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Cricket is the most popular summer sport in the whole of Australia, and it is not only played on the professional scene; they are also played in schools.

Most skilled athletes are known for coming from poor backgrounds and mainly rely on sports to escape poverty.

Poverty is a very unfortunate thing that has plagued many people in the world; some have chosen to get an education or get into sports to escape poverty, but unfortunately, some people can’t afford it.

This is why the Australian government has provided eligible students (skilled wise) with scholarships to help the candidates financially and also help them chase their dream.

Interested candidates should read through the post to be fully educated. And also, it is essential to note that interested candidates should ensure they meet the requirements to prevent disappointment.


Cricket is a good sport for developing overall fitness, stamina, and hand-eye coordination. Cricket can be played for competition or fun. Cricket uses a hard ball, so protective gear should be worn to avoid injury.

Some benefits of playing cricket are Monitored body weight, a perfectly toned body, enhanced stamina, excellent hand-eye coordination skills, and solid and in-control mental abilities; the benefits of playing cricket are many.

As said earlier, Scholarships provide financial support for students to afford an education and help pay for a degree. These funds enable students to obtain the education they may not have access to otherwise.

Scholarships go further than being financial aid for many students. They reward deserving students with the ability to afford higher education.

And in this case, the Australian government is awarding cricket to qualified candidates to help the students and reward their hard work and skill of a candidate and provide them further opportunities to shine. At the core, they financially assist students who have met prerequisites and show potential for further success.

Benefits of Playing Cricket

Stamina: Cricket involves sprinting in-between the wickets, running down your bowling line-up to bowl your next delivery, or simply chasing the ball to save crucial runs. The constant running on the field helps increase stamina.

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Endurance:  Whether it’s a fun game or an organized 20-over, 50-over, or 5-day test match, every game of cricket has long playing sessions. The perked-up stamina helps one to remain active and agile for long cricketing sessions, which builds the body’s endurance to withstand wear and tear.

Balance: The game requires the highest concentration level, enhancing balance and stability. Balance is the core of any athletic ability because it controls all other body movements. The body’s physical and mental balance for playing cricket comes into play.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Among the many advantages of playing cricket, coordinated hand and eye movement are the most important. Every action in the game requires utmost synchronization between the eyes and hands, helping the body’s overall development and balance. The bowler releases the ball, the batsman plays the shot, and the fielder runs through to grab the ball.

Concentration: The game of cricket is all about making quick decisions with great precision. This requires concentration and polished judgment skills. This sharpens the mind and builds the analytical skills of the brain. 

Team Skills: Playing cricket is all about teamwork and coordination. With 11 players on either side, good and healthy teamwork is essential to develop strategies, execute them to perfection and win matches for your team. Therefore, one of the most important psychological benefits of playing cricket is that it is a team game.

Social Skills: Interacting and communicating with team members and competitors helps you learn social skills. Also, while you win some games and lose some, it gives you the strength to cope with different life situations and challenges more effectively.

Australia Scholarship Overview

Each year the ANU Cricket Club may offer the ANU Cricket Club Scholarship with the objective of:

  • Attract talented cricketers to ANU Cricket Club;
  • Increase access and opportunity for students to play cricket for ANU Cricket Club;
  • Assist in developing the cricketing potential of the recipient;
  • Provide the social benefits of being an ANU Cricket Club member and enhance university experience and career outcomes through membership.
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The Award is available each year to a prospective or current ANU student who:

  • Is a domestic student; and
  • Has accepted an offer of admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree by coursework program at the University; or
  • Will be actively enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the University;
  • At the time of application, is playing cricket in a Junior/Senior Club or High School/College Cricket Competition; and
  • Has a current MyCricket Identification number.

Previous ANUCC scholarship recipients are eligible to apply.


The selection consists of three phases based on application and demonstrated cricketing ability.

Phase one involves candidates being assessed on their application and the merit of their respective cricketing experience.

ANCC will invite suitable candidates from phase 1 to attend a cricket skills trial in phase two.

Phase two involves a cricket skills trial with ANUCC, where candidates will demonstrate their cricket ability through several skill exercises.

If necessary, following phase two, suitable candidates will proceed to an interview with the ANUCC scholarship committee.

Where there are multiple candidates of equal cricketing ability, preference will be given in order of priority to:

a) candidates that can provide evidence that they have lived in a remote, rural or regional area of Australia for:

  • A period of at least 12 months in the past two years; or
  • At least 12 months within two years before the commencement of their undergraduate degree.

b) candidates who identify and are accepted as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person.


It benefits by contributing to your professional development. Providing an alternate experience to accompany your daily training environment and participation in competitions.

Providing the ability to inspire and share study experiences for the benefit of others, including other athletes. Other Benefits include:

  • Committing yourself to pursuits that benefit you for life following your athlete career
  • Providing the ability to advance your knowledge in a particular field, either as interest or for future career options
  • Contributing to your professional development
  • Providing an alternate experience to accompany your daily training environment and participation in competitions
  • Providing the ability to inspire and share study experiences for the benefit of others, including other athletes
  • The scholarship offers a stipend of $5,000 per annum for up to 2 years.
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Application Process

– Your MyCricket Identification number -Cricket CV, including

  • School, club, and representative achievements and statistics
  • Newspaper clippings reflect performance and volunteer/coaching activities.

-Character reference including notes on your cricketing ability and substantiating your volunteer/coaching activities. Send the Application Form to the Email( [email protected]  )

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