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In this post, I will be giving the website to Casual jobs you can apply for in Canberra, which also features salaries for young individuals to have promising careers.

All the available casual jobs in Canberra for candidates will be highlighted here in this post, so make sure to find a suitable one that suits your interest and don’t hesitate to apply.

Here is an opportunity for you now for those who set their minds to be prospective members of the Casual Jobs crew.

While registering for the Casual Jobs application, it is convenient for candidates to bring in authentic credentials and requirements for applying for the Job.

This article will surface the available jobs (casual jobs); therefore, read along and digest this information given, for it will guide you in the course of searching.

Please read this article to update all the Casual Jobs In Canberra; there are several ongoing Casual jobs in Canberra to start their careers while complementing and building the bedrock country.

Casual Jobs In Canberra Updates

If you are interested in casual jobs, I would appreciate it if you went through this post carefully and encouraged more individuals to partake in the Job.

Casual Jobs are referred to as part-time or temporary jobs where an employee is only guaranteed work when needed, and there is no expectation that there will be more work in the future.

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A casual Job means any occupation or Job where the employee does not have regular or systematic work hours, does not expect continuing employment, or is not on the direct payroll of their employer.

Knowing fully well that casual jobs are not bad, employees pick what hours they work, which they benefit from financially.

Casual Jobs In Canberra

I will detail one of the casual jobs that deals with part-time or temporary clauses; casual pool attendants crave the existence for such to happen.


Pool Attendant- Casual / Part Time- Canberra

Generally, Pool attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of pool guests, as well as handing out towels, ensuring that guests adhere to all safety rules, renting pool equipment, and serving as a backup lifeguard if necessary.

Pool attendants conduct opening duties, including; removing pool covers, cleaning the pool & surrounds, removing any floating service debris, vacuuming, etc.


Salary: AUD 31.54 per hour


  1. Throughout the pool’s opening hours, maintain vigilant oversight of the collection to ensure all users are safe.
  2. Interpret data from the Access Control System to verify that an entry and exit time is recorded against all users for the day
  3. Ensure all equipment is in good working order and report any unsafe equipment for repair or replacement following procedures
  4. Administer all activities in the pool area and ensure compliance with all safety rules
  5. Regulations and monitor all persons entering issues and ensure appropriate authorization.
  6. Maintain neat and clean pool area and water and perform everyday vacuuming and cleaning of the pool.
  7. Ensure neat and clean restroom and perform various chemical tests as per requirement.
  8. Develop and maintain professional relationships with associates and residents and ensure compliance with all safety programs and policies of the organization.
  9. Organize and participate in all training classes and install and break down the pool deck every day.
  10. Manage and greet all guests pleasantly and ensure an efficient supply of fresh towels to all residents and guests.
  11. Coordinate with servers and provide optimal guest amenities and maintain clean glasses.
  12. Provide an optimal level of services to all guests and residents and ensure compliance with facility policy.
  13. Monitor inventory of all pool tools, maintain adequacy in duplicate and manage to drop and pick up towels from laundry.
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Skills And Experience

  1. Current Resuscitation Certificate;
  2. Suitability for Defence security clearance (Australian Citizenship Mandatory);
  3. Current Senior First Aid Certificate
  4. Achieve the highest level of safety
  5. Have a genuine passion for excellent customer service
  6. Current Pool Lifeguard Certificate
  7. Must hold a current Australian Drivers Licence;
  8. Minimum 1-year experience in a Life Guard role.

Benefits And Culture

  1. The supportive and inclusive culture
  2. A professional and safe working environment
  3. Good employee benefits and entitlements.

Apply Now

Available Casual Jobs In Canberra

These are the following available casual jobs below:

  1. Team Member
  2. Christmas Casual
  3. Casual Positions Available
  4. ANU Casual Jobs Register
  5. Christmas Casual Service
  6. Housekeeping Supervisor
  7. Customer Service Officer
  8. Casual Educator
  9. Labourers/Sorters
  10. Casual IT Removalist
  11. Casual Positions or Outside School Hours Care
  12. Chaplain Casual
  13. Casual Educators official
  14. Casual Sales Assistant
  15. Sterilizing Technician Casual
  16. Casual Labourers
  17. Retail Team – Retail Sales Assistant
  18. Merchandiser
  19. Customer Service Representative (Casual)
  20. Engagement Officer Casual
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Salary For Casual Jobs In Canberra

When employed as a casual, the average salary for a Casual Jobs In Canberra will usually bring your minimum hourly wage up to AUD34.80, AUD 27.35 an hour.

Conclusion Details On Casual Jobs In Canberra 2023/2024

There is a high search for Casual Jobs In Canberra, especially among those willing to be a member of the casual policy.

The application website is for registration about the Casual Jobs In Canberra for interested candidates or applicants.

Before deciding on a specialty, you need to carefully consider how much the chosen profession is in demand and whether it is sufficiently paid.

After analyzing the statistics, you can easily decide on the choice of the specialty and achieve heights in the chosen profession in the future and not to forget the benefits you will receive.

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