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They are numerous of entry-jobs in the country that showcase a fair salary or payment for aspiring wishing to partake in the following jobs.

This article discusses the highest-paying entry-level jobs that pay well in 2022, covering the job requirements, primary duties, salary range, job-seeking tips, and so much more.

Firstly we will look into the job description that emphasizes on entry-jobs, and these jobs contain the benefits of the likes and requirements.

It is known that finding a job can be challenging in some parts of the country, especially when you’re new to the workforce.

An entry-level job can look different depending on your industry, but generally, they’re meant to help employees develop experience and skills.

The entry-level jobs provide a solution to this issue of workplace inexperience; understanding what an entry-level job is and how to apply can help you start a successful career path.

An entry-level job is specifically for young professionals with minimal work experience; entry-level jobs can help you access higher-level work opportunities requiring more knowledge.

Typically, employers hiring for entry-level jobs seek individuals with little or no experience what is on the ground is your ability to stabilize your specific position.

As I said above, entry-level positions could require varying amounts of education and experience, depending on the field and company.

Read through the following details concerning the Entry Level of Jobs That Pay Well and the website that supplies the perspective jobs.

Job Description

Entry jobs description is a guide for both employers and employees; it helps to hire managers to match job candidates to a position that fits their skill set and experience level.

This article will discover the best entry-level jobs you can get with a GED or without a degree, and not forget the benefits of career goals, willingness to learn, and how much you are willing to be paid.

High-paying entry-level jobs without a degree require different training and experience, so selecting one that will jumpstart your career highly depends on your skills.

An entry-level job is a lower-ranking position that usually requires less responsibility and experience. Some may also require minimal training and education.

An entry-level job without a degree or one with only a GED can be found in almost every industry; however, you will still require specialized skills, knowledge, or some form of training.

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Selecting the entry-level job best for you also depends on whether you are looking for part-time or full-time employment.


  1. Valid driver’s license (required)
  2. Familiarity with computer skills, e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, and others
  3. Familiarity with Radio Frequency (RF) equipment preferred.
  4. 1-3 years of full-time experience.


  1. Communication skills
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Adaptability skills
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Organization skills
  6. Time management skills
  7. Creativity skills
  8. Interpersonal skills
  9. Ask for feedback.

15 Top Entry Level Jobs That Pay Well

An entry-level job is the kind of job that’s usually reserved for recent graduates of a particular discipline and special qualifications.

If you want to know exactly what kind of opportunities can be out there, here’s what you need to know, including a look at the entry-level salary each one offers:

1. Bookkeeper

A Bookkeeper is a service professional who helps business owners and companies keep track of the money they earn and spend.

Their primary goal is to manage a client’s general ledger, record transactions and post debits and credits, and ensure all information is accurate.

Those in this role typically assist an accountant or other advanced financial professional; bookkeepers may seek to become accountants or certified public accountants where they perform more challenging finance-related responsibilities.

National average salary: the average wage is about $40,816 per year

2. Social media specialist

Social Media Specialists are responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the company’s Social Media strategy to increase brand awareness.

They may also monitor and analyze social media performance, respond to followers’ and customers’ questions and concerns, and ensure all social media posts adhere to the brand.

Average salary: $45,935 per year

3. Manager trainee

Manager trainees aim to acquire all essential knowledge to become future managers, often in particular fields, such as marketing, sales, or operations.

A management trainee follows a manager, supervisor, or executive to learn about their daily duties and activities; those in this role are training with this advanced professional to effectively guide a team of employees.

Manager trainees may assist with developing company policies and deciding on sales, marketing, and operational tactics.

Salary: the average wage is about $46,051 per year

4. Public relations (PR) Assistant

Public relations (PR) Assistant deals in keeping calendars (editorial, press conferences, events, etc.) and media lists and participating in brainstorming and planning sessions

A PR assistant is responsible for helping PR teams conduct research, prepare materials, and facilitate communication between account executives and clients.

They may also assist in developing presentations and handling correspondence between clients and more senior-level employees.

National average salary: $47,015 per year

5. Marketing Associate

A marketing associate is an entry-level marketing professional. Also called a marketing administrative assistant or an assistant account executive.

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They assist marketing teams or related departments with planning and completing projects, and a marketing associate supports the efforts of marketing managers or directors.

Average salary: $49,779 per year

6. Installer

An Installer should also be familiar with handling different tools, especially those that would help them build the product.

