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Factory Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners allows for commercializing of different factory jobs for foreigners.

This article will surface essential factors of the Singapore Factory Jobs and the website available for the factory job application.


The foreigners or newcomers should ensure they follow every step and procedure portrayed on the website for easy access to employment.

History About The Singapore Factory Job

Here in this article, we will explain the existence of Singapore, one of the countries in Asia, and the factory job.


Singapore, which originated from a prince, a prince from Sumatra, while landing on the island, he sighted a suspicious lion and presumed it to be a sign of a good omen.

Present Singapore was from Singapura, meaning ‘lion city; has a small population of European settlements then tiny trading ports.


Singapore is the best country for job and business exploitation; it has been ranked severally for intellectual property protection.

Singapore receives numerous gratitude worldwide for academic standards as it is one of the best countries to school and engage in business.

The health status in Singapore is also one of the best in the world, possessing a quality medical system and ranking the nation as the healthiest in the world.

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The Factory Job in Singapore possesses a unique degree of analyzing factor management responsibilities.

Basic Requirements From Candidates Concerning the Singapore Factory Job

These are the requirements needed from candidates:

Minimum Age The candidate should be not less than eighteen (18) years
Maximum Age  The candidates should not be more than forty-eight (48) years of age
Educational Requirement School Level-High School Level in the factory-related field. (However, education is not necessary).
Health Status  The candidates must be mental and physically stable and possess health stability.
Criminal Status  The candidates should have a clear record of criminal activities.
Work Experience Two years plus (2+) of work experience is preferable for candidates.

How to Apply for Factory Jobs in Singapore

Here are the following steps to apply:
  1. To apply, this is the application link to search for various jobs:
  2. Fill in the correct details.
  3. Write the correct Email ID.
  4. Use recent photographs & latest CV/ resume
  5. Click to submit.

Responsibilities Of A Singapore Factory Machine Operators

The Singapore factory fastens production progress, enticing essential different goods in the factory industry.

The machine operators in the Singapore factory possess a strong understanding of how the machinery works or operates in the factory.

Machine operators’ primary work significantly impacts heavy and delicate machinery types of equipment.

For a successful machinery run, the operators should follow every instruction concerning the factory.

The Responsibilities for Machine Operators in Singapore

These are responsibilities they possess:

  1. The Machine operators mobilize a strategic formation for the factory
  2. The Machine operators provide aid to manufacturing processes
  3. The Machine operators assist in the act of maintaining machinery
  4. The Machine operators strictly follow every instruction on the machinery’s folder
  5. The Machine operators secure a solution that can affect the machinery sector positively
  6. The Machine operators bring adequate workers to the factory.
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The Benefits For Machine operators of the Factory in Singapore

The Machine operators require potential benefits from the Singapore factory; the list of benefits is below:

  1. Payment annually
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Pension plan
  4. Health insurance
  5. A sick leave
  6. Disability insurance

Lists of Manufacturing or Factory Companies in Singapore

These are the following factory companies in Singapore below:

  1. ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte
  2. Flex Ltd
  3. Micron Semiconductor Asia Operation Pte
  4. Seagate Singapore International Headquarters Pte
  5. Avago Technologies International Sales Pte
  6. Olam International Limited
  7. Sia Engineering Company Limited
  8. Cloud Network Technology Singapore Pte.

Factory Worker’s Job Vacancies in Singapore 2023

Here are the available job vacancies in Singapore 2023:

Production Operator

Name of Job Production Operator
Location Cytiva
Salary  SGD 2k-2.8k per month

General Worker

Name of Job General Worker
Location Singapore
Salary  SGD 1.6k-1.9k per month

Production Worker

Name of Job Production Worker
Location Woodlands
Salary  SGD 1.5k-1.6k per month

Production Operator (Golden Luck)

Name of Job Production Operator (Golden Luck)
Location Cytiva
Salary  SGD 1.3k-1.7k per month

Machine Operator

Name of Job Machine Operator
Location Tuas
Salary  SGD 1.8k-2.5k per month

Production Installer

Name of Job Production Installer
Location Tuas
Salary  SGD 1.5k-2.3k per month


Name of Job Operator
Location Bedok
Salary  SGD 1.3k-1.6k per month

Production Specialist

Name of Job Production Specialist
Location Tuas
Salary  SGD 3.8k-4.2k per month

Stock and Machine Operator

Name of Job Stock and Machine Operator
Location Jurong East
Salary  SGD 1.8k-2k per month

Electrician Cum General Workers

Name of Job Electrician Cum General Workers
Location Central
Salary  SGD 2.2k-3.5k per month

Food Processing Workers

Name of Job Food Processing Workers
Location North
Salary  SGD 1.2k-1.3k per month

Car Groomer/Polisher

Name of Job Car Groomer/Polisher
Location North-East
Salary  SGD 1.8k-2.3k per month
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Reach Stacker Operator

Name of Job Reach Stacker Operator
Location Pioneer
Salary  SGD 1.7k-2k per month

Process Technician

Name of Job Process Technician
Location West-Singapore
Salary  SGD 1.6k-2.4k per month

General Worker/Production Operators

Name of Job General Worker/ Production Operators
Location West
Salary  SGD 1.8k-2.6k per month

Part-Time Dog Handler

Name of Job Part-Time Dog Handler
Location Payar Lebar
Salary  SGD 500-1k per month

Quality Control Operator

Name of Job Quality Control Operator
Location Woodlands
Salary  SGD 1.7k-2.1k per month

Assembly Worker

Name of Job Assembly Worker
Location West
Salary  SGD 1.6k-2.2k per month

Production Technician

Name of Job Production Technician
Location Tuas
Salary  SGD 2k-2.5k per month

Factory Manager

Name of Job Factory Manager
Location Tuas
Salary  SGD 5k-6k per month

Production Assistant

Name of Job Production Assistant
Location Tuas
Salary  SGD 1.6k-2.2k per month

Pest Control Worker

Name of Job Pest Control Worker
Location Singapore
Salary  SGD 1.6k-3.2k per month

Manufacturing Operator

Name of Job Manufacturing Operator
Location West
Salary  SGD 1.7k-2.5k per month

Factory Jobs In Singapore 2023

These are the factories below:

Name of Factory Job Salary Dollars ($) Location
Sugar Production Operator 3,200 Singapore
Factory Cleaner 2,000-2,500 Sembawang
Chemical Technician 2,500-3,500 Central Singapore
QA/QC Technician 2,700-2,900 West Singapore
Packer 1,000-1,400 Singapore
Food Production Technician 2,400-4,000 Singapore
Production Packer 1,800-2,400 Singapore
Packaging Operator 1,800-3,000 Singapore
Electrical Technician 2,300-2,500 West Singapore
Production Operator 1,400-2,000 Singapore
Junior Graphic Artist 1,600-2,000 Central Singapore
Process Operator 1,500-3,000 Boon Lay
Part Quality Engineer 2,900-4,200 Central Singapore
Production Operator (Medical Devices) 3,200 Singapore
Store Assistant 1,800-2,800 Singapore
Hand Packer 2,700-3,300 Singapore
Operator (Manufacturing) 900-1000 Bukit Merah

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