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In Dubai, Fruit Packing Jobs provides a sequence of maintenance in fruit, vegetables, and other related fruit products.

It is required for selected candidates to bring in their authentic credentials or document for Fruit Packing. In Dubai; Fruit Packing Jobs employs eligible, vibrant, interested, and aspiring candidates for the Fruit Company.

The Fruit Packing candidates should bring all their concrete requirements to avoid any blockage concerning the job.

It is advisable for selected candidates to strictly follow every piece of information concerning the Fruit Packing Jobs. 

The reason for the selected or shortlisted candidates or applicants to follow every instruction is to enable them to have a successful entry for the job.

This article will surface some crucial information about the Fruit Packing Jobs for the candidates to know more about the packing job.

Job Description

The Dubai Fruit Packing: there is a need for a food packager while processing fruit packing; there is no need for formal qualification while applying for food packing.

A fruit packager saddles the responsibility of regulating, controlling, processing, and managing the Fruit Packing in Dubai.

The fruit packager induces the act of performing the final process of fruit products before it is known to the public.

Every fruit, food, or vegetable product must contain defective, spoilt, or unused products in an industry or factory.

The fruit packager is the one to perform the final check, verify, and cross-check every product regarding fruit packing.

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While the fruit packing is carried on the ship, they ensure the safety of the fruits, vegetables, and the ones related to fruit products.

The fruit packager provides a well-defined (detailed) record of fruit packages on the loading area or inventory, ships, and other prominent places.

A packager is responsible for ensuring that the Fruit Package arrives at the specified location required by its customer.

In a fruit packing work duty, attention, cooperation, agility, and perseverance are needed for the company’s promotion, growth, and development.

The fruit packager has the mind of gifted extinctions in the way of processes and guarantees their work to put through.


These are the requirements From a Fruit Packager:

  1. The Fruit Packager follows every guideline of the company
  2. The Fruit Packager pack storage in a safe way
  3. The Fruit Packager weighs items before it is being shipped
  4. The Fruit Packager label fruit packages
  5. The Fruit Packager detects spoiled items
  6. The Fruit Packager completes the final stage of the fruit package

Skills needed

These are the skills From a Fruit Packager:

  1. The Fruit Packager has the ability of verbal instruction
  2. The Fruit Packager has the power of written instruction
  3. The Fruit Packager has the skills of essential tools such as; hand tools
  4. The Fruit Packager possesses strong communication
  5. The Fruit Packager has the desire to work hard
  6. The Fruit Packager aspires to a sense mind of cooperation

The Benefits

Here are the benefits below:

  1. The Fruit Packager defines the growth of direction role
  2. The Fruit Packager guides the company’s tactical formation
  3. The Fruit Packager expects a life-changing possession
  4. The Fruit Packager expects the company to vacate
  5. The Fruit Packager makes essential plans
  6. The Fruit Packager requires reliable input.


Here are the responsibilities of a Fruit Packager below:

  1. The Fruit Packager completes the company record concerning the details sales
  2. The Fruit Packager maintains permanent working plans
  3. The Fruit Packager properly uses tools materials
  4. The Fruit Packager possesses the safety of these tools; the hand tools, glues e.t.c
  5. The Fruit Packager observes the company standard.
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Biggest Fruit Packing Jobs in Dubai

They are significant listed jobs below:

Gulf Fruits Trade Company LLC

The Gulf Fruits is known for its best quality in fruit style and uniqueness; it is also the leading fruit in the United Arab Emirates.

The Gulf Fruits is the leading fresh fruit and vegetables supplier in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

They import freshly-made produce from their distinct type of fruits, and the sales are widely spread throughout Dubai.

Gulf Fruits has cultivated an esteemed passion for fruits by working extremely hard to get the right product over the past years.

Their reward has come to the surface as their fruit products are widely known in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the city of Dubai.

Their primary produce deals with fresh fruits, vegetables, and Vegetable oil, along with culinary solutions for pre-produce and fresh juices.

Lists of Products Sold in Gulf Fruits Trade Company LLC:

  1. Fresh Fruits
  2. Fresh Vegetables
  3. Organics
  4. Dates and Nuts
  5. GFT specials
  6. Fresh Juices
  7. Fresh Salad

Concrete Statistics For the Gulf Fruits Trade Company LLC Jobs in Dubai

These are the statistics below:

Name of Company Gulf Fruits Trade Company LLC
Qualification  10th Pass, 12th Pass
Industry Private
Employment Type  Full Time
Work Hours Eight Hours
Salary  AED 1,500 To AED 2000 per month
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Post Name Packager
Job Experience  Fresher

Application Links for Gulf Fruits Trade Company LLC:,

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Fruit and Vegetables Jobs

The Fruit and Vegetables Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), processes fresh fruits and vegetables for consumers.

They produce recommended fruit suppliers for the country, including vegetables, oil, organics, and other related fruit suppliers.

Requirements for the Fruit and Vegetables Packing Job

Gender The candidates can be male or female 
Organisation Company Name Fruit and Vegetable Packing
School Qualification The candidates should have Higher- High School qualifications in any field
Sense of Behaviour The candidates are good at verbal communication and Speaking
Criminal Status The candidates should be clear from any criminal activities.
Medical Status The candidates should be mentally and physically stable and have Health stability.
Minimum Age The candidates should not be less than twenty-one (21) years of age.
Maximum Age The candidates should not be over thirty (30) years of age.
Experience No relevant experience in the field of Fruit and Vegetables Packing job.
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Other Details For the Fruit and Vegetables Packing Job

Essential details of the fruits and vegetables in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Job Timing The job is between 8 and 10 hours, according to UAE laws.
Salary Salary is between 900-1000 Dirharms without overtime.
Job Contract Job Contract is between twenty- four (24) months or two (2) years

Application Procedures For the Fruit and Vegetables Packing in Dubai

These are the applications for the job below:

  1. Fill in the application form or CV correctly
  2. Submit your CV/Resume at [email protected]

Other Essential Documents

Here are the documents:

  1. Copy of National Identity Card
  2. 2 to 6 Passports with a blue or white background
  3. Photocopies of educational credentials
  4. Color of Valid Passport
  5. Copy of Experience Certificates

Apply Now

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