Their primary duties include traveling to and installing electrical or computer equipment, recommending where equipment should be placed, and troubleshooting problems.

Average salary: the average wage is about $50,269 per year

7. Firefighter

Firefighting is a strenuous yet rewarding job that often only requires a high school diploma; training in emergency services can make you a more appealing candidate for this profession’s duties.

Firefighters must also be able to use heavy equipment and handle emergencies such as wildfires and hazardous materials spills.

Entry-level firefighting jobs without requiring experience provide on-the-job training for these tasks.

Salary: $51,723 per year

8. Human resources (HR) specialist

Primary duties: An HR specialist works as part of a human resources team and is responsible for explaining policies and procedures to employees.

They issue and process new hire documents, and update employment records when employees are hired, transferred, promoted, or terminated.

National average salary: $52,533 per year

9. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives work directly with customers to assist, resolve complaints, answer questions, and process orders.

Their primary duties include resolving customer complaints via email, phone, mail, or social media, placing or canceling orders, and taking payment and other pertinent information.

Advancement opportunities include management or moving into sales, marketing, or similar fields.

Average salary: $52,881 per year

10. Software Developer

Software developers (also known as software engineers) are, as the name implies, responsible for developing different software types and then writing, testing, and deploying the relevant code.

Ultimately, software developers are responsible for solving problems; they work with product managers to identify the end user’s critical needs and design software, features, and fixes that meet those needs.

Average entry-level compensation: $62,581
Average salary: $71,901
Salary range: $50,000–$105,000

11. Real estate agent

Real estate agents market and sell houses in addition to helping clients navigate the process of buyer negotiations and home loans.

Most real estate agents set their schedules and work on commission. Valuable skills for success include negotiation, marketing, communication, and ambition.

To become an agent, you need a high school diploma and a passing score on your estate real estate exam; starting, you must work under another broker to gain experience.

Salary: $94,696 per year

12. Information technology (IT) technician

An IT tech diagnose computer and network problems, monitors computer systems, installs and upgrades software and hardware, and performs tests on computers and other equipment.

They also support these systems through remote access or site visits as management teams in their company need.

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Technicians can advance to administrative and engineering positions with training and experience and earn the National average salary of about  $64,237 per year.

13. Desktop Support Engineer

Desktop support engineers are responsible for troubleshooting anything that goes wrong with an organization’s software or hardware (such as computers, laptops, and servers), on-site or remote.

Generally, a user will send over an IT request—and when the desktop support engineer receives that ticket, it’s their job to identify the problem, fix it, and ensure that everything is back up and running correctly.

Average salary: $58,415 per year

14. Web developer

Web developers ensure that sites meet user expectations by providing they look good, run smoothly, and offer easy access points with no loading issues between pages or error messages.

They apply web design principles to create user-friendly and visually appealing website experiences. Educational requirements range from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree.

Freelance work and a portfolio can help you qualify for a position such as a junior developer. As you gain knowledge and experience, you may be eligible for a more senior developer position.

National average salary: $70,658 per year.

15. Marketing Associate

A marketing associate is an entry-level role that supports marketing initiatives through conducting market research, collecting and analyzing data, and documenting marketing efforts, among other tasks.

There are opportunities for marketing associates within a considerable range of industries—from consumer packaged goods to tech to nonprofits.

Depending on the company’s marketing goals and structure, there may also be opportunities to work on tasks and projects related to various marketing specialties.

  • Salary range: $35,000–$68,000
  • Average salary: $47,533
  • Average entry-level compensation: $43,107.


  1. No Experience Necessary
  2. Explore Other Job Environments
  3. Learning Environment
  4. Transferable Skills
  5. Low Pressure
  6. Opportunities in Departments
  7. Networking Opportunities
  8. References.

How to Apply For 15 Top Entry Level Jobs That Pay Well

These are the necessary steps you need to follow strictly:

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  • On the other side, you will get to see the registered word (click on it)
  • Get to explore the various available Entry Level Jobs
  • Fill in the crucial details or information while applying
  • Then click to submit.

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Review the entry-level job description and include keywords that align with your skills; quantify your skills by measuring the impact you’ve made in previous roles.

An entry-level job is a job that is usually designed or designated for recent graduates of a given discipline and typically does not require prior experience in the field or profession.

These entry-level jobs help the business accomplish basic tasks that must be done without utilizing or stretching the skills and experience of more seasoned employees.

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