personal statement explaining your situation and funding needs. Some funders may want to know about your Ph.D. project; others will be more interested in your background, values, and career goals.
  • Details of your academic qualifications, potentially including degree transcripts. This is more likely for academic scholarships where selection committees seek to identify the best students who apply.
  • Some applications may also ask for supporting references from your previous tutors or from your prospective Ph.D. supervisor.
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If you aren’t sure how to apply for a Ph.D. scholarship, get in touch with the funding body and check, it’s better to take a bit more time preparing now than to waste an application because you’ve missed an essential requirement.

Application Tips For Getting A Fully Funded Scholarship

Applying for Ph.D. scholarships (fully funded) can be a busy time, particularly if you’re also applying for your Ph.D. itself. Follow these steps to make the process easier (and hopefully more successful!):

  1. Be organized – to maximize your chances of success, and you’ll want to consider several scholarships and apply for at least a few. Start by putting together a shortlist, clarifying application requirements, and working back from deadlines.
  2. Check the criteria – we mentioned this above, but it’s worth repeating: an application for a scholarship you aren’t eligible for is a big waste of your time.

Conclusion On Fully Funded Ph.D. Programs For International Students 2023/2024

The Fully Funded Ph.D. Programs For International Students 2023/2024 has been compiled above for easy navigation and for you to choose from the numerous list above the option that best suits you.
After applying and finally getting into this Fully Funded Ph.D. program for any course or discipline of your choice in 2023/2024, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.
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