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Are you interested in working as a caregiver in Germany? Luckily for you, there are many open vacancies for caregivers in Germany, especially for foreigners (Filipinnos).

And considering that most EU countries have an ever increasingly high demand for caregivers, there isn’t another other perfect place to work as a Caregiver.

Most of these jobs vary from the different parts of the center of significant job opportunities for eligible, interested, and unique Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino .

And suppose you are interested in working as a caregiver job in Germany, you are in the right place. In this post, we will address some of the important details on the available Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino and giving a comprehensive description of Caregiver jobs coupled with a link to select desired position as caregiver.

It is advisable to read along diligently to get the application process and the latest available Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino For Filipino that welcome young and vibrant individuals to continue their passion.

You should know that these caregiver jobs are competent and profitable in Germany, especially if the work begins with an accessible platform and concrete processing; hence read along!

Job Description

Is Germany A Good Place For Filipino Caregivers to Work?

Indeed, Germany is an excellent location for every filipino caregiver/nurses looking to work and live abroad. Filipino nurses employed in Germany benefit from the high standards of German labor laws and ample social security system regulations, including health insurance, pension insurance scheme, and unemployment insurance.

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But for one to be eligible for employment in Germany, there are some requirements that have to be met which will be addressed in this article. And every foreigner/Philippine passport holder who are moving to Germany and stay in the country long-term would need to secure a long-term German visa. To be able to apply for a Germany Work visa, you need to obtain a job offer or employment contract first.

What does a Caregiver do?

Caregivers provide company for loved ones and services that improve their living environment and make them feel more at home. They provide personal care, meal assistance, transportation, medication management, and other health care duties as needed. Caregivers work directly with patients and their families. 

They also work alongside and collaborate with Personal Care Assistants and Home Health Aides. To successfully work with clients, Caregivers must be empathetic. They need to understand the feelings and needs of each patient they come in contact with while treating them with respect at all times.


  • Help clients take prescribed medication
  • Assist clients with ambulation and mobility around the house or outside (doctor’s appointments, walks etc.)
  • Assist clients with personal care and hygiene
  • Help clients with physical therapy exercises
  • Plan and prepare meals with assistance from the clients (when they are able)
  • Do the client’s shopping or accompany them when they shop
  • Perform light housekeeping duties that clients can’t complete on their own
  • Be a pleasant and supportive companion
  • Report any unusual incidents
  • Act quickly and responsibly in cases of emergency

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as a caregiver
  • Excellent knowledge of emergency response and first aid (CPR)
  • Knowledge of housekeeping activities and cooking with attention to dietary constraints
  • Willingness to adhere to health and safety standards
  • Respectful and compassionate
  • Good time management skills
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong ethics
  • Physical endurance
  • High school diploma or equivalent
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Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino



  • Possession of an EU passport / identity card
  • Basic or communicative knowledge of German
  • Experience with care (at least in a family environment, in practice volunteering)

IMPORTANT: ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION for crossing the border will be provided.

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Elderly Home- OMS Healthcare Solutions


  • Filipino citizen and permanent resident of the Philippines.
  • Graduate of BSN with active Philippine Nursing License (PRC).
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduate even without a license, but full certifications (trainings, transcripts of records (TOR)
  • Two-year licensing practice with valid NC-II certification by TESDA.
  • All DOCUMENTS / CERTIFICATIONS are translated into German for recognition of work (PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION) and for direct hiring of employers in the employment process.
  • At least two years of professional experience as a nurse in a hospital. German language skills, minimum level (B2) according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages or the willingness to complete a German course at one of our partner schools in the Philippines for up to eight to ten months (to be paid by the employer).

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Requirements for Philipines to work in Germany

The documents required for your work visa to Germany application include the following:

  • Standard German visa application documents
  • Signed contract from your future employer
  • Certificate of compulsory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) from the German employer valid from date of employment. If not included in the compulsory health insurance, a separate travel health insurance will need to be presented, which will cover the time of arrival in Germany until the start of employment.
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The Germany work visa is usually valid for one year. However, the validity of your residence permit may depend on the duration of your employment contract, which can be extended later on. For more job openings in Germany, Click on the Link Below. 

Caregiver Average Salary In Germany

The average salary of Caregiver jobs in Germany is around €33,336 per year.

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Conclusion On The Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino

In conclusion, on the different types of Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino , it is vivid that there are jobs available Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino .
Seize the chance to secure a Caregiver Jobs In Germany For Filipino , by clicking on the”Apply Now” button above.
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