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It is said that knowledge is critical, and the place where it is gotten is in schools. And most of the time, this acquired knowledge is to be tested, just like the Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA)  Exam.

The Chartered Tax Advisor exam is essential, and the benefits are beautiful when done. First, the base salary is excellent, and the CTA qualifications set up more effective career options and can propel you towards roles you may have never considered.

Are you looking to start your career as a chartered tax advisor? You are in the right place; this post will critically address the necessary aspects of the Chartered tax advisor.

CTA Exam Description

A Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA®) is someone who has completed a specific series of tax courses in individual tax preparation and completed a 100-hour experience requirement. The CTA is the most prestigious chartered qualification in professional tax expertise, a mark of technical excellence and professional integrity.

The CTA (Chartered Tax Adviser) is one of the most respected tax qualifications in the world. Globally recognized, it’s ideal for taxation professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of the sector and advance their careers. This employer-designed standard is another popular route to becoming a CTA.

It is equivalent to a master’s level qualification (although it is not a Master’s degree). After becoming CTA qualified, you can continue your professional education and complete a variety of international diplomas, or you may wish to complete an MBA or Ph.D.

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The financial benefits of gaining the CTA qualification are beautiful. However, you should pay attention to not just the base salary. Your CTA qualification offers you significantly more career options and can propel you toward roles that you may never have considered.

Key Dates and Deadline

We run two exam sessions a year in May and November. You can see the key dates and deadlines below. EXAM ENTRY OPENS, CLOSES

  • MAY 15 December Last day of February
  • NOVEMBER 15 June Last day of August

Late exam entry: The CIOT will accept an application for late exam entry up to one month after exam entry closes on payment of an additional fee, currently £100.

Exam Results

The Pass lists for the May 2022 CTA exams will be published on Thursday, July 21, 2022. To enter for the exam, click on  “Apply Now.” 

What you need to know before entering for the CTA Exam

New students: You must be a registered CTA student at least four months before you can sit your first tax exam

Current students: Your registration must be valid during the exams. Otherwise, you will have to re-register. 

Forthcoming session: You can only enter for the forthcoming exam session

Awaiting results: You cannot enter for exams if you are awaiting results from the previous session. You will be able to do so on a results release date for that session

Computer-Based Exams: All three CBEs must be passed (or exemptions applied for as appropriate) before you can enter for your final tax exam (i.e., passed by the end of February for the May exams or the end of August for the November exams)

Awareness and Application and Professional Skills: The Awareness exam must either be passed (or an exemption be applied for from it) before sitting the Application and Professional Skills exam or sat in the same session

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Exemptions: You must apply for any exemptions before the closing date of your final tax exam(s)

Payment and confirmation: You must pay the exam fee to complete your entry, except if you choose to have your employer invoiced. You will then be automatically sent an email confirmation. If you do not receive one, please get in touch with us.

CTA Exam Pass Rate

Taxation of Individuals 221 candidates passed this paper out of 452 sitting the examination, with three candidates being awarded a distinction. A pass rate of 49%. A pass rate of 35%.

The CTA qualification is very well respected and prestigious, so earning it will take hard work. Only around 500 people per year are admitted to CIOT, and the national pass rate is roughly 40%. To know more about CTA Exam, click Here.

CTA Exam Time Table

Most typical CTA students complete the exams in two years.

The CTA Exam timetable is comprehensively detailed in this PDF File below CTA Exam Table. 

How many exams is the CTA qualification?

There are three computer-based exams in Law, Ethics, and Accountancy.

You will need to pass all three for the CTA qualification unless you are eligible for an exemption. The exams last one hour and consist of multiple choice or multiple response questions.


Computer Requirements

  • Administrative Station: Image capture, candidate check-in, and other administrative tasks are required.
  • Cache Proxy (or Internet Authentication Service (IAS) local server): This pc is required for storing test delivery information and temporary storage of candidate results.
  • Testing Stations: Required for delivering tests (one testing station per candidate).
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General Facility and Staff 

  • We recommend each testing room have at least 15 computers and a caching proxy that meet the current CTAS technical specifications.
  • The ability to restrict other activities in the testing room during an estimated six-hour test period.
  • A specified check-in area is located near the testing room entrance, in an area separate from other activities.
  • Nearby restrooms are located within the test center building, where test takers do not have to leave the building to gain access.
  • Signage designating the facility as a test center.

Conclusion On The CTA Exam

The CTA Exam is of great importance to every student to study at their preferred colleges. As mentioned above, the CTA Exam requires you to be fully prepared before the examination.

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