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Casual Jobs In Sunshine Coast for eligible Candidates will surface in this article for the potential understanding of the qualified candidates or applicants.

The candidates should bring authentic documents or credentials and requirements while applying for the Casual Jobs In Sunshine Coast, either direct or online, during the application process.

In the application process, you should adhere to every piece of information and instruction concerning the Casual Jobs In Sunshine Coast, and this post will guide you.

While registering for the Casual Jobs application, it is convenient for candidates to write authentic credentials and requirements for applying for the job on the website.

Hence, read further to comprehensively understand the job expertise and workings, especially the registration part; there are several ongoing Casual jobs on Sunshine Coast to start their careers while complementing and building the bedrock country.

Job Description

Acquiring a casual job or job in Sunshine Coast depends on your skills and experience; you should be brave and intelligent during interviewing.

This post will provide the interested workers with factual information about Sunshine Coast and the element concerning the following procedures for getting a Casual job in Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast encompasses beach resorts, surf spots, and rural hinterland in southern Queensland, Australia.

It stretches from the coastal city of Caloundra, near Brisbane, north to the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, home to multicolored dunes, mangrove forests, and shallow lakes.

In Sunshine Coast, one of the following guidelines to take as a worker is your reliable and convincing intention to portray your quality ethics to the place you are working.

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Casual Job In Sunshine Coast

Casual Jobs In Sunshine Coast offers the opportunity for a job knowing there is no firm advance commitment to ongoing work with an agreed pattern.

The casual job or employment is only guaranteed work when needed, and there may or not be an expectation that there will be more work in the future.

Below I will showcase one of the essential Casual jobs in Sunshine Coast; you should read through the following information, so your entry into the chosen workplace will be easy.

Casual Food and Beverage Attendant-Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Casual Food and beverage attendants seat customers, explain menu items, take orders, refill drinks, and clear tables.

Some Food and Beverage Attendant might take customer payments and ask customers about their dining experience, such as the level of service or satisfaction with their order.

The Food and Beverage Guest Attendant is a guest-facing multi-tasker/multi-doer that takes orders, answers questions about the menu and Food, sells Food and drinks, accept payment, e.t.c.

Food and beverage attendants complete various tasks during their workday; after examining several job listings for this occupation, we found the following among those most commonly indicated for food and beverage attendants.

The Food and beverage attendant works at resorts, eateries, or pubs and is responsible for collecting bookings, welcoming clients, placing orders, delivering dishes, and clearing tables.

Food and beverage attendant should be capable of dealing with consumer concerns and specific requests; they do a range of tasks similar to those done by the stewardess, server, and room guys.

Their primary purpose is to keep clients happy by greeting visitors with a smile, providing comfortable seating, resolving concerns, and accepting orders.

Salary: The average food-beverage attendant salary in Sunshine Coast, Australia, is AUD 57,954 per year or AUD 29.72 per hour.

Entry-level positions start at AUD 52,362 per year, while most experienced workers make up AUD 117,000 per year.

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Food and Beverage Attendants are employed by restaurants or bars and are responsible for handling reservations, greeting customers, taking orders, bringing dishes, and cleaning tables.

Usually, Food and Beverage Attendants may also need to handle customer complaints and unique requirements.


  1. Greet customers make reservations, and seat patrons when tables are available.
  2. Hand out menus and explain menu items and specials.
  3. Take customer orders and deliver them to food servers.
  4. Organize the display of foodstuffs on tables, trolleys, and buffet
  5. Execute safety and consistency checks of food trays before distribution to the dining hall
  6. Create a more positive team culture via cooperation and humor
  7. Responsible for assisting event or dining room cleaning to verify that safety regulations are followed.
  8. Employ as a well-rounded group member.
  9. Offer exceptional client service through personalized and continuous customer care.
  10. Manage a visually pleasing space across the day.
  11. Handle credit or debit transactions through the Payment system.
  12. Demonstrate professionalism and clear communication with customers and team members.
  13. Promote teamwork and quality service through daily communication and coordination with other departments.
  14. Interact daily with VIP casino players and hotel guests.
  15. Deliver prepared Food to patrons and clean tables.
  16. Handle customer complaints.

Requirements and Skills

  1. A diploma or its equivalent is required.
  2. Must have at least two years of related experience
  3. Customer care oriented
  4. Excellenteat teamwork and engaging attitude
  5. Task management ability
  6. Flexitime is required
  7. Physical endurance and strength
  8. Smart enough to follow instructions
  9. Courteous and professional
  10. Consistent, dependable, and excellent communication skills are required
  11. Excellent verbal and oral communication skills
  12. Attention to every detail, prioritization skills, and goal setting.


  1. Flexible Hours
  2. Special Variety
  3. Exploring other food services
  4. Program orientation on Food and beverages delicacies.

Apply Now

Casual Jobs Vacancies On Sunshine Coast

Here below are the significant available jobs that deal with casual or part-time employment in Sunshine Coast:

  1. Relief Educator Early Childhood Teachers-Casual
  2. Casual – Team Member
  3. Catering / Housekeeping Assistant-Casual
  4. Casual Retail Cashier
  5. Sales Assistants
  6. Casual Sales Assistants Representative
  7. Sales Associate-Casual
  8. Optical Assistant-Casual
  9. Retail Consultant-Casual
  10. Casual Support Worker
  11. Casual FIFO Chefs
  12. Casual Occupational Therapist
  13. Casual Educators
  14. Sales Advisor-Casual
  15. Casual Merchandiser
  16. Casual Housekeeping Cleaner
  17. Casual Stylist
  18. Casual Medical Receptionist.
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Casual Jobs Salary In Sunshine Coast

The average salary of Casual Jobs In Sunshine Coast, Australia, is AUD 1,200-1,600 a week or AUD 27.55 an hour- AUD 30 per hour.

Conclusion Details On Casual Jobs In Sunshine Coast

The application website gives crucial information or details about the Casual Jobs In Sunshine Coast for interested candidates or applicants.

Before deciding on a specialty, you must carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is sufficiently paid.

After analyzing the statistics, you can easily decide on the specialty and achieve heights in the chosen profession in the future.

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