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Camp Pendleton jobs are available with several employment opportunities for interested civilians who wish to apply to do so now if they have the skills and qualifications specified for a position.

All the Camp Pendleton Jobs will be highlighted below so you can easily refer to the application link faster to secure a job of interest.

Now proceed below to view all the Camp Pendleton Jobs vacancies, all entry requirements, and other related details.

Job Description

Camp Pendleton jobs are federal jobs that both civilians can apply for in some cases; they are mostly part-time jobs giving you the flexibility that you crave and ask for.

Camp Pendleton is a closed-based, and only persons who have an official business or a sponsor on base will be granted access, so getting a job there will grant you access.

Camp Pendleton jobs come in different job categories, especially from the hospital jobs to community jobs and administrative sectors, so there is absolutely a job for you as a civilian today.

The pay and security that Camp Pendleton jobs have to offer are very attractive, most times, the perks are numerous, and working in this type of environment helps you gain so many things.

Available Camp Pendleton Jobs For Civilians

MCCS offers civilian employment opportunities, working in a team-oriented environment comprised of military personnel, civilian employees, contractors, and volunteers who keep the organization functioning smoothly and effectively.

1. Bartender

This position will operate a limited service bar, such as portable bars for private parties and banquets.


  • Mixes and serves alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks receives and records payment at the time of sale, and maintains an inventory of stock.
  • Ensures bar is in a presentable and sanitary condition.
  • Verifies personal checks and credit cards for payment.
  • Responsible for assigned change fund.
  • Advises supervisor of damages, out-of-stock, and/or slow-moving merchandise.
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  • Knowledge and skill to mix and serve beverages from a bar that is limited to a few varieties and brands of liquor, soda, beer, and wine.
  • Receives instructions concerning the proper operation of the bar either orally or in writing from the manager and is held responsible for the proper operation of the limited service bar.
  • Work is normally performed inside or outside with adequate light, heat, and fresh air

2. Catering Supervisor

This position will carry out several duties as required, and some of them are outlined below;

  • Plans special catering events such as command functions, cultural events, balls, etc.
  • Meets with clients, discusses requirements such as date, number of guests, and occasion, and explains services offered, i.e., room, decorations, menu, entertainment, etc. Makes recommendations, if needed.
  • Cost’s function prepares contract, signs, and obtains client’s signature deposits if required.
  • Coordinates food and beverage needs with appropriate club personnel. Arranges required supplies, decorations, equipment, and personnel.
  • Maintains Catering Booking system and contract file. Promotes catering program marketing plan.
  • Supervise catering coordinators and offsite venue locations book for events. May supervise food and beverage personnel during events.
  • Process catering monthly reports and daily payment procedures pertaining to catered events.


  • Three years experience demonstrates knowledge of a catering manager, standardized mess/club, or comparable food service and beverage practices, procedures, and pricing.
  • Education may be substituted for experience. Ability to coordinate with various workstations to satisfy customer catering and party requirements.
  • Skills to assist customers in planning delivery of services.
  • Knowledge of methods and procedures for purchasing required food products, including proper storage to prevent spoilage and pilferage.
  • Ability to prepare reports and complete simple contractual arrangements.

3. Food Service Workers (Starbucks Barista)

MCCS seeks food service workers to join them to help with the kitchen activities, and the respective include the following.


  • Performs tasks with several steps or sequences of tasks, such as: setting up food service counters and side service stands with hot and cold food and beverages, including desserts and condiments.
  • Assists customers in selecting and purchasing specialty coffee beverages and whole bean sales.
  • Provides quality beverages, such as expresso drinks, Coffee of the Week, Whole Bean, and food products consistent with established recipe and presentation standards.
  • Serves food, pastries, and coffee, and beverages in standard portions by placing uniform amounts in small dishes, cups, or glasses in prescribed quantities.
  • Properly cleans dishwasher and any associated appliances inside and out and maintains customer service area and equipment cleanly and appealingly.
  • Performs preventative maintenance on equipment according to established checklists and schedules.
  • Follows established standards for merchandising, stocking, rotating, and storing all products.
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4. Administrative Specialist

This position may perform support functions such as gathering statistical data; monitoring and reporting on support budgets; assisting in developing financial plans, obligating funds, liquidating travel claims, maintaining stock of office supplies, and making arrangements for special events, among several others.

Main Duties

  • Provides World Class Customer Service with an emphasis on courtesy.
  • Assists customers and communicates positively in a friendly manner.
  • Coordinates and performs a wide variety of responsible administrative functions in support of upper-level management functions.
  • Organizes the flow of operational program processes in an office environment.
  • Establishes status of actions on numerous projects and program operations.
  • May serve on a variety of advisory committees.
  • May be delegated signatory authority for selected administrative matters.
  • Takes action to solve problems quickly.
  • Alerts the higher-level supervisor or proper point of contact for help when problems arise.
  • Promptly report any observed workplace hazards, any injury, occupational illness, and/or property damage resulting from workplace mishaps to the immediate supervisor.


  • Three (3) years of experience demonstrating broad knowledge of administrative practices and principles.
  • Skill in organizing and coordinating multiple high-visibility projects simultaneously.
  • Skill to prepare documentation and presentations in a proper format in accordance with naval correspondence rules of grammar and punctuation.
  • Skill to operate a personal computer and associated peripheral equipment and software.
  • Knowledge of various support functions such as gathering statistical data, monitoring and reporting on support budgets, assisting in developing financial plans; obligating funds, liquidating travel claims, and maintaining a stock of office supplies.
  • Skill to deal with employees at various organizational levels and represent the division with customers external to the organization.
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Numerous Benefits and Privileges come with working for the Federal Government:

  • Stability of Federal Civilian Service
  • People with a passion for doing work that matters
  • Marine Corps Exchange and Base Facility Privileges
  • Competitive Pay
  • Comprehensive Benefit Packages
  • Quality of Work-Life Balance

Salary Of Civilian Camp Pendleton Workers

The average Civilian Camp Pendleton Workers hourly pay ranges from approximately $18 per hour for a Security Guard to $58 per hour for an Instructor Pilot.

How To Apply

There are over thirty vacancies, and to apply, refer to the link below; once you are directed to the MCCS Pendleton careers, browse through all the jobs available and apply for anyone that matches your qualifications and skills.

Apply Now

Conclusion On Camp Pendleton Jobs For Civilians 2023/2024

The above article gives crucial information related to the Camp Pendleton Jobs For Civilians 2023/2024 Application Form for interested candidates to start applying now.

After applying and you finally get the job, you can enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